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Confined seniors, does it really protect them?

Le Wednesday 20 May 2020

Elderly people in retirement homes (EHPAD) in France were not released like the others on 11 May. Visits are also extremely restricted. Why Seniors Without Symptoms Still Can't Recover and Go Out With Their Families, like other French people and like other seniors not placed in retirement homes ?

Contraception, PMA, GPA… Emancipation or technical alienation ?

Le Wednesday 13 May 2020

In "My body does not belong to you", published in january 2018 to Albin Michel editions, Marianne Durano delivers a controversial essay, powerful and skillful that shatters the scientific and medical paradigm on the female body. Women have certainly gained their independence, social and professional, got the pill, the right to abortion, medically assisted procreation (PMA), but Marianne Durano warns us against this insidious dictatorship of medicine and technology.

The information war around covid-19 : freedom of expression alert

Le Thursday 7 May 2020

The confrontation is increasingly ruthless between the "official" media and the alternative media or citizens who have emerged in the digital age. Back on the lessons of the H1N1 flu case for the management of the covid-19 pandemic.

Do you test covid-19, watch out for false positives!

Le Tuesday 5 May 2020

What are these epididological data for covid-19 really worth while, de toute évidence, reliability of tests is not acquired ? Given the current low level of bibliographic data on these tests, whether you test negative or positive, even being symptomatic, the laboratory result should not be taken as diagnostic certainty ...