Jean-Marie Pelt : we swim in full Apocalypse !

The France has lost a great man of & rsquo; ecology, a visionary source & rsquo; inspiration for anyone looking red d & rsquo wire; a better world.

Here the & rsquo; interview that j & rsquo; have carried out in November 2010 for the Nexus magazine. The thought of Jean-Marie Pelt rest d & rsquo; news on a very large number of subjects : Bankruptcy media and politics, economic crisis, rise of terrorism, lack of spirituality, etc.!

I propose here to rediscover the 360 ​​° d & rsquo; an extraordinary man calling for an awakening of consciences. (Cliquez sur l’image pour accéder à l’article).

Jean-Marie Pelt, a consciousness-raiser left us.

Jean-Marie Pelt, a consciousness-raiser left us.

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