I share with you here my commitment for this method of natural contraception, as reliable as synthetic hormones but without side effects ! My work during 5 years with SymptoTherm m & rsquo Foundation, gave the & rsquo; opportunity to co-write two valuable textbooks (see my books)

La symptothermie, this is both a method for con(between)sweet reception and a female development engine. In this "fertility awareness", we learn to listen, to observe and it follows the positive body, his heart, his mind and his emotional relationships. Compared to other so-called natural methods, it is the only contraception which is based on at least two criteria for determining the fertile and infertile phases : cervical mucus, position of the neck (self examination), internal feeling + temperature.

The symptothermie happens in our lives when we need it. This is sometimes the result of a long process, but it is anything but a coincidence! And for you? For my part, she was put on my road 2012. As an independent journalist, specializing in health issues and environment, I was given a folder on alternatives to the pill and other hormonal contraceptives. I was "concrete" on a lot of alternative topics, but the, it was an intellectual REVELATION especially great self discovery every day.

I do not usually get involved publicly in terms of a particular choice to make for people, everyone must remain free, but each must also have all the information to decide ! If I took position to promote symptothermie, it is because I have investigated in long, in wide and across this method and my conclusion is : you will not find a more reliable natural method ! Now, The question is whether you really want or need this method! That's another question 😉

Can we use this natural method for getting pregnant, Breastfeeding, menopause or in case of irregular cycles ?

Of course, it is also a real strength compared to other methods. The symptothermie fits all phases of our womanhood. It allows to get pregnant easier, or understand a problem of subfertility or infertility, it allows to get a contraceptive during the breastfeeding phase (see this in the great manual), it also allows you to manage contraception simply and effectively during pre-menopause (Also in the large manual).

The symptothermie also adapts perfectly to irregular cycles! It helps to know the time of ovulation sased on actual observations, not with hazardous calculations. This is THE method I recommend to irregular cycles ! Especially since she sometimes helps regulate the cycle. But I'll explain how this is possible in person if you contact me.

What are the pros and cons ?

For me, is THE best natural methods! In addition to its reliability which equals the pill (see below), she is reversible : one can go from conception to birth in a wink; she is “reciprocal” because it combines man, the partner, the responsibility for contraception or conception; she is écologique, because it is without side effects; she autonomy totally the woman and the couple who no longer depend on hormonal contraception. And the more we are comfortable with the method, less we need to observe, c’est completely the opposite pill that requires daily attention

the downside : the learning phase will seek to be a little patient and stay motivated (Man also will have to wait), because it is often 6 months to get to master the theory and practice. another drawback, must be observed during the fertile phase of the cycle and do not “rater” temperature measurement when it performs its ascent (when in contraception objective, it is thus loses no infertile days). For me, the only downside to the symptothermie, is having to use condoms during the fertile phase, with the risk of failure which could require him to take the morning after pill. So the Sympto demand special vigilance for the perfect condom use !

Is reliable (indice de Pearl) ?

Yes ! Unlike other methods (withdrawal, Ogino or rhythm method, single temperature), the symptothermie clearly stands out, offering a true contraceptive security. It was modeled from years 60 J. Rötzer from the observation of hundreds of thousands of female cycles and it was the subject of scientific studies (Unfortunately, too few…)

Should be distinguished efficacy and effectiveness efficiency. A good learning and rigorous self-observation guarantee the reliability of this method. Symptothermal method displays a Pearl Index (rates of unplanned pregnancies) comparable to that of hormonal contraceptives. According to studies 20 years, the symptothermie displays index 0,4% (0,3% the pill, when not forget ...). For the Daily doctor, "natural methods can be as effective as the pill". A condition, of course, the woman is observed correctly ! Note that the effectiveness of the pill is only 92%, against 99% in theory (because forgetful). Brief, the symptothermie done as well as synthetic hormones, Without side effects, but it requires learning a few months makes the woman (and the couple) independent for the duration of its fertility.

L & rsquo; s flagship study which established the symptothermie : Frank-Herrmann P., Healing J., Gnoth C. et al. (2007) The effectiveness of a fertility awareness based method to avoid pregnancy in relation to a couple’s sexual behavior during the fertile time: a prospective longitudinal study. Hum.Reprod., 22, 1310-1319.

How to start symptothermie ?

For good learning, count 5 to 6 months and three or four sessions with a companion. You can get closer to the SymptoTherm Foundation (sympto.org). I advise you & rsquo; d already & rsquo; buy a two decimal thermometer, that & rsquo; easily found on Amazon.

Think of the great manual download, La Symptothermie Complète on this page

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J & rsquo; also organizes workshops. N & rsquo; feel free to contact me for any information !

You can easily switch the pill to symptothermie !

At the end of your plate or withdrawal of the hormonal IUD, we must first wait for the return of true bleeding (plentiful, rouge) to start. In the meantime, you often have time to read the manual and get yourself a thermometer. Your cycle may take a few months to restart but you can also make a good meantime cleanse to help your body remove endocrine disruptors (see my article).

Why the SymptoTherm Symptothermal Method ?

Just because I think this is the best school Symptothermal (from my journalistic research). Not only does it work for a fundamental knowledge for women (Know thyself…), but it offers a remarkable synthesis of all methods called symptothermal. Christine Bourgeois,,en,This is wildly interesting,,fr,I have a small paperback with the title,,fr,The AIDS hoax,,fr,but unfortunately I can not get hold of it,,fr,The author makes the same observations,,fr,Yours,,fr,Christine,,en, la présidente, is a size in its field, it has made significant improvements (yellow cloud icon example). It is the creator of the symptothermie modern, avec Harri Wettstein, the creator of the app Sympto, technological jewel, still far ahead of other (see the comparative studies).

For me, SymptoTherm method, in addition to being arch-safe, is easier to learn, with simple rules. These biological rules ( that's the case to say!) are applied by the algorithm of Sympto tutorial that proves even more accurate than manual interpretation. with SymptoTherm, Technology is truly at the service of women ! A bit like the washing machine once spared the chore of laundry, l & rsquo; sympto app saves us the tedious paper-pencil eraser ... it frees up time for somersaults;-) But you can also learn the manual method, said craft, it is very trainer!

My commitment for 5 years with SymptoTherm m & rsquo Foundation, gave the & rsquo; opportunity to co-write two valuable textbooks (see my books). So I became a consultant for a while., then training consultant, before devoting myself again to the promotion of the method and no longer to training in individual interviews.

What is your motivation for spreading the symptom? ?

Informer ! As I have always loved. Transmit universal knowledge and contribute to the true emancipation of women which our world needs. Another motivation inspires me deeply : help women get out of the spiral of synthetic hormones to help them maintain their health capital and return to the path of development.

L & rsquo; horizon that awaits you when & rsquo; we practice symptothermie : wide angle on 4 seasons of the female cycle ! Here a view of my Dordogne, where I lived for 20 years.

What are the profiles of women who are currently in the symptothermie?

We are witnessing a rejuvenation in women who embark on the Symptothermie. There are ten years, the audience was made up of women around the thirty, often couple. Since the scandals around the pill 2012, the method begins to make their way to the general public, firstly because there is a new secular symptothermie school and not only Catholic organizations (SymptoTherm Foundation), very involved in the digital age, secondly because traditional symptothermie schools communicate better and more widely (through internet). J & rsquo; as myself have worked hard to SEO google the word symptothermie ! In 2013, when I & rsquo; started working with SymptoTherm, it n & rsquo; there was nothing on the first pages of Google, it was lost in the intricacies of the web to find the Sympto. This necessitated making a large content creation effort. I think that & rsquo; growth of in Francophone symptothermie n & rsquo earth is not foreign to my hard work as responsible for the founding of communication, because it has allowed many women to find it easier method. Since Then, they spread the word and & rsquo; info circulates big step !

The public rejuvenation also due to other phenomena quite significant : we must not forget that women take the pill more and earlier and that 25 years they may already 10 years of hormonal contraception. They usually have tried everything in the offer proposed by their gynecologist and they were ultimately disappointed or abused by chemistry. Finally, there are all the modern return to nature, the growth of the organic movement and / or vegan, and questioned the point of view of health authorities, marred by numerous scandals, not only related to contraception.

What are the profiles of women who stop symptothermie ?

Women who stop the symptothermie are relatively far fewer women stopping hormonal contraception. The satisfaction rate is much higher than general (autonomy, self-awareness, intimacy of the couple strengthened, health prevention). The Herrmann et al study. of 2007 (study that scientifically validate symptothermie) show that 9% only women abandon the symptothermie after one year, reasons for dissatisfaction (even though initially formed). For women who start the symptothermie without starting training, they are stoppages due to demotivation : despite mutual friends enter, learn symptothermie is as easy as taking the pill (especially the first three months). Can abut on several difficulties : poor knowledge of the method that makes it complicated, a spouse who disapproves of the idea, the opinion of the medical profession discourages them to continue their efforts, lack of confidence in his own observations when they are not validated or corrected by a counselor. Some women return to a conventional contraception after contraceptive failure with symptothermie, this failure may also be due to a condom that cracks in fertile period and forcing them to take the morning after pill. Other women have trouble being strict with taking temperature and self-observation of cervical mucus. Finally, some women in disadvantaged areas lack the means to pay for a counselor to accompany, they have not received sufficient education to enable them to take control of their learning.

What are the fears and the most common questions women vis-à-vis Symptothermal Method?

The main problem evoked by women when they start the symptothermie is difficulty recognizing their cervical mucus. No one has taught them that ! Another problem is that of self-confidence, in the ability to conquer its autonomy because we always told the women that it was impossible for contraception. Some myths about the female cycle also come their soap the plank : can get pregnant during her period (certainly, but not in any condition and certainly not with a correct practice of symptothermie), there may be a spontaneous ovulation during sex (this is wrong, because the ovulatory process takes time; en revanche, a double ovulation 24 year interval is possible). Among the fears that women face, there is also that of their gynecologist : many are dreading the advice of their specialist at the time to express their choice of symptothermie. Many women have reported pressures received by the medical. Among the common questions, found that the reliability of the method. To the extent that the public authorities classify symptothermie among the methods "reserved for couples willing to accept a pregnancy", one can understand their fears!

What minimum investment is required for a good learning symptothermie ?

Investment asked women is twofold : financial investment and personal investment. On the financial side, it is highly recommended to secure the services of a consultant for six months symptothermie. It must also obtain a thermometer with two decimal places and a manual (sometimes free). On the side of the personal investment, symptothermie the request of observing with great rigor for three months to give ballast to its observations. This rigor is essential as the woman is fertile period. Past ovulation, the user can release his comments until the next window of fertility. There is therefore no rigor 24 hours 24, but a few minutes a day over a period : Under the rules until the end of the ovulatory process. More women progresses through the cycles, unless this is necessary rigor.

What thermometer choose ?

Do the test Cyclo Lady, which costs about € 25 to have an excellent tool. in extra, or if you lose the first, you can also work properly with the One Step. To learn more about choosing the thermometer, I recommend this excellent article : http://www.symptothermie.pro/thermometre-choisir-symptothermie/

What is the best application (Free ?) to practice symptothermie ?

Beware of mobile applications because they are not adapted to the symptothermie. Often, it is the old method Ogino lurking in the algorithm, or the old method temperatures (for example used by the Lady Comp device or app Natural Cycle, I recommend if you want to make symptothermie).

I recommend Sympto Free (Iphone) which is free and Sympto More (android) who pays. The sympto app is the best at present, it uses icons manual, it was created for and by modern symptothermie. Use it to start but quickly learn to do your cyclogrammes paper for more autonomy !

What are the different schools symptothermie and differences ?

In Europe there are four major schools of symptothermie. We first Austrian institute INER Rötzer, the pioneer!There is also the school's Germans Sensiplan, author of major studies that have given their scientific credibility to the Symptothermie (Universities of Düsseldorf and Heidelberg, Germany). We then in France CLER network (Christian association), that speaks of self-observation method (MAO), sympthermique approach without the day Döring / Rötzer. And finally, the Swiss foundation SymptoTherm, secular. The latter is distinguished by the use of digital tools to manage its cycles (sympto tutorial, computer and on phones). But CLER is not left with a computer software (Dafra). Regarding the method Sensiplan, even if it favors the manual method (crayon, papier, tires), there is also an application (myNFP), high performance but in German. These schools offer a similar approach, with some nuances, but it is recommended for beginners not to mix the methodological contents during the learning period.

What is the history of the symptothermie ?

A l’origine, we have the Austrian physician Joseph Rötzer (died in 2010), which is considered the discoverer of the method "symptothermal". His first investigations date back to 1951. This was to find a method of regulating births compatible with Catholic dogma. After a first publication 1962 then a book 1965, It will be necessary to wait 1985 for the creation of the institute of regulating births INER Rötzer (nonprofit institute German law). Sensiplan, CLER and SymptoTherm are the heirs of the method Rötzer. Christine Bourgeois,,en,This is wildly interesting,,fr,I have a small paperback with the title,,fr,The AIDS hoax,,fr,but unfortunately I can not get hold of it,,fr,The author makes the same observations,,fr,Yours,,fr,Christine,,en, President of the foundation SymptoTherm, In particular part of the Rötzer cohort who helped formalize Symptothermal Method, it is also the translator of the French version of Joseph Manual Rötzer, "The Art of Managing Your Fertility". His meeting with Harri Wettstein 1999 has created the foundation SymptoTherm and sympto app.