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The information war around covid-19 : freedom of expression alert

Le Thursday 7 May 2020

The confrontation is increasingly ruthless between the "official" media and the alternative media or citizens who have emerged in the digital age. Back on the lessons of the H1N1 flu case for the management of the covid-19 pandemic.

Comment se protéger de l’intoxication médiatique ?

Le Tuesday 2 May 2017

Discerner l’information celle d’une information toxique, possible. Pas de recette miracle, il est avant tout question de retrouver son esprit critique. Mais comme vous allez le voir, c’est plus facile qu’il n’y paraît grâce à un certain nombre de « trucs et astuces » que je souhaite vous partager. Voici quelques “armes d’autodéfense mentale”, extraits du livre La Société Toxique (que j’ai écrit en 2010), qui peuvent nous aider à nous protéger de l’intox.

To not let you manipulate, decrypt the info !

Le Tuesday 15 April 2014

L’Internet, certainly freer and more diverse than the professional media, the receptacle is also bad but not the best. Today, no one can guarantee an exact and accurate information. La solution ? Know decrypt the information you receive and get used to seek the truth yourself ! Pas easily ? This is indispensable if you want to avoid being manipulated. This book is specifically designed to help you.

Sylvie Simon, a great lady of alternative information

Le Saturday 9 November 2013

"It is more difficult to disintegrate an atom belief". This quote from Albert Einstein sits on top of the homepage Sylvie Simon, atypical journalist, also a free electron ! This grande dame of unconventional information is gone this 8 November 2013. She prefaced my work, Toxic Company, in 2010.

Agriculture bio : Figaro spreading fear, doubt and uncertainty…

Le Friday 22 February 2013

Le FUD (fear, doubt and uncertainty, English-speaking) is a rhetorical tool that distills the media disinformation. It is often used by some media files hustling the established order, eg bio. In its edition of weekend (the 22 February 2013), Figaro Magazine delivers a fine example of FUD, denigrating skillfully bio […]

My new blog is posted !

Le Friday 1 February 2013

Dear visitors, I just update a new version of my blog with the help of the excellent social media agency Bordeaux : Idewan. The objective of this renovation is a “refocusing” of my articles on my deepest aspirations in journalism Free. I introduce two headings : Ecovillage Tour New Paradigms They are intended […]

Intox media, Obesity : the society of permanent stress

Le Friday 23 November 2012

Not only media company maintains us in a continuous stress but it is even more difficult to bear than hammered information is rarely compensated by the good news that could "reassure" the immune system.

Denis Robert : “the truth takes time”

Le Thursday 28 October 2010

Since the Clearstream affair, Black star of finance unearthed in 2001 the investigative work of Denis Robert, the rules have not changed for bankers, traders et autres brokers dealers. Despite the crisis, antimatter finance, invisible and expanding, still draws energy from the work of men… Read & rsquo; Article : ITW […]