Christmas, time of peace for those who resist at heart

The wishes of the National League for the Freedom of Vaccinations this Christmas 2021…

Christmas, peacetime for resistance fighters
in the soul

“The rush of authoritarian measures is a deliberate strategy: keep us from breathing, break up the Christmas reunion and demoralize us in a relentless fight. Stop, let's put aside these injunctions to stress! Let's take a break for a few days, with family or friends, to find joy, serenity, the meaning of sharing.

“Let us offer ourselves a time of inner calm to revitalize our souls of resistance fighters. In this world upside down, meditate on what really makes sense to us. We will come back stronger in our actions against the globalist health tyranny, with the aim of bringing it down in 2022.

A spiritual war

“The war we are living is not a war against a virus. It is not just a war of the powerful against the people. She is also a spiritual war, a fight for values. To despoil the people and kill their brotherly spirit, our evil and narcissistic rulers have found a new religion : vaccine religion. It makes it possible to instigate a health terror on the whole planet and to exclude those who refuse to "protect their neighbor" by receiving the experimental injection.

The Beast wants to kill Christmas

“Recently unveiled internal European Commission document makes appalling recommendation: we should no longer wish each other "Merry Christmas"[1]. The pretext: The "inclusion" of non-Christian citizens. Understand the integration of minorities. In parallel, the exclusion of unvaccinated, new minority created by discriminatory laws, has become a standard… We are therefore swimming in the midst of a reversal of values, signing of totalitarian regimes.

“Our human values, closely linked to the Christian heritage, disturb the almighty. They have the art of suppressing any feeling of guilt or sin. If our leaders have dirty hands, they want to keep them free, to satisfy their endless appetite for domination. But the self-righteous imagination of our "good Shepherds" is haunted by the story of "little Jesus". If they could, our so-called saviors would automatically give him a fatal injection between the ox and the gray donkey!

Bring down Goliath

“In this christmas time, we remember that the divine child, born in a makeshift cave, escaped, by miracle, to the armies of the tyrant Herod. He even made fall, a few centuries later, the mighty roman empire. We remember that, sooner or later, "The first will be the last".

“If human justice is today at the service of the strongest, we know, deep in our hearts, that the spirit of Christmas will always be on the side of the weakest, of the oppressed, the left behind, excluded, lepers, little people who suffer from the oppression of the dominant castes, of lawyers and despots. Our apparent fragility could end up shaking Goliath. Let's restore value to our human vulnerability, it is she who helps to make us humble in the face of life, but also compassionate with the difficulties of others.

We are on the safe side of wall of reality

” The time of Truth is drawing near. In spite of all the efforts undertaken by the politico-media caste to make lie the real, many people realize that the vaccinated are the most affected by the Covid. Not, hospitals are not saturated with recalcitrant vaccination. Bien au contraire! Omicron variant shakes official narrative.

” Sooner or later, the leaders, who are the real patients, are going to take the wall of reality. They know their lies are getting harder to keep. This is why the Beast struggles to terrorize us with ghosts, using blackmail to make us bow. "Get vaccinated as soon as possible or you will no longer be able to access your leisure facilities, to your TGV and even soon to your work ”! Let's not give in, otherwise these tyrants will continue to believe themselves without limit!

” Faced with the speed strategy imposed on us, take the opposite view with the weather offered by Christmas. Let's take this opportunity to cultivate the path of happy sobriety dear to Pierre Rabhi. Let’s be inspired by Louis Fouché’s latest work, "All resistant at heart", to maintain our civic positions around true human values. Let's prepare for the time of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance.

” As small as it is, the light of hope that shines in our hearts is a deadly weapon for the vampires of this world. She is also a beacon for our brothers and sisters who seek to find their way back in the storm.. Keep the faith!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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8 Comment “Christmas, time of peace for those who resist at heart”

  1. norm says:

    Very beautiful message of hope and comfort. However, it seems to me that what they are doing is not free, it can't be sheer meanness. It must be a “deliberate strategy”. “The war we are living is not a war against a virus.”
    Who are they? L’empire US, the very rich class in the allied countries and the little soldiers at their command.
    So what is the goal? Break our resistance, confuse our minds and hearts, misinform us, prepare for a real war by eliminating the weak and unnecessary, by subduing others and controlling them. After two years of constraints, of confinements, curfew, we are more able to accept to live in a war economy without rebelling. They will want to drag us once again into war on the pretext that real enemies are arriving: Russians, the Chinese. Will we still believe it?
    We must refuse to participate in this madness and remain faithful to our human values!

  2. Very beautiful Veridique text , well seen well said Very well expressed ,
    THANK YOU !!

  3. lambinet says:

    Thank you for these articles which enlighten us in the current tumult. Thank you for your true journalism. Happy Christmas party to you and your family. Christine Lambinet

  4. specht says:


  5. Jean Garnier says:

    Hello Pryzka,

    I am a member of the LNPLV who has just published a very nice letter with a lot of very interesting documents. For my part, I sent one to François Bayrou who spoke in favor of the vaccination obligation, referring to the 11 compulsory vaccines for children. I copy it below for convenience. I wish you a merry christmas.

    « Monsieur

    You have spoken out in favor of compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 when everything indicates that mass vaccinations are ineffective, even counterproductive. They do not prevent contamination. They might even maintain them. Fact, we are seeing in France a 5th wave of contaminations while more than 50 million French people are vaccinated with two doses.

    However, we are told to justify them that the vaccine protects serious forms. We will have to explain to us how an ineffective vaccine for healthy adults could protect very old people in poor health with weakened immune systems.. We have the example of influenza vaccines, ineffective for those who really need it (the same).

    If the vaccine protected severe forms, Covid mortality has collapsed in highly vaccinated countries. The curves showed the opposite. Vaccination campaigns around the world have been accompanied by outbreaks of contamination and peaks in mortality.

    Young people have been vaccinated unnecessarily and there is now talk of vaccinating children who are not at risk of the virus and all of an experimental vaccine already showing a record of side effects.

    You are probably unaware that in the USA, the Amish managed the Covid with lower mortality and collective immunity reached in May 2020 without confinement, without barrier gestures, without masks, without chemical drugs, without vaccines :

    They demonstrate that, for this disease, the contaminations were not, are not the problem but the solution for a solid collective immunity. A good sanitary choice would have consisted, en France, to promote prevention (vitamin d, zinc, lifestyle) and to authorize early outpatient treatment in the event of symptoms. They were available from the start of the epidemic. All this would have been done inexpensively, with lower mortality and without impacting the economy.

    I who am nothing, I knew that the authorities' exclusive choice of "Any vaccine" was, I dare say it, criminal. You who are in charge, have you ever asked yourself the slightest question when the official speech was obviously inappropriate with the fatal instruction to stay at home and take Doliprane in case of fever, and scandalously untrue about the effectiveness of vaccines claimed to be over 90% ? I doubt it because you didn't say anything. Unfortunately, you are not the only one responsible for remaining silent. Result : The French have been deceived, manipulated and driven by coercion in the vaccine enclosure.

    In your statements, aggravating your case, you referred to 11 compulsory vaccinations for children as if all these vaccinations were taken for granted.

    The 11 compulsory vaccines for children constitute by their compulsory nature since January 2018 a serious violation of fundamental freedoms, and by their composition, a toxic chemical cocktail that is necessarily harmful, actually, to the health of children under the pretext of protecting them against childhood illnesses which are generally not serious and even necessary for the constitution of a solid and lasting immunity.

    We Know Highly Immunized U.S. Children Are Unhealthy. In France, the follow-up is only three years and pharmacovigilance concerning these vaccines is largely lacking. The first generation of heavily immunized children entered preschool in September. It is to be expected that their state of health will deteriorate, their skills and behavior in relation to the state of health of children who are less immunized or better, unvaccinated.

    A Swiss pediatrician (Dr Françoise Berthoud) which is part of a collective of six doctors, collated all the studies she could find comparing the health status of vaccinated children to that of unvaccinated children. The latter are always in better health than the vaccinated. This difference is not trivial. In a study concerning 34 country for the year 2009, Miller and Goldman researchers found that countries with the lowest dose schedules had the lowest infant mortality rates. A l’inverse, countries with the highest dose schedules had the highest infant mortality rates.

    When in France will we have a real health policy led by an authentic Ministry of Health? ? If there was a real Ministry of Health in France, naturopathy and its schools would be officially recognized, and its promoted methods. In France, we have a Ministry of Sickness Industry. For the current power in totalitarian drift, even homeopathy must be eradicated !

    And you, Francois Bayrou, seasoned centrist politician, which one would imagine therefore reasonable, concerned with the truth and the general interest, you endorse an aberrant health choice and you are outbidding liberticidal. What is your project ? What awful regressive world do you want us to live in ?

    What are you waiting for, given the situation, to explore the issue then get up and ask for a vaccine moratorium and the establishment of an independent citizens' committee responsible for examining the vaccine problem in all its ins and outs ?

    I think you won't do anything. There are too many financial and power stakes in this business for honesty to win in you, even on subjects as crucial as those of health and civil liberties. My letter will be useless, except to show my indignation and set a date.

    I will let you guess, leaving you, the feelings that an informed and demanding ordinary citizen can have towards you and that of the supposed leaders who dominate our country. »

  6. Angèle says:

    Entièrement d’accord avec vous!
    Mes meilleurs voeux de paix et de santé pour un Joyeux Noël et de résistance et d’Amour pour l’année 2022!.

  7. Hervé STAUB says:

    Pryska thank you (nous nous connaissons pour s’être déjà rencontrés plusieurs fois) pour ton très bel article qui apporte du baume au coeur de ceux qui vivent dans la peur.
    Bravo pour ce message d’espoir.
    Bravo aussi à Jean Garnier pour sa lettre à François Bayrou. On peut toujours rêver en espérant qu’une étincelle de conscience scintille en lui.
    Je comprends la réflexion finale de Jean, car les différentes lettres ouvertes envoyées à E. Macron, J. Castex et O. Véran sont restées sans réponse.

  8. Mounty says:

    Thank you for this article.. Courage to you

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