Seeding of Symptothermie in Ecuador !

Landing in Quito 26 May 2017 ! Objective of this trip funded with Ulule, symptothermie to discover the South Americans !

After two weeks dedicated to the organization, j & rsquo; was able to achieve a first level workshop symptothermie 1 to Quitowith four very motivated women, who are left with their manual in Spanish and thermometer ...! This workshop was held atHolistic Center Renacer (from left to right : Johanna, Ana Cristina, Fernanda and Katya).

formation en symptothermie pryska ducoeurjoly
My impression, as a trainer : Many here are mature women for Sympto, sometimes even more than the European, because very connected to nature and to the Pachamama. the sympto, is an obvious😉here is athank you video qu'adressent these future symptothermicienne to support the Ulule crowdfunding project.

The new Sympto Basic Castellano !

I was able to translate and print up the new Sympto Basic, The beginners guide. I made a round of local print shops, to arrive at a still rather expensive price of € 9 room. Here, as many fruits and vegetables are given (0,50$ the mango), so this kind of manufactured products quite expensive. Thank you again for your financial support that allows these young women to have a superb carrier, very motivating to start !


Facebook Live and webinair with Doulas

Thursday 15 juin dernier, afacebook live took place on the Red Mundial page Doulas, international network of doulas! Serendipity, the new coordinator of the network is Maisa Yanez, Doulas creator of a training school in Quito : Savia Materna. It is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange together with theSymptoTherm Foundation. A partnership is set up ! Doulas are a breeding ground for future counselors symptothermie. They can spread this invaluable knowledge to their fellow countrymen. For memory, doula is designed to accompany and support the mother and his entourage during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, thanks to his experience and his training, in addition to medical care.

Here Maisa Yanez and Ricardo Gutierrez, Savia Materna :

With the support of Savia Materna and Red Mundial Doulas, we organized awebinair level of symptothermie 1, with ten Doulas connected Hispanics ! It was the 22 juin. Et là, surprise, one of the participating, Original Colombian, currently resides in the Paris region in France,  Garches, my hometown😉 The world is small, especially with internet!

With Savia Materna, We also organizea workshop-face, specially dedicated to doulas, the Saturday 8 July(FB event)!

A beautiful studio with doulas Savia Materna, the 8 July in Quito, closing the trip !


Other germ Partnerships

Samedi 17 juin, Sympto a workshop was also organized with the Red tent Ecuador (Red Tent Ecuador). The workshop drew only 4 young women, but these are all seeds that will germinate here in Ecuador.  Solanja Altamirano, the creator of this organization, will be of great help because of its large local network. She expressed the wish to train to become adviser! To be continued.

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>> Facebook event we organized

Circles of women

Friday 23 juin, I was also invited to present the method in a Circulo de Mujeres (circle of women). A beautiful shared between sisters and again much interest. The sympto fits perfectly into the current of the sacred feminine. Two young women have already booked their participation in the workshop 8 July, à Savia Mother. Our youngest participant, 12 years, two cycles to its active, made his first entry in a circle of women!

Many uterine suffering in these women, one on the pill to "regulate" the cycle and "treat" a cyst, the other placed 20 years in menopause "forced" to "cure" a removal of two large cysts. rebels, aussi, who have turned their backs on the "Western Medecina" to emphasize local holistic doctors (known and judged on their results). And if we are to go through a decision ayahusca, " to clean ", this is not a problem. Johanna, the hostess shows his speudo cancer of the uterus, disappeared after three months of treatment in holistic medicine.

Good pick our women's circle : it was discovered the symptothermie !


And tourism in all this?

Here is my Ecuador Quito Office, by Rachel m & rsquo; has welcomed with great kindness.

Pendant 4 semaines, I confess that I have not seen much of the city or country ! I mostly took cabs to visit my contacts, which still allowed me to see in the middle of traffic some volcanoes (as terrifying and still active Cotopaxi, 5900m, le Cayambe, 5700m, or Chimborazo, 6200m!) surrounding the capital Quito located 2800mètres ...

Here, it often rains and it does 16/19 degrees… (we are peeled when the sun is not there). I finally many remained behind my screen to coordinate the completion of Sympto Basic Spanish version or write my presentations in the workshop (in Spanish,  not easy with the vocabulary of Sympto!).


But finally, I was able to hike volcanoes like in Papallacta, and admire the beautiful Antisana. Here is the National Park Cayambe-Coca, where you hike 4000 meters, lagoons lagoons ...


Under the sun of the Galapagos (continuation and end of trip)

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Last part of this trip, I was invited to lead two workshops Sympto, July 1 and 6 July in the Galapagos ... ! Again, everything happened naturally and I could initiate 7 women at the heart of this paradise, truly enchanting. I was greeted by lovely family, including Isabel, mother of a baby 5 months of a child 7 years.

" Here again, everything happened naturally and I could initiate 7 women at the heart of this paradise, truly enchanting. I was greeted by lovely family, including Isabel, mother of a baby 5 months of a child 7 years. when I hit the ground Galapagos, I felt a burst of emotion and joy. How lucky to discover this land and marine paradise and discover the Symptothermal method to the other side of the world! ».

"I met young women very conscious of nature and respect for their bodies, in search of an alternative method to manage their fertility. Seven women in total have benefited from introductory workshops (and two men, their companions), and they are left with their manual and thermometer. We were also able to evoke feeding mode because three of them were concerned! »

decidedly, the symptothermie is the best passport to travel and its language is universal! A form of Esperanto del Utero ...


Thanks !

I take this page to greet warmly Rachel, my host in Quito, who gave me all these absolutely exceptional contacts, both on a professional and human. What beautiful encounters indeed! Thank you also to theSymptoTherm Foundation, pilot project that seems to the extent it deserves in Ecuador.

Thank you again to everyone(and) of you who allow me to act in favor of this cause in South American land.

A hug !!

Priscilla Ducoeurjoly, adviser and ambassador Sympto !