To not let you manipulate, decrypt the info !

After a career in journalism, Jean-Luc Martin-Lagardette, founder and editor of openings for four years, examines the challenges facing the fourth power

Media, who have more ambition to "seek the truth", are home to many abuses and manipulations unsanctioned. Some are beginning to be alarmed at the loss of credibility resulting. Yet, little is done to ensure the quality of information provided to the public. If we, we citizens, invite more rigor and ethics and public accountability in their functioning, should not wait either, to be well informed, they finally realized this need and decided the necessary reforms. L’Internet, certainly freer and more diverse than the professional media, the receptacle is also bad but not the best. Today, no one can guarantee an exact and accurate information. La solution ? Know decrypt the information you receive and get used to seek the truth yourself ! Pas easily ? This is indispensable if you want to avoid being manipulated. This book is specifically designed to help you.

Ducoeurjoly‘s insight:

I would strongly recommend this book from the pen of JLML, my mentor in terms of journalistic ethics !

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