Weight Watchers signe chez McDo : faut-il s’en émouvoir ?

The recent partnership with McDonald's deleterious updates the philosophy that underlies the Weight Watchers diet program. Pour ceux qui y croyait encore…

Eating McDonalds, It is good for the healt, this can contribute to the "weight watching" (literally weight control), ensure chorus McDonalds and Weight Watchers. These two food giants have signed a partnership 150 fast-food chains in New Zealand : henceforth, on menus "chicken (sandwich ou nuggets ou wraps) + salad ", Consumers will now see the logo of the famous diet program. Should we be moved by the marketing operation of the two brands, probably a test of opinion before a generalization of the concept ?

Déjà des voix s’insurgent parmi les spécialistes de la nutrition dans les pays anglosaxons pour dénoncer une entreprise commerciale contre nature, as reported in the Guardian article 3 March 2010 ("Go after the support of Weight Watchers at McDonald's" 1) : how the temple fat, salted and sweet and one of the most famous brands of diet and obesity control could they be friends ?

Healthy and balanced.
Each meal stamped at McDonalds Weight Watchers took only accounts 6,5 points, knowing that the program allows between 18 and 40 points per day to the followers of this diet (according to their objectives). They are therefore "calorically" compatible ! The association Weight Watchers McDonald's shocking because it highlights the paradox of current dietary designs : you can eat healthy and balanced while being a prisoner of junk food… How did we get here ?

The explanation lies in our vision of hygiene, which has become a diktat on many levels. Confused and healthy food and feed "hygienic". It's the same in our bathrooms : soaps, shampoos and beauty products are all hypoallergenic more than each other, but they still contain toxic substances : glycol ethers, phenoxyethanol, Parabens, PEG, Phthalates, mineral oils (paraffinum liquidium), etc., as already pointed author Rita Stiens, in his bestseller The Truth on cosmetics.

Nutrition Sheets. It is also too easily confuses calorie intake and nutritional supplements ! Although prepared according to stringent hygiene standards and developed by dieticians, therefore balanced protein, fats and carbohydrates, McDonald's meals do not provide minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for health. What they lack, it is simply the "nutrient density", concept too often forgotten by those who claim to teach us to eat. That's why most dieticians and nutritionists, prisoner of this amalgam, struggling to find arguments against the partnership with Weight Watchers : McDonald's meals Are not, en effet, quite healthy and balanced, as evidenced by the firm nutrition records ?

This comment is not unique to McDonald, but it also applies to hospitals, for school canteens, etc. ! The vast majority of public institutions make much of hygiène2, but is it, at one time, matter of healthy eating, living and nutritious ? The CHU (university hospitals) and attach very little importance to the nutritional density of the diet : "After cooking, the food is cooled and packaged. They are then stored for several days and are routed to the care services respecting the principle of the cold chain. The dishes can thus be eaten without risk until the evening of the deadline for consumption (DLC) indicated on the film. In the service, the dishes are reheated in microwave just before be served ", can be read on the Caen hospital site…

Deficiencies. At what point our nutrition specialists do they speak of magnesium contents, zinc, B vitamins or C ? We often forget that cellular life is limited and that our body is constantly renewed : we become "another man" in four to seven years ! This interior can not produce a molting be healthy if it lacks the essential elements for its reorganization or if these are distorted by industrial processes upstream.

One example : omega deficiency 3, essential component for the flexibility of cell membranes, promotes, inter alia, cardiovascular diseases. Or, omega 3 are essential because the human body can not synthesize. We particularly found in walnut oil, rapeseed (first cold pressing), in fatty fish from cold seas, in flaxseed, organic eggs, inter alia) "Nutrition is probably the most important factor in the prevention of sudden cardiovascular death by accident", says Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, of the Institut Pasteur in Lille 3.

Wild food restrictions.
Thus, McDonalds may well argue that Weight Watchers meals have less saturated fat and very few calories (370 Kcal menu against 491 Kcal for one Big Mac), we still learns nothing about the nutritional density. It is hard to believe that these meals from the food will provide customers with essential nutrients for the proper functioning of their organization and their metabolism (the management of energy expenditure of a person) very disturbed today, particularly in people with significant overweight. For many of them, despite fierce dietary restrictions, weight loss is still minimal. By dint of being deficient nutrient, Machine body eventually seize : toxins and fat accumulates without ever being removed from storage normally.

Dangerous substances. The McDonald nutritions sheets consist only of a few data, largely insufficient to tell whether food is really healthy (Complex carbohydrates, lipids, protein, sel, sucre). We even have information on the presence of fibers. It is this conception that endorse Weight Watchers, the most conventional diet program in the world, probably one of the most representative of the current dietary drifts : it takes no account of the nutrients in food, quality oils you choose, you consumed cereal, nor, of course deleterious inputs of pesticides and other hazardous substances.

Refined foods not only do not bring any essential nutrient (they are deficient), but they are also seasoned many toxic products, the famous food additives, which also contribute to metabolic dysfunction in individuals predisposed. "The real lie was to make us believe : '' It is your responsibility if you gain weight. You have to eat less and move more '. This is partly true, but the problem of background, it's mostly what we are given to eat ! », rightly denounces the author of Toxic, William Reymond (2007, Flammarion).

Mystification. This is actually the guilt prevailing logic in the campaigns of the National Nutrition and Health Plan (PNNS) to whom we owe the little prevention messages that appear in food advertising : "Eating five fruits and vegetables a day", " For your health, practice regular physical activity ", etc.. ! But what do the authorities, from playing the Vindicators, to stop the intrusion of toxic chemicals in our food or to alert us to their presence ? On their side, proposed by dieticians to guide us towards a truly healthy and vital power ?

L’association Weight Watchers/McDo n’est finalement en rien choquante, elle met simplement en lumière la mystification de la diététique contemporaine, parasitée par les nombreuses « intox agroalimentaires » qui nous empêchent de nous diriger vers un véritable changement alimentaire.

Eat healthy, so do not eat varied, as argued by many dieticians, but rather opt for nutrient-dense foods, may bring a maximum of vital elements (Vitamins, minerals, micronutrients) in minimal calories ! Eat healthy, it does not deprive, on the contrary, opt for quality food… Eat better, and not eat less : this is simply, accessible, we seek above all hide !

Priscilla Ducoeurjoly

1 « Anger over Weight Watchers’ endorsement of McDonald’s » ; http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/mar/03/weight-watchers-mcdonalds-obesity

2As health, found in the diktat food hygiene, especially with the HACCP method that imposes food hygiene rules as drastic as those implemented by NASA for its astronauts in the 1960s… The Codex Alimentarius Commission (the International Food Code) makes reference to HACCP, such as Europe and France, through their various regulations.

3"Omega Fatty Acids 3 and reduced risk of sudden death ", Dr. Jean-Michel Lecerf, Institut Pasteur de Lille (Nutrition Service) and Lille University Hospital (July 2004).

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