Reference manuals to learn symptothermie

I present here the two books that I & rsquo; have co-written to help women learn the method Symptothermal.

Full symptothermie, ecological contraception Manual

(2013, then new edition 2018, SymptoTherm Foundation)

As part of my work with the Foundation SymptoTherm, j & rsquo; have co-authored the new version of symptothermie Manual. With my experience of & rsquo; writing and my advisor activity symptothermie, I was able to enrich and improve the original content provided by Harri Wettstein and Christine Bourgeois, the original co-authors of the method. I want to thank them for their trust and commitment !

Symptothermal method is a real alternative to hormonal contraception, for all phases of the fertile d & rsquo life a woman and she is also suitable for irregular cycles. Any method, synthesis of the pioneer schools (In the meat Sensipl) is unveiled in this precious transmitted manual and perfected by the founding SymptoTherm, a powerful way of women's emancipation and torque.

With this comprehensive manual, one can learn to achieve its cyclogrammes. I advise you to check your work by a consultant after 6 cycles, to check that you have built the basics of the method.

128 pages (PAPER VERSION sold on Amazon).

Free Download PDF :

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    Sympto Basic (2017) : summary or manual how to start and quickly understand the method


    J & rsquo; have designed the ideal tool for all beginners with Angela Walder, midwife and consultant in sexual health at Planned Parenthood of Geneva Hospitals (HUG). This Quick Start guide summarizes the key aspects of Full Symptothermie, the sometimes complex reference manual for a first approach.

    San Cristobal, Galapagos, June July 2017. J & rsquo; have organized workshops in Ecuador symptothermie (see this page) with & rsquo; support of this manual (available in English, Spanish, Italy – Contact me).

    The Sympto Basic also allow women who already practice symptothermie to check their understanding of the method from the four rules & rsquo; gold that I propose in Sympto Basic.

    L & rsquo; use sympto, appli mobile, is explained, but the & rsquo; user can totally work in artisanal fashion, applying the same rules of modern symptothermie.

    34 pages – Français – PDF only

    Also available in : English, Español, Italiano

    (Contact me for me to send you the right hand and not the French version!)

    Price 9 €