How to cure yeast infections by natural treatments ?

the best natural solutions to control candida, major pathogen causing vaginal mycosis. A scientific dossier with remedies that really work !Currently the search is agree that chemical remedies do not work face to recurrent fungal infections. There is a real problem of resistance to candida. Fortunately, some natural remedies, studied by science, are recognized as most effective. It is still necessary : 1. know; 2. ie use !

C & rsquo; is the & rsquo; subject of my latest e-book : Bye Bye mycosisDo compiles remediesscientifically recognized, natural, cheap and within easy reach.

Are you a repeat offender ?

Faced with recurrent yeast infections, my article in 2010 (voir plus bas) was insufficient. This is why I set out to write an e-book specially dedicated to female repeat offenders 😉

in this video, j & rsquo; explains the two cornerstones of the anti-candida fight in case of vaginal mycosis.

What we find in Bye Bye mycosisDo, paru in July 2018 ?

1. The best remedies at hand phytotherapy, aromatherapy, supply, lifestyle… I explain you sure how to use these solutions naturellespour the basic treatment and for acute attacks ! I also learn to make ointments Simple and effective to instantly relieve or prevent recurrences. Bye Bye Mycosis, it's a little Bible remediesscientifically recognized, natural, cheap and within easy reach.

2. A new ranking, the TOP 5 anti-candida natural solutions :

♥ Colloidal Silver : how to use this extraordinary remedy, and where to find it (internally, external, the dosage, frequency, etc.) ?
♥ probiotics : what are the best products, where to find them easily ?
♥ l & rsquo; boric acid : what is the formula to produce her eggs in pharmacies with this very effective remedy ?
♥ le tea tree : how to use this essential oil (in combination with & rsquo; other highly effective) ointment, ova home with the right mix…
♥ l & rsquo; Garlic : why and how to use this darling of anti-candida research even if you don't smell it 😉 ?

You don & rsquo; s no need to spend hours on the internet to find the manuals for these products !

J & rsquo; did all this research and experienced these remedies. You save time by buying directly Bye bye mycosisDo !

This e-book will change your life !

=> A scientific dossier with solutions 100% really simple and effective natural !

The approach I propose is compatible with conventional remedies. It does not replace a medical consultation, on the contrary ! Your doctor is your partner for the initial diagnosis. I invite you to show him my e-book to share with him the knowledge that has already attracted the & rsquo; interest of many physicians (these n & rsquo; not always have the time & rsquo; peel the medical literature for all diseases!).

vaginal mycosis garlic natural treatments herbal tea trea eggs ointment aromatherapy

EVERYTHING is explained in this 40 page file, in three parties:

* The multiple causes of vaginal mycosis (emotions, environment, supply…),
* Background therapy, to avoid / prevent recurrence
* The emergency remedies, to manage crises with confidence


*You can pay by card or paypal, otherwise check.
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MY ARTICLE PUBLISHED THE 23 AVRIL 2010 – (inadequate in the event of recurrent yeast infections…)

10557380_755305537861307_3465398651461025744_nVaginal yeast infection is linked to an imbalance in the acid-base balance of the vaginal flora. Here is quickly, face à la demande croissante de femmes qui m’entourent,  des recettes naturelles qui aident à se débarrasser des grattouilles chroniques qui touchent une femme sur deux. A scourge, also taboo!

Fortunately, it is possible to s & rsquo; in free. A good grip of the problem can quickly get out of the vicious circle of the antifungal and antibiotics (they often cause a vaginal infection, So take precautions when taking necessary due to illness).

If the fault, we must also ensure to consider two other causes. First, taking d & rsquo; hormonal contraception which often disrupts flora (pill, IUD…). One solution : go to ecological contraception (the symptothermie); deuzio, the emotional dimension : face a sense of invasion of its innermost sphere, experienced as an intrusion, fungus is there to help us defend ourselves…

Once a day (morning or evening) : 1 GYNOPHILUS capsule for a week at least (This product is in pharmacy, always have a bottle in the fridge in advance!!). This absolutely awesome product contains probiotics. So no need to order. This balances the flora, very disturbed in this type of pathology. Also think (hors infection) to regularly take a capsule preventive (qq days before menstruation, during menstruation because the pH changes and opens the door to vaginal infections if your property is already fragile).

ointment house to yourself : applied externally twice a day about (but also a little internally as can. Of course we can brush his pad this ointment period rule before inserting).

100 g of shea butter in a melting pot. Remove from heat. Add 20 drops of essential oil of lavender and 20 drops of essential oil of palmarosa (ou tea tree). Stir. Let cool and keep in the fridge. If the dosage is too low you (it does not matter) ou trop fort (ça pique, it burns) : redone and add melted butter or shea, or essential oils (for a measured effect). Pensez aussi à vous procurer de l’huile essentielle de Camomille matricaire (anti-démangeaison) qu’on peut appliquer pure ou légèrement diluée dans une base de crème de jour ou une huile (2 gouttes une ou deux fois / jour). Cette huile essentielle est anti-inflammatoire quand il y a le feu…

en période de crise aigue, un jour ou 2, un petit lavement quotidien avec une poire à lavement vaginale (pharmacy or on the net) que vous aurez rempli d’une infusion éventuellement (regardless, Chamomile eg) réalisée avec de l’eau de source et une cuillère à café d’argile verte ou de lithothamme.  On peut faire aussi tout simplement un lavement doux avec du chlorure de magnésium (1/2 cc dans 30 cl d’eau) or the & rsquo; colloidal silver. Cela nettoie tout de même notre petite grotte, and as you also reseed your plants with capsules GYNOPHILUS, there is nothing to fear.

Important dietary advice : remove sweets for ten days (make the best possible, it also applies to chocolate!), also at the same time remove the dairy. Clear sodas, reduce coffee, the cigarette. Watch over his sleep. Unlimited fruits and vegetables. Brief, must help the body to cleanse avoid overloading with products known “acidifiants”.

If that's not enough : 

-continue eating advice and also take Chlorumagène or magnesium chloride (see my article on this product): spoon per day, in one or both taken. Start the first day with a half-spoon, because everyone reacts differently. The product comes in a ten hour. take on an empty stomach if possible). This product delivered without ordonnace (harmless) is a mild laxative (ie non-aggressive to the intestines) to which I have devoted an entire chapter of my book (Toxic Company). Moins de dix euros in Pharmac, it is very valuable to rebalance in chronic infection but also and especially allows a bowel cleansing, Favori du domicile candidates!!  Constipation is a scourge and aggravates candida and yeast infections. It is therefore essential to ensure free his intestines. C'est primordial.

-do a rectal enema with an enema that & rsquo; found in pharmacies (onto the & rsquo; mineral water and optionally incorporate a teaspoon & rsquo; clay). This practice relieves almost instantly. But Use of chlorumagène (up to two tablespoons per day max for a day or two to get the maximum effect purge) normally help get the crisis. However, it is best to start with a low dose to find out your reaction to the product.

take probiotics to rebalance the intestinal flora : I recommend bioprotus 7000 (one sachet per day for ten days. To renew if necessary, if you feel it is good for you. Or bag a week preventive. Otherwise, Lactibiane (Pilège) ou Ergyphilus (Nutergia). Follow the dosage anyway. Probiotics also act on many intestinal disorders.

to manage stress, which is often the cause of acute episodes of vaginal candidiasis : cure de Gomphréna (Guayapi trademark or other good quality). It also rebalances the field, sleep aid and relaxation. it is a remedy gold. Box or powder 70 g (très amer, one to three DC / d) box or capsules 30g (to 10/12 gél./j) = 24 euros. Three weeks of treatment. A renouveler si nécessaire.

Buy my Bye Bye Mycosis e-book 😉 which contains a list of the best remedies, with dosages, but also preparing to make at home : ovules, pommades… Never to be without defense against Candida !

Good luck to all!

vaginal mycosis garlic natural treatments herbal tea trea eggs ointment aromatherapy


*You can pay by card or paypal.
Be careful to inquire emailcorrect If you do not receive your order within 10 minutes after your payment accused, send me an email p.ducoeurjoly(@)

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23 Comment “How to cure yeast infections by natural treatments ?”

  1. sabrina says:

    good morning, merci pour ces astuces que je vais appliqué de ce pas car je n en peux plus de mes mycoses !!! Je vais voir si cela fontionne et je vous tiens au courent a bientot merci


  2. chaleix says:

    Pour moi ce qui fonctionne bien, c’est le maca! c’est une plante du pérou que l’on trouve en poudre ou en comprimé et qui à pour particularité de rééquilibrer le système hormonal. Une cure de 6 mois est bien. Au début ne pas hésiter à prendre les doses maximales conseillées.
    bon courage

  3. cassie says:

    Merci pour ses conseils, je n’ai que 21 ans et ses la premières fois que j’attrape une mycose du a mon accouchement , Mon moral et vraiment au plus bas avec ces brulures que je n’oses plus aller au toilette de peur que sa me fassent mal, j’en peux vraiment plus des cette douleurs sa fait 5 jours que je la supporte .La je suis un traitement oeconozole pommades ovules, mais ne part toujours pas !!! je n’ai toujours pas fait mes selles depuis 5 jours car je n’arrive pas !!! encore la peur qui m’emporte !! je pense que je vais récuperer quelque chose a la pharmacie pour que ma vie redevienne comme avant . et que tout partent le plus vite possible … Good luck to all ..

  4. admin says:

    Un seul conseil : libérer les intestins en priorité… magnesium chloride on an empty stomach, soir et matin, pendant deux jours. (un verre d’eau un cc de chlorure de mg)

  5. emma says:

    Juste pour dire que les bains de lithothame ont un effet fulgurant

  6. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    peut-être! mais votre indication n’est pas très précise, donc peu utile! détaillllez! merci pryska

  7. vasthy says:

    Utilisez de l’argile verte ,une ou 2cuillere a cafe dans un verre d’eau ,laisser poser pendant 12h et boire Le matin a jeun,CA vous aidera aux problemes d’infections vaginale.

  8. JM-Masser says:

    Connaissez vous l’argent colloïdal ?

    Les étonnantes propriétés de ce produit :
    Il élimine un très grand nombre de bactéries pathogènes, y compris des souches résistantes aux antibiotiques, ainsi que bon nombre de virus et de parasites. Il n’engendre apparemment pas de souches résistantes. Préparé et administré correctement, il ne présente aucune toxicité et ne produit aucun effet secondaire.

    De quoi s’agit-il exactement ?
    Simplement de particules d’argent en suspension ou dissoutes dans de l’eau distillée. Mais ce ne sont pas des particules tout à fait ordinaires, puisque dans les meilleurs produits actuels, elles “atteignent” des tailles inférieures au nanomètre, c’est-à-dire au millionième de millimètre ! Des particules de cette taille ultramicroscopique sont capables de pénétrer à l’intérieur des cellules et d’y détruire les virus qui s’y trouvent cachés.

    L’intérêt majeur et l’importance cruciale d’un tel produit à notre époque sautent aux yeux quand on examine la situation critique de la médecine moderne dans sa guerre contre les micro-organismes pathogènes. Les succès foudroyants remportés initialement par les antibiotiques avaient laissé croire que les maladies infectieuses allaient à jamais disparaître de la surface du globe. Mais avec l’apparition de souches résistantes (Japan, dès la fin des années 50), puis avec la généralisation progressive de ce phénomène, il a fallu finalement déchanter. […]

    Les colloïdes d’argent peuvent être introduits dans le corps de diverses manières : ingestion, inhalation ou nébulisation, application locale.On peut également les utiliser en lavements et douches vaginales.. […]

    ==> Pour plus de renseignements, voir la suite :


  9. Bbb says:

    The capsules have Gynophilus eté true for me MIRACLE!! I had bacterial vaginosis pain during intercourse for the treatment nothing!!! Sounds are the first real days RELIEF!! I really saw her!!!! Before each rule that was horror : fissures, demangaiseons, drought! I mtn complete with chlorophilum and bioflorelle. I put a capsule morning and evening here for gynophilus :)) my skin is redone with nothing put on especially.

  10. wire Ndiaye says:

    Je vais essayer parce que les traitements gynécologique ne mon pas guerri de mes pertes blanches

  11. Coco says:

    Je vous remercie

  12. March says:

    bjr sa fait un moment que je souffre des pertes vaginales jè consulté et en ce moment j’utilise du gynophilus pour rééquilibre ma flore vaginal j’espere que le traitement marchera car je n’en peut plus des pertes malodorante et des demangeaisons

  13. Agathe says:

    Good Morning, quelle est l’ HE de lavande dont tu parles pour la crème a base de karité stp ?
    In all cases, merci pour ces précieux conseils!!

  14. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    yes i do ! merci de ton intérêt.

  15. ilhem says:

    Good Morning, I have suffered from fungal infections after my first child. When he was 2 years it started. I also went through several treatments with eggs that from my GP destroyed my vaginal flora. I recently had a homeopathic treatment of eggs I ordered with a pharmacy (it does not do all).
    I have simultaneously changed the way I feed myself for example I decreased my intake of milk, and stopped for coffee foster mint tea. I eat more balanced incorporating more vegetables and fruits.
    For now the trend is in the right direction, I sometimes have little itchy but soon calms. I plan to also repeat the treatment with homeopathic eggs.

  16. sophie says:

    Hello Pryska, thank you for this post.
    Little question, I believe that was not asked : this treatment may be taken if it you are pregnant, or is it not advisable ? (I see essential oils)
    Thank you for your answer !

  17. Julie says:

    Thank you for the advice.
    I wanted to add that it also may be that yeast infection is related to gluten consumption, which goes in the direction of the article is here, everything happens in the intestines.
    For years, I mycoses by periods and nothing worked, ova and creams briefly relieved when it worked sometimes it was even worse with these gynecological treatments.
    I managed to get out quietly going slowly shower as soon as it was burning or itching too.
    Until the day I le.gulten monster subjugation to something else and then I saw my mycoses just disappear and not come back, without treatment.
    In parentheses, it relieved me of back pain and sciatica also.
    By against, when I eat again unfortunately, I become more susceptible to fungal infections.
    So perhaps explore this track as more sugar and dairy.

  18. julie says:

    merci pour ces précieux conseils. Concernant le chlorumagène, pendant combien de temps on est censé le prendre ?

  19. Camomille says:

    J’Merci pour l’article bien rédigé et scientifique, et un très grand merci pour focus sur les effets indésirables que beaucoup d’autres sites web néglige.

  20. ilhem says:

    Good Morning

    That's from the 27/08/2016 my last post I finally understood why it itches ! Well these are the sanitary napkins that caused me itching. I now have a treatment and a visit to the dermatologist to program. PHEW

  21. Maud says:

    Hello Pryska,
    thank you so much for your advice. Recurrent yeast infection, it's hell!
    I wanted to ask you if you can use Gynophilus capsules during menstruation? I recently had a yeast infection and my “poppies” have just arrived 🙁 same for the other treatments that you recommend?
    And concerning men (because obviously, how cool it is, we share it willingly yay!)? Can they use the same type of care?
    I thank you in advance,


  22. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    There are probiotic tampoms, more suitable during menstruation, but otherwise you can use Gynophilus, even if it will be less effective. For men, they can also follow the few tips in this article, but a medical consultation is still necessary

  23. véronique says:

    Good Morning,
    J’ai un lichen scléreux vulvaire, avec des démangeaisons et douleurs lors des rapports.
    En vous lisant, je me demandais si le gynophilus pourrait m’aider, me soulager. Je ne sais plus quoi faire, je ne veux pas rentrer dans un traitement d’ovule, crème cortico, etc.…. toutes ces m….. !
    Et je vois qu’il y a gynophilis LP aussi, duquel parlez-vous ?
    Thank you.

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