Do you test covid-19, watch out for false positives!

Le Tuesday 5 May 2020

What are these epididological data for covid-19 really worth while, de toute évidence, reliability of tests is not acquired ? Given the current low level of bibliographic data on these tests, whether you test negative or positive, even being symptomatic, the laboratory result should not be taken as diagnostic certainty ...

Breast cancer : the lesson of mass screening and the collapse of a dogma

Le Saturday 5 October 2019

Not, breast cancer screening does not save lives contrary to what its proponents claim. This is why mass screening leads to, still and always, overdiagnosis and unnecessary medicalization of thousands of women. Why so much blindness ?

Cancer screening : double-edged sword for the patient(and)s…

Le Monday 12 March 2012

Get screened for breast and prostate cancer leads to expensive and unnecessary operations in a number of cases. Mammo or not mammo? Question the usefulness of screening may be shocking, but if it helps some women and some men to save an unnecessary operation, one is entitled to ask, not?