Sylvie Simon, a great lady of alternative information

Sylvie Simon, writer and essayist, has gone on 8 Last November at the age of 86 years. It was a woman persevering, animated by the desire to inform citizens of the many dangers and obstacles to their personal development. It remains for us a source of inspiration and motivation in independent journalism. She prefaced my book Toxic Society, March 2010. To honor him, I reproduce below this portrait that I published on March 2012. Sylvie goodbye, and thank you for your HUGE work…

Sylvie Simon in his Paris apartment, March 2012. Photo Pryska Ducoeurjoly

Sylvie Simon in his Paris apartment, March 2012. Photo Pryska Ducoeurjoly

Known for his writings on the dangers of vaccination, the journalist Sylvie Simon has specialized in challenging the health policies. A 84 years, it is also the user the most prolific of his generation. Portrait of a figure of the committed information which has become a benchmark for alternative networks.

"It is more difficult to disintegrate an atom belief". This quote from Albert Einstein sits on top of the homepage Sylvie Simon, atypical journalist, also a free electron ! A 84 years, mother of three and five times grandmother, Sylvie Simon spread his alert and incisive pen to anyone who read. It has gradually become the face of those who oppose "the medical-scientific dictatorship", title of his first book, paru en 1997, in Filipacchi.

Since Then, his many books on public health policies, and his articles in favor of unconventional medicine, actively circulating in alternative networks. Despite the boldness of his revelations, his writings were never attacked for defamation. It remains a source known to the veracity of his information.

contaminated blood, hépatite B, cancer, amiante, growth hormone, Mad Cow, contaminated water, Chernobyl cloud, all these cases have begun to interest the truly fifteen years ago. He is a friend who advised him on the subject d'écrire. "I already knew these problems but I had never thought of having to denounce them one day. I was the author of books on esotericism, novels ", explains Sylvie Simon, which took many other occupations in his life : au pair in England, model for fashion photos or advertisements, antique ...

A 68 years, his writing has taken a new turn when she is facing controversial issues. Everything then happened very quickly, as a path marked : "I quickly found a publisher, who read the manuscript The Medical Scientific Dictatorship overnight, and was signed the next day ". Paris Match (Filipacchi group) blocked media coverage of the subject because of the chapter on vaccines. "This case is quickly struck me as untouchable, which immediately made me feel like a second book d'écrire ! " In 1999, it will be Vaccination, l'overdose, Already in.

Since Then, it does not go a year without Sylvie Simon published a new book protester, besides his d'essayiste activity continued with passion (2012, The appointment, from crisis to usher in a new world, Alpheus, 2009. Scientific proof of the paranormal, Alpheus, 2010). This taste for spirituality and the paranormal is often cited by his critics to discredit his work, but assumes Sylvie Simon. To this is added the animation blog with many articles, resumed on the web and by natural health magazines, but also a large number of conferences.

Alors, retirement ? " To do what ? ! "Sylvie Simon has just finished his latest book, with her friend Claire Séverac : The Cup is full, our children are worth more than the CAC 40.

Sylvie Simon how she manages to squeeze in 24 hours that every human being with 30 years younger would several days ? She delivered Overtures the recipe for this unique tone, which can be summarized in nine ingredients, any further.

The taste of the investigation and truth

"We can blame me a militant tone, decision-postion, but I try especially d'apporter truth from facts, themselves revolting. It is in such scandals at the present time we do not even know where to turn : shale gas, nuclear, GMOs, etc.. Many irreversible technologies that engage the planet and its inhabitants ".

Sylvie Simon spends his time dissecting all the information it receives each day. "Before sending information, I check twenty times the source. There are a number of hoaxes that circulate on the Internet, angry traps in which some activists fall. "Sylvie Simon is fluent in English, allowing it to decrypt the information just d'outre Atlantic. "When the information is suspect, I turn on my network to find the right answers. We must pay close attention to "hoax", which are sometimes sent in order to create division in the resistance. "Sylvie Simon is therefore equally wary of conspiracy theories that releases the Afssaps ...

A revolutionary soul

"I am appalled when I see children that vaccinations nailed in a wheelchair. When I wrote my first books, it was mostly for the mother. But these are doctors who have sent me letters d'encouragement, especially revolutionary, very few great teachers Revolutionary ..., must be the Being at a time, because the forces of the money that face do not bother us with good feelings. Or to influence the system and reverse the process, beware of naivety ".

This is all to say to her friend Claire Chanut : « Sylvie, it is Shiva and Jeanne d'Arc both. Shiva has never too much of his eight arms to achieve everything she, Jeanne d'Arc and paving the way for those who seek truth, freedom and awakening ! Apart from any standard, Sylvie is being generous, free and fearless ! »

The will d'aider his fellow

"I do not care much d'être the first to report such a matter. What makes me hold, are the many testimonies of people who come to me at the end of the conferences and who thank me for the service I have rendered them with the information. I do not give medical advice. Many would like me to tell them what they should do about immunization. I tell them they can make up their own mind on the issue by informing, rather than relying on the opinion of a third party. I see that the population has lost its autonomy reflection, she is anesthetized by misinformation, Pollution, antidepressants, heavy metals in vaccines, junk food and additives ... I campaign for a wake up call. »

Une intelligence du bon sens

« Sylvie Simon aurait pu être une bonne scientifique, car elle a le sens de l’observation avant tout, de l’analyse et de la synthèse », écrit l´immunologiste René Olivier (ancien chercheur de l´institut Pasteur), dans la préface d´un autre livre explosif Autisme et vaccination, Responsable mais non coupable (2007). « Dans un esprit de bon sens, elle rassemble, après de nombreuses années d’observation critique du monde médical, scientifique et industriel, des notions, des résultats et des observations que les scientifiques, médecins et industriels eux-mêmes ne peuvent réunir dans l’univers hyper-spécialisé où ils évoluent. (…) I have often seen his work on offices and doctors library shelves and top scientists. »

An iron fist in a velvet glove

"Anger is useless when you want to pass information, ensures Sylvie Simon. Au contraire, it helps to make the inaudible messages. Many victims are outraged, Well Named, and express themselves with rage. But the media tend to deny the emotional speech. My strength is not to be a victim, which makes me little attackable : I have no personal interests to incriminate vaccines. I'm not here to persuade or show of aggressiveness. To insist prove that they are right feeds a dialogue of the deaf. over the other is not listening and is at a loss to respond with relevance.

"Most experts are also in good faith. But faith is belief, not facts. The use of vaccines is a belief that we have been inculcated. It may be the greatest expert on virus, having spent his life watching the microscope, and know nothing vaccinology. »

Train also the ego, "Which maintains rivalries among those who claim to defend the same cause. I often say : mind your friend, my enemies I'm in charge ". An outspoken which earned him the enmity in his own camp ...

But faced with opponents of all stripes, Sylvie Simon adopts the technique of the soap board : critical slip but do not reach the. "If you are not on the vibration of anger, everything is going well. I never received any threat. »

An avant-garde spirit linked to its education

« I remember seeing the first BCG vaccines arrive at school. Thanks to the vigilance of my mother, was against, we escaped it. One fact was profoundly affected, it is the death of a tuberculosis my class girl, vaccinated by her father doctor in the year. Leaves, I thought that my mother might be right ! At home, we already lived by the principles of naturopathy, boiled wheat, Scottish showers (brrr…) or vegetable broths ... Today, I always heal with natural remedies. That surprises many doctors that I can be healthy without the vaccine fireworks. »

Natural immunity against disease

"I'm not sick because I am not vaccinated ! I do not take drugs. I eat organic foods and I walk a lot. "Sylvie Simon stopped eating meat for a long time. But it has nothing against a fish fillet or a piece of chocolate, his guilty pleasure. "One day maximum, except annoyance when the dosage goes two squares ". Epicurean without excess prefers "eat a non-organic food with love, rather than growing frustration. »

The faculties of adaptation to new technologies of the information

The morning, the octogenarian starts at his computer where a hundred email await. "I am immediately sort out the information worthy of interest and those that are not credible. I transfer those that are well written and validated by my work recutting. »

All open windows on the screen, "It is true that I am much more at ease on a computer that friends of my generation ...", smiled blogger, which easily book several articles per day. "During my vacation time, I try all the same not to stay more than three hours a day on my computer. "A true addict ! "The Internet is a great tool of power-cons when you know sort. You get to make incredible discoveries, and this is what "the" mind ... "

The heavenly help ?

"There are a lot of fluidity in the projects I undertake. It is as if, sometimes, the right contacts and information came to me on a plate. There synchronicities in my life that helped me a lot ".

> The site Sylvie Simon.

A long list d'essais Health

The Medical Scientific Dictatorship, Filipacchi, 1997.
Vaccination, l’overdose, (preface by Jacqueline Bousquet), Already, 1999.
already vaccinated, how to cope ? (with Dr. André Banos), Already, 2000.
Should we be afraid of vaccinations ? (collective work), Already, 2000.
Hepatitis B vaccine, the scenes of a scandal (with Dr. Marc Vercoutère), Marco Pietteur, 2001.
illegal practice of healing, Marco Pietteur, 2002.
The Awakening of consciousness (Jacqueline Bousquet), Trédaniel, 2003.
Information or disinformation ?, (foreword by Corinne Lepage), Trédaniel, 2004.
Ten biggest lies about vaccines, Dangles, 2005.
New medical-scientific dictatorship, (foreword by Philippe Desbrosses), Dangles, 2006.
What we cover on vaccines, (Preface of Dr Jean Elmiger), Delville, 2006.
Ten biggest lies on drugs, Dangles, 2007.
Autisme et vaccination, Responsable mais non coupable, (foreword by René Olivier), Trédaniel, 2007.
Aspartame, Sugar or poison ? Trédaniel, 2008.
Vaccines, mensonges et propagande, Thierry Souccar, 2009.
Your health will interest you, Alpheus, 2010.

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