Origine you Sida : track the abuse of antibiotics

sida dissidence le livre phare de peter duesberg

the landmark book of dissent

Although viral origin is generally accepted in the media and public opinion, there in the background an important scientific debate on the origin of AIDS.

For many scientific, Although minority, this issue is still not resolved!

These top scientists cast doubt on the dominant hypothesis, explaining that the HIV-AIDS equation is not based on conforming to usual scientific publications and the rigor of the profession, or that the publication provides evidence that the HIV AIDS does not exist.

The debate is very technical and difficult for the general public. If a large number of scientific publications talk about AIDS, they blindly would base on a wrong premise departure.

I propose here to read a file that I wrote for the Belgian magazine Néosanté. One of the few carriers to allow the publication of such information that could affect something as important as the HIV = AIDS paradigm.

If HIV does not exist, or does not cause AIDS, what the causes?

Track abuse of antibiotics is one of the assumptions that have been discussed at the informal conference held this summer in Pont-du-Gard.

Advances in research on cellular function now suffice to explain the acquired immunodeficiency, without having to involve a virus. Fundamental discoveries on the nitrogen monoxide (NO), rewarded with a Nobel Prize in Medicine 1998, have provided a better understanding of the state of oxidative stress in cells, characterized by a lack of anti-oxidants and derangements of the production of NO in the immune cells (type Th1), detectable long before clinical manifestations of opportunistic diseases.

sida et antibiotiquesCourtesy of Néosanté, I give you this pdf file.

Precision : Some say writing about dissenting assumptions about AIDS is a dangerous act in public health. Personally, I defend freedom of expression, especially if alternative assumptions used to propose new avenues of treatment,which is the case here. It is about opening the field of healing opportunities for people with HIV, with full-blown AIDS or not.


AIDS, the slopes antibiotique

What alternative treatments?

The origins of the scientific discovery of the AIDS virus (HIV) (well documented for anyone who wants to dig the technical aspect of scientific publications discoverers) :

“The Emperor’s New Virus?” is a supplementary follow-up to the award winning documentary, House of Numbers. It takes an in-depth look at the scientific evidence surrounding the existence of HIV.

The reaction of Professor Etienne de Harven

Global specialist in retroviruses, personality also known for his dissident views on AIDS

"I congratulate you for having succeeded in making, two pages, complex ideas H. Kremer ! Sounds of indulging 600 pages “The silent revolution in Cancer and Aids medecine” probably discouraged many readers, but two pages you are able to implement most of the thinking Kremer and Fries! Brave! Antibiotic track” the cream / de Fries, you admirably summarized for Néosanté, is, I think, fundamental. I think that Kremer effect really explained the pathogenesis of AIDS by the …track antibiotic Felix Fries was so well presented in Vers (Pont-du-Gard). But I also think this track is more credible that HIV does not exist, and offers no alternative track ! I think it should not present “antibiotic track” without the obligatory complement, that is to say without mentioning the NON-EXISTENCE of HIV ! Otherwise, your readers will be disappointed ! They will tell you: whether, but then what about HIV?»

The reaction Félix Fries :

Working Group on the treatment of AIDS

"It is not easy to fully demonstrate all the complex interactions in the" system "immune and metabolism. You've done very well in your article. You will find attached the new public recommendations Group ".

> On behalf of the adversarial, I remain open to comments from the scientific community that the indignant article content (insofar as this reaction is based on scientific evidence and not on the legitimacy or otherwise discuss this hypothesis. The debate remains open. Feel free to send your comments!

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