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Christmas, time of peace for those who resist at heart

Le Thursday 23 December 2021

Faced with the speed strategy imposed on us, take the opposite view with the weather offered by Christmas. Let's take this opportunity to cultivate the path of happy sobriety dear to Pierre Rabhi. Let’s be inspired by Louis Fouché’s latest work, "All resistant at heart", to maintain our civic positions around true human values. Let's prepare for the time of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance.

5G : eldorado 2.0 or crime against humanity ?

Le Friday 19 March 2021

The fifth generation of mobile networks is presented by its promoters as an essential "green" technology. But this forced march towards the connected society could well end in a fiasco, and this on many levels : sanitary, economic, environmental and most likely political. Investigate the new digital El Dorado covering up a crime against humanity

The Ehpad exhausted by confinement

Le Monday 29 June 2020

While the state prides itself on having well protected the elderly, we note that many institutions for the elderly have operated with very limited staff throughout the confinement period (but also before and after, which shows a chronic problem of endowment).

Freedom of expression and censorship on the internet : what citizens do not know (Nexus video)

Le Monday 8 June 2020
netizens Theo Bondolfi Nexus

How Internet censorship works ? Can we still speak freely without risking censorship on social networks? To answer these questions, I interviewed for Nexus magazine, Théo Bondolfi, general e-culture expert and main author of the book Citoyens du net.

Contraception, PMA, GPA… Emancipation or technical alienation ?

Le Wednesday 13 May 2020

In "My body does not belong to you", published in january 2018 to Albin Michel editions, Marianne Durano delivers a controversial essay, powerful and skillful that shatters the scientific and medical paradigm on the female body. Women have certainly gained their independence, social and professional, got the pill, the right to abortion, medically assisted procreation (PMA), but Marianne Durano warns us against this insidious dictatorship of medicine and technology.

Where did the seasonal flu go? ?

Le Thursday 30 April 2020

While the flu averages 10 000 dead every year, we hardly heard about it this year. And if we had classified coronavirus a majority of people with influenza ? This angry question will fuel many debates. As a matter of fact, we are currently unable to tell the difference between flu and coronavirus deaths this year !

No seasonal excess mortality this year ? Update on the figures…

Le Thursday 30 April 2020

Is the anxiety-provoking media treatment with the daily death tally really justified ? Containment, draconian measure, is it based on exceptional mortality ? Not at all : INSEE figures show that winter mortality does not exceed that of previous years…

L & rsquo; Sympto app soon medical device ?

Le Tuesday 9 October 2018
Un cyclogramme type

In & rsquo; s legal case that & rsquo; opposes the & rsquo; health authority SwissMedic, SymptoTherm foundation and its sympto mobile So just lost to the Federal Administrative Court and must become a “medical device”. For me, beyond the legal debate, it is an ethical problem. The question is : want regulating Sympto, that does nothing other than apply the rules that the paper symptothermie, do not send women to the laundries by prohibiting the washing machine?

Jean-Marie Pelt : we swim in full Apocalypse !

Le Thursday 24 December 2015

The France has lost a great man of & rsquo; ecology, a visionary source & rsquo; inspiration for anyone looking red d & rsquo wire; a better world. Here the & rsquo; interview that j & rsquo; have carried out in November 2010 for the Nexus magazine. The thought of Jean-Marie Pelt rest d & rsquo; news on a very large number of subjects : Bankruptcy media and politics, economic crisis, rise of terrorism, lack of spirituality…

La vierge Marie, la femme la plus populaire au monde

Le Monday 2 March 2015

M and the third secret, c & rsquo; is the title & rsquo; a new documentary on the Virgin Mary. Shot in a dozen countries, this film offers a survey of the apparitions d & rsquo; a woman revered by Christians and Muslims. Quickly, l & rsquo; plot points us on the famous Secret of Fatima, offering another version as the Vatican. Interview with director.