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Being sane in insane : experience Rosenhan

Le Sunday 27 April 2014

Psychiatrists are they really able to differentiate certainly sane those people with mental illnesses ? Experience shows otherwise.

The former CEO of Eli Lilly (Suede) gnawed by remorse

Le Tuesday 22 April 2014
Side effects : la mort John Virapen

John Virapen, 64 years, ancien PDG of Eli Lilly in Suède, Book the story of his career in the pharmaceutical industry. Professional confession motivated by deep, very deep remorse : ” Ghostly figures appear in my dream, Written by-yl en préambule. They beat their heads against the walls”… Elli Lilly was ranked 2006 among 100 first companies in which it is recommended to work by Fortune Magazine

Pesticides in vineyards : the “inexcusable fault of the employer” recognized

Le Monday 21 April 2014

Learned sept ans combat judiciaire, Sylvie, salariée in Dordogne, in Bergerac, finally wins the case. Sa pension of invalidité ? 107€/mois… In this article very interesting blog My Planet, held by my former colleague Cathy Lafon, Of particular note is the denial of judicial authorities…

To not let you manipulate, decrypt the info !

Le Tuesday 15 April 2014

L’Internet, certainly freer and more diverse than the professional media, the receptacle is also bad but not the best. Today, no one can guarantee an exact and accurate information. La solution ? Know decrypt the information you receive and get used to seek the truth yourself ! Pas easily ? This is indispensable if you want to avoid being manipulated. This book is specifically designed to help you.

Reward a small tip your favorite content creators through Tipeee

Le Tuesday 15 April 2014

Based on the philosophy of “tip” (tip), Tipeee is a participatory platform that allows you to support and compensate artists web that affect you. Tipeee.com the site is the first French site participatory tip (tip), designed by the creator of My Major Company, Michaël Goldman.