Jean-Marie Pelt : we swim in full Apocalypse !

Le Thursday 24 December 2015

The France has lost a great man of & rsquo; ecology, a visionary source & rsquo; inspiration for anyone looking red d & rsquo wire; a better world. Here the & rsquo; interview that j & rsquo; have carried out in November 2010 for the Nexus magazine. The thought of Jean-Marie Pelt rest d & rsquo; news on a very large number of subjects : Bankruptcy media and politics, economic crisis, rise of terrorism, lack of spirituality…

Ecological contraception : free themselves from the pill, possible

Le Thursday 29 August 2013

La pilule, it is not a panacea. Fortunately, the natural contraception method has made great progress : it is considered as effective as the pill, is shown ! Absolutely excellent : there are also mobile applications to help women manage their fertility naturally… It is no longer a thing of grandmother : women initiated this modern technology can already calculate their cycle and know exactly what their fertility status strumming a few seconds on their smartphones. The contraceptive revolution is indeed running !

Dedication of the book Toxic Society

Le Wednesday 6 October 2010

Les samedi 16 et dimanche 17 October, se tient à La Bellevilloise, le Festival du Livre et de la Presse d’écologie. Je dédicacerai mon livre samedi après-midi, de 13h à 15h. Infos pratiques : Horaires Samedi 16 October, of 13 h à 21 h 30 Dimanche 17 October, of 11 h à 19 h 30 […]