5G : eldorado 2.0 or crime against humanity ?

In 2020, governments have shown great concern for the protection of populations in the face of coronavirus but, in parallel, they continue to deploy suspicious technology, 5G. As scientists around the world warn of dangers, the fifth generation of mobile networks is presented by its promoters as an essential "green" technology. But this forced march towards the connected society could well end in a fiasco, and this on many levels : sanitary, economic, environmental and most likely political. Investigate the new digital El Dorado.

Par Pryska Ducoeurjoly, to Neo Health n ° 105.
File published in November 2020

The allocation of 5G frequencies has started as well as the deployment of its relay antennas. The timing of the European Union, as described in its text "Shaping Europe's Digital Future", adopted on 9 juin 2020,[1] is very tight : all frequencies must be allocated to operators before the end of the year. In 2025, all European countries, city ​​or countryside, must be able to have 5G.

The European policy paper praises the digitization of society which has made it possible to "face the health crisis" and which will be "an essential engine of economic recovery, growth green policy and the strategic autonomy of the EU ". Governments are determined to forcing our hand in defiance of the democratic and health issues that this technology involves disrupting our living together and the management of our personal data (poorly secured).

La 5G, it does not happen don't argue

This EU text also provides repression of those who will now oppose the deployment of 5G. « In the context of the diffusion of new technologies such as 5G / 6G, it is important to preserve the capacity of law enforcement, security services and the judiciary to effectively exercise their legitimate functions ; taking into account international guidelines on the effects of electromagnetic fields on health; noting that it is important to fight against the spread of false information on 5G networks, particularly with regard to allegations that this network poses a threat to health or that it is linked to COVID-19[2]… ». The hunt for fake news continues ! And for good reason, 5G crystallizes a growing citizen opposition that could well harm this project.

«5G is an indispensable tool for the extension of the society of total control and technocratic domination in the service of the powerful ", affirms it revue Cairo, in its special edition dedicated to 5G.[3] "The promoters of 5G will therefore do everything to discredit these people who are a little too lucid for their taste and they do not skimp on the means.. We are going to treat these resistance fighters as backward-looking people, obscurantists, of bio preservatives ”. And conspirators certainly !

"Who says massive data storage says automated content management (algorithmes de data mining, flow management and encryption), who says automation says Artificial Intelligence , explains the international association for benevolent medicine, AIMSIB[4]. 5G is therefore the culmination of 40 years of building a global digital communications infrastructure, modifying the behaviors and uses of the entire human community. It is the bridge that allows a "Strong Artificial Intelligence" to come about with the project of administering human interactions in an algorithmic manner ".

A three-way billiard table bands

La 5G, the "fifth generation" of mobile networks, must provide a flow rate multiplied by 10. This new network will stack on previous generations (2G, 3G et 4G). It will be distributed over three frequency bands, 700 MHz and 3,6 GHz at first (5G first generation), and then 26 GHz. The first two are already used for 3G and 4G technology, while the frequency of 26 GHz, the one that promises us the best returns, will allow the arrival of the second generation 5G (autonomous cars, Internet of things ...). A 5G compatible phone will be able to modulate its signal to capture data on one of these three frequencies.

"The problem is not so much the type of frequencies used, because everyone reacts differently and in a way unpredictable, it is rather the power of emission that worries, because she will be exponential. We were already exposed to a whole bunch of waves from 2G to 4G, but with 5G the intensity will be much stronger, which can represent a critical threshold for some people ”, explains Nicolas Negri, French expert in electromagnetic waves.

Why a stronger power ?

" Groups 700 MHz and 3,6 GHz, although offering a good relationship between penetration into buildings and roofing, born will not be enough to reach the speeds necessary for all the news applications expected with 5G. It will therefore be necessary to increase the power to compensate for this inconvenience ". Ditto with the band 26 GHz, which does part of the so-called "millimeter" frequencies, highest ever used in cellular technology, nowadays.

"A signal which increases in frequency is richer but carries less far. 5G transmitted via the 26 Ghz will therefore have a very low building penetration. Even a tree can block its signal. It will therefore require more transmitting terminals, all the 150 about meters, to ensure good coverage. Individually less powerful than 4G transmitters, all of these antennas will ultimately lead to greater mesh and electromagnetic exposure in our living spaces», explains Nicolas Negri.

Pulsed technology

To achieve the advertised performance, the second generation 5G will use a large number of antennas called "MIMO". Each antenna has many small miniaturized antennas to focus the beam on a given area (beamforming). “Unlike with 3G or 4G, the emission will not be in the form of a diffuse beam, like a spotlight illuminating an area, but in a squared fashion. A 5G antenna will first continuously scan a square area for signals, then it will direct a stronger radio signal to the connected devices. It will also allow you to know where you are exactly if you are using any 5G connected object ... ", specifies Nicolas Negri. “Added to this is pulsed technology that could potentially be more disruptive to living things. "

Brief, 5G technology is very different from the previous ones, which explains the opposition of a large number of citizen organizations, but also the need for a scientific evaluation.

No safety study!

According to its promoters, 5G technology would not be dangerous. “The mega machine has launched its 5G offensive and, as for tobacco or asbestos, will do everything to hide as long as possible the health damage that this “progress” will cause ", warns the magazine Kairos. A point of view shared by theassociations which are multiplying everywhere in France and in Europe, to carry out legal actions such as those undertaken by My Smart Cab in France[5] or, in Belgium, by News of Belgian law[6] or the Stop5G collective[7].

In France, ANSES has been tasked by the government with carrying out an expertise. En janvier 2020, in a preliminary report, she regretted the "lack of scientific data on the potential biological and health effects". Its next results are expected for ... 2021.

Nevertheless, government auctioning frequencies and encouraging deployment of new antennas by the end of the year 2020. With a nice jackpot in the key : 2,17 billion euros for the allocation of frequencies for a period of at least 15 renewable years. All this in defiance of the Bee law of 2016 which pleads for electromagnetic sobriety.

In any case, we cannot trust ANSES to seriously assess the risks of 5G. In the “BLACK BOOK OF WAVES”, a late publication 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Dominique Belpomme (published by Marco Pietter), ANSES studies on the danger of electromagnetic waves, like those on 3G and 4G, are qualified as studies “to be relegated to the trash of history”. This book evokes “smoking” of the general public through studies marred by conflicts of interest.

Waves to saturation

The grid of space urban

The 5G infrastructure will be divided into two types antennas : les macro cells for some stations that will handle more traffic and small cells which guarantee a high flow rate in precise places where they are deployed. If the majority of the existing pylons will be used to accommodate the new 5G antennas, it will still take new supports placed on high points of the urban environment (buildings, tours, etc.).

These big 5G antennas (say macro cells) will first broadcast on the tape 3,4-3,8 GHz, they will have a range of a kilometer or two which will limit the number of relays (small cells). But once 5G uses the 26 GHz, much shorter range, les small cells will then be multiplied every 150 meters. The grid of the public space will therefore be done in two stages and we will probably have to wait 2023 to witness a massive deployment.

The two types of urban grid, from the dossier “The 5G controversy”, by Gauthier Roussilhe,  https://gauthierroussilhe.com/

The saturation of the electromagnetic spectrum

“With 5G, we have reached the saturation of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies that allow us to communicate, then it's infrared .... One of the dangers of using artificial EM frequencies, is that they can interfere with our own frequencies, whether low frequency or high frequency. The neurologists are well aware that the "normal" frequency of an electroencephalogram is about 10Hz. However, your home wifi also emits pulsed waves on 10Hz because of its electrical activity (in addition to the shows on 2,4 and 5 GHz for the data). We understand better why some people complain about headaches or difficulty sleeping or why it is best not to not sleeping or working too close to your wifi. As a matter of fact, low frequencies emitted by our domestic devices, our connected objects, corn also by relay antennas which require a large electrical network, can be just as problematic for our health as very high frequencies. »

A staggering pollution ...

Electromagnetic pollution will also gain space with, medium term, a tripling of the number of satellites already orbiting the Earth ! 20 000 at least satellites will soon be launched with 5G. The companies are : SpaceX (12 000 satellites), Oneweb (4 560), Boeing (3 000), Spire global (1 000). SpaceX has already put into orbit 180 Starlink satellites and projects a total of 42 000 satellites around the planet. They will be placed at 340 km, 550 km and 1150 km.

Some dispute the presence of 5G technology on these satellites, but in reality, it seems that the link is real or in progress depending on the satellites and operators. ” It is undoubtedly no coincidence that the large companies in the sector (Airbus Defence and Space, Echostar, Eutelsat, Hispasat, HIS, Thales Alenia Space, Viasat…), associated with the European Space Agency, created in 2017 the association Satellite for 5G, whose avowed goal is to demonstrate the usefulness of integrating satellites into the 5G device. (…) The unification of standards is a very important competitive factor in the technological field. This is usually referred to as interoperability. This is what is at stake today for satellite players : to found a new alliance between the terrestrial internet and the space internet”, explains the site opportunites-technos.com (https://opportunites-technos.com/la-5g-passera-egalement-par-les-satellites/

Many people have already seen balls bright in line in the night sky. These are the Starlink satellites of tycoon Elon Musk, great apostle of transhumanism and technosciences. Elon and his wife Grimes, an aesthetic singer half satanist half- cyborg, also called their child "XÆA-12", that is, if the human species will no longer be adapted to new world in which Space X wants to launch us ...

The planet will soon be completely surrounded by tens of thousands of luminous flying objects. The starry sky, World Heritage, will just disappear. Jean-Marie Lopez,[8] president of the astronomical society of Montpellier, is flabbergasted : "Some billionaires have arrogated to themselves the right to ignore this heritage of humanity. This will make scientific observation difficult and even impossible to take photographs. (which require a long exposure time) because they will be completely scratched. They are putting up a brick wall in front of the starry sky ”.

This scientist is one of 1,500 astronomers who they've thrown, March 2020, an urgent call[9]. They explain how 5G frequency bands will interfere with their own radio frequency bands, which will seriously affect interpretation of observation data, so much so that astronomy is now an endangered science! Worse, this light pollution will also make it impossible to detect any asteroids and the ability to warn the population of astronomical danger.

Towards a health fiasco ?

Numerous scientific calls for a moratorium

But back to the bottom of the cows. In terms of health, plus de 400 scientists and doctors have signed an appeal to demand the end of this project (EU 5G Appeal, launched 2017). These professionals recall that the UN International Cancer Research Center (CIRCUS) classified the radio frequencies of 30 KHz to 300 GHz like“possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

The signatory scientists also rely on a very large independent expert report: BioInitiative 2012, who compiles 1,800 new studies devoted to the negative effects of waves artificial electromagnetic. Among the risks documented in this report : autism, brain tumors, Alzheimer, infertility, acoustic neurosis, gliome, sleeping troubles, leukemia, genotoxicity, oxidative stress, etc ... The list is long and at the very least disturbing. Priartrem, french association pioneer in the fight against electromagnetic risks, translated the conclusions of this report. Here is an excerpt.

Documented biological effects

“The biological effects are clearly established and appear at very low levels of EMF exposure (fields electromagnetic). Biological effects can appear in first minutes of exposure. (…)

"Many of these biological effects can reasonably be suspected of causing health effects when exposures are prolonged or chronic. This is because they interfere with normal body processes. (disturbed homeostasis), prevent the body from repairing DNA damage, produce imbalances in the immune system, metabolic disturbances and weaken the ability to resist disease. The essential processes of the body can possibly be altered by incessant external stresses (from interference with the electrophysiological system) and lead to pervasive disorders of metabolic and reproductive functions ”

5G and Covid…

This is why some suspect 5G, already experienced in some cities (like Wuhan, Milan, Turin, Bologne, Rome…), may have caused or worsened the covid-19 epidemic. A not so "conspiratorial" theory because, although lacking in evidence, it turns out to be plausible in view of the results of the studies in the BioInitiative report 2012 and the last pieces of evidence provided by The Black Book of Waves. But correlation is not causation ... It could just as well be linked to the intensification of 4G deployment, ongoing.

“The arrival of 5G is causing a lot of concern worldwide. From a certain point of view, one might be surprised at this " awareness ”, because there are very few scientific studies concerning the impact of 5G on human health, while we have many studies pointing to the health risks of generation technologies previous, comment Priartrem. That said, despite their rarity, the available studies on 5G do not suggest that this technology will be less harmful than the previous one. Especially since 5G will not supplant 4G, but, at least at first, coexist with her, adding to "fog "Electromagnetic existing".

Soon all electrohypersensitive?

The association has integrated the collective of Electrosensibles de France, créé en 2008. Electrohypersensitivity - reportedly affects, according to ANSES itself, 5 % the French, or about 3.3 million people. Their symptoms : disturbed sleep, fatigue, headache, attention and memory difficulties.

"This disease, in my opinion, is evidence of an overdose in exposure to artificial waves, comments Nicolas Negri. Some are naturally more sensitive while others will trigger this syndrome after “abusing” connected devices. Hypersensitivity makes even very low emissions intolerant. These people must put in place drastic measures to find a healthy and regenerative environment., which will help them boost their immune system. My advice to the general population is not to wait until you have passed the critical threshold and to implement "electromagnetic hygiene". It has become as important as physical or food hygiene ". The expert offers many free videos on his Youtube channel,[10] a first approach that I recommend to you.

For Dominique Belpomme and the co-authors of the Black Book of Waves, electrohypersensitivity is a hidden pandemic plague which continues an extremely worrying progression. The silence of the public authorities, apparently unwilling to give the public the information to protect themselves, is potentially a crime against humanity.

Learn to protect yourself

Nicolas Negri has also set up an online training course with Bruno Geissert, to advise in an electromagnetic environment, to promote the autonomy of older people number faced with this invisible pollution. This training also allows train as an advisor in electromagnetic environment, " a business future !», assure Nicolas Negri. We do want to believe it…

" With a little knowledge, it is possible to effectively limit pollution bedside lamps, telephony devices (fixed and mobile), from connected televisions, boxes, electric beds, radiators, circuits of domestic electricity and household appliances without necessarily eliminating benefits ".

The most radical method to recover well at night ? Cut the general current ... "But this is only really effective in an individual environment., and campaign. In a city apartment, it becomes almost impossible to escape the electromagnetic pollution of the neighbors and the solutions must be studied on a case-by-case basis with the help of measuring devices which really allow to know the level and the source of the pollution. "

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest EM pollution comes from our habitats. "5G is really just one threat among many. In addition to mobile phone frequencies, pollution of 50 Hz (low frequencies) related to electricity is also a big problem ". ANSES confirmed this last year,[11] with particular attention to schools located near high voltage lines, for pregnant women and employees who are exposed at work.

A disturbing new signal, which is in addition to studies recent sanitary facilities, more and more people document the harmful effects waves. For scientific monitoring, I recommend this reference site : www.saferemr.com[12].

Tous cobayes?

No need to rely on our health authorities or governments that have chosen to prioritize economic growth, rather than funding independent laboratory studies. It is only after deployment and in a real situation that the effects will be studied. As the ANFR explains bluntly (the French National Frequency Agency) : "The greatest focus of 5G antennas, the new wavebands used require to deepen the measurement methods and to specify the health limits to be adopted. In France, the ANFR is studying, especially during the pilot phases of 5G tests, the impact of these new technologies in the way of measuring the levels of exposure of the public to airwaves. The data collected will be communicated to ANSES (National Food Safety Agency, environment and work) so that it can best carry out its expertise on health aspects.[13] »

Obsolete standards and dumped

As is already the case with 3G and 4G, authorities' reports hide behind a convenient argument: "The exposure does not exceed the permitted exposure standards". Or, the real underlying scientific debate concerns the relevance of these famous standards. The limit values ​​not to be exceeded are : for a GSM antenna 900 : 41 V/m; for a GSM 1800 antenna: 58 V/m, for a UMTS antenna : 61 V/m, for wifi and microwave ovens : 61 V/m, for FM radio : 28 V/m. The first tests carried out in France on 5G pilot sites by ANFR (April report 2020[14]), gives exposures around 8 V / m, so well below.

But for many scientists the threshold of 0,6 V per meter is already a dangerous exposure. According to the BioInitiative report 2012, the standards of public protection are 1000 to 10000 times higher than levels reported by studies to cause biological effects. For German experts in the environmental standard of baubiology,[15] the maximum critical exposure is at 0,06 V per meter.

"The big trick of official standards is that they only take into account the thermal effect. This threshold was determined by exposing the skin for six minutes and observing a 1 ° C increase. These standards date back decades and have never been seriously reassessed to account for possible effects on our cells and DNA ", Nicolas Negri tip. The call of Friborg (2002), signed by more than 1000 Physicians, calls for "the massive reduction of the limit values, of the powers of the missions and of the charges in radio waves ”.

In 2011, the European Parliament also recommended to review exposure standards. from 1994, he had proposed to limit to 1 V / m public exposure for the frequency range of mobile telephony. In 2001 already, the european parliament reported:

"The public is particularly concerned - and outraged - to see that certain categories of the population are involuntarily submissive 24 hours 24 and 7 days out 7 to base station broadcasts GSM, mercilessly located near accommodation centers, of schools and hospitals. The environment of these people is inevitably and constantly polluted. This situation is totally unacceptable and raises serious ethical questions; in a certain way, it represents furthermore a violation of the Nuremberg Code, since it is these people who will ultimately reveal the degree to which chronic exposure to these fields are harmful - information that is not currently available : in other words, these people are effectively subjected in spite of themselves to a large-scale experience. »

Neither precaution, no prevention

Children on the front line

Bioinitiative pleads for the protection of the most vulnerable: "Measures of good directions are to be taken now to limit the exposure of the fetus and new born (sensitive populations), and make awareness a priority with pregnant women regarding the use of computers portable, mobile phones and other potential sources of emissions. The wireless laptops and other wireless devices should be strongly discouraged in schools and for children of all ages. »

Instead of that, manufacturers and authorities are tending dangerously towards a relaxation of standards. According to News of Belgian law, the protocol in agreement with the main telecommunications operators (Proximus, Orange and Telénet) to facilitate the deployment of 5G in Brussels plans to override the current limitation set at 6 V / m to pass it up to 14,5 V/m[16].

Conflicts of interest with industry

L’ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) has been since 1984 the benchmark institute for setting exposure standards to radio frequencies and microwaves.[17] The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to this institute for recommend exposure thresholds, like most governments. In 2011, the Council of Europe[18] was surprised, however: "The exposure thresholds have been proposed by an NGO (l’ICNIRP) whose origin and structure are not clear and which is suspected of having close links with industrialists in the sector. "

“This organization has been the subject of controversy for years 1990 as to possible conflicts of interest of its members with the industrial telecommunications sector and with the military sector ", reminds Gauthier Roussilhe, author of "The 5G Controversy", a remarkable and easily accessible summary document[19]. "If the ICNIRP has conflicts of interest with the industrial sector, therefore its recommendations should be read with caution and its publications should be balanced with other independent research. "

Unfortunately, the research also seems biased. Several studies[20] analyzed research articles dealing with the risks of mobile phones. Articles funded by a sponsor are less likely to report negative health effects. And these are very often these sponsored studies which muddy the waters or serve as an excuse for ICNIRP, above all, not to change anything. The Black Book of Waves denounces an organized controversy by “false scientific advice”, in reality totally incompetent.

Well-connected experts

The ramification of conflicts of interest continues at the level of scientific advice from each country. En Belgique, for example, the committee of experts in non-ionizing radiation is made up of nine members from several areas (medical, scientist, economic and technological). " This diversity obscures the reality of a committee that is generally committed to the cause. technological, some working in a sector that promotes 5G, the others being directly linked to the operators who finance them. This group temporary, assigned to the task of continuously evaluating the impact on the health of GSM antennas will have to rule on the standards of protection of the health of Brussels residents ”, denounces Alexandre Penasse, in the special issue of the Kairos magazine special 5G.[21]

By example Yves Rolain, the chairman of this committee, is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), whose main objective is to " promote excellence and technological innovation for the benefit of humanity ". This group of professionals is a must in the sector. He was by the way originally[22] maximum exposure standards, widely disputed today.

Other member of the Belgian expert committee: Isabelle Lagroye, French and member of the ICNIRP. It finances its research with the help of France Telecom, Alcatel and Bouygues Telecom, it also carries out studies financed by EDF. She is finally member of the French radioprotection society (SFRP), whose benefactor members are among others Areva, GDF – Suez… In short, The advisers government scientists are chosen to be the guardians of the good progress of the 5G action plan in Europe, with the help of the media.

Eco media laundering

What are our mainstream media telling us about 5G?? They present us with an advanced revolutionary technology that will allow the "green digital transition". It is absolutely necessary to "dispel fears on the air", headlines the Figaro-Magazine of the 6 juin 2020, because, according to the Secretary of State attached to the Minister of the Economy Agnès Pannier-Runacher : “5G is more energy efficient, it issues according to needs and users ”. As a matter of fact, rather it is a fake news : 5G is not a "Green Tech" because it will consume a lot more electricity!

"Research on energy efficiency mainly focuses on reducing the amount of electricity consumed by. The energy cost of manufacturing network equipment, the renewal of 5G compatible smartphones is not included ", explains Gauthier Roussilhe, in his document " The 5G controversy ». Besides « Huawei (leader of 5G technology in China, ed) rappelle que, even if the unit energy efficiency of the antennas is improving, the number of antennas to be installed will significantly increase and therefore increase the energy consumption of the network ". The whole profession knows it: " In April 2019, 100 telecom operator executives were asked if they thought 5G would increase their energy bills : 94% responded positively ", reports Gauthier Roussilhe.

Energy efficiency remains a workhorse for the entire sector as it is a key factor in ensuring the profitability of operators. "This problem is already salient in China where the use of 5G antennas is proving too expensive for operators due to their high power consumption.. Some municipalities have decided to subsidize the electricity bill of stations up to 50% pendant 3 year old. This is why the Council of the European Union calls for "Improve investment conditions, including by providing, au besoin, public funding programs at European level ”. In other words, the citizen will have to put his hand in his pocket.

An environmental assessment disastrous

" Nowadays, no study has estimated the number of equipment produced for 5G infrastructure, nor calculated the overall environmental footprint related to the manufacture and use of this infrastructure, explains Gauthier Roussilhe. It is now this kind of study that would be necessary to clearly determine the environmental impacts of this technology.. Without this the environmental cost of 5G can only be greatly underestimated ”.

 "In 2019, digital represented 3,7% greenhouse gas emissions, as much as civil aviation. These emissions are growing by 8% per year and could represent 7,5% of global emissions in 2025, as much as the global fleet. More, digital technology is extremely metal-hungry : for example, an iPhone contains on average 45 different metals. This mineral extraction has an energy cost, water and ecological in many ecosystems and communities. " And planned obsolescence does not help : "Today there is 6 billion smartphones active on Earth and 1,4 billion smartphones were produced in 2018. For exemple, the renewal rate of a telephone in France is 23 month "…

The insects, bees are affected

Last september, a meta-analysis by the German Association for the Conservation of Nature (NABU)[23] in collaboration with two German and Luxembourgish NGOs, alerted us to the environmental risks of waves: «Radiation from cell phones could be one of the causes, with the use of pesticides and deforestation, of insect mortality in Europe ”. This association has compiled the results of 190 studies. Some 60 % of them show negative effects on bees, wasps and flies.

Profitability questionable economic

The deployment of 5G will undoubtedly be very expensive because it is necessary to review the entire network but also to develop fiber! Car without fiber (which could also be a non-polluting alternative), 5G will not be able to work ... Here is all that ultimately needs to be produced: network equipment (stations, antennas, air conditioners, fibre), user equipment (smartphones, connected objects, sensors), data center equipment (servers), energy equipment (solar panels, transformers, etc.).

Will the bill be bearable for operators ? Don't some risk going bankrupt for the benefit of the bigger ones?? Remember that French operators must already pay 2,17 billion rights for the frequency of 3,5 Ghz (the first generation 5G). This logic of heavy investments is based on a bet: increased traffic. To make 5G profitable, it is therefore absolutely necessary that we consume even more data. Data that, in parentheses, brave of gold: their brokerage already represented 200 billion in 2013.

And the second generation 5G? " The band 26 GHz will require a heavier investment (multiplication des small cells) that no French telecom operator seems capable of supporting today ", specifies Gauthier Roussilhe. “Certain operators in the United States and China are trying to deploy to 26 GHz. Dans tous les cas, expenses investments will be high for the antennas (between 13 000€ and 17 500€ in average per branch in Europe, 3500€ on average to update the antennas previous generation) and some technical innovations of 5G will ask for updates of current networks which remain to be encrypted ”.

Brief, 5G remains a risky economic project. “Operators seem to passively accept this strange economic reasoning which in no way guarantees their profitability and which is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than a thoughtful long-term investment. "

What either way, it is almost certain that the deployment of 5G will not be done without massive public subsidies (and also a higher price of flat rate).

Towards a political fiasco

If the 5G deployment, advertised as fast, eventually turns out to be heavy and expensive, this is a definite advantage for citizens opposed to 5G deployment. Especially for rural people because this technology has been designed for urban uses; it is not about to deploy in our campaigns for questions of obvious profitability, neither has it was 4G.

Pretty much everywhere in the world, especially in the United States and Europe, cities resist, collectives come together, scientific calls are launched. But the road to moratorium seems for the moment dead end in many countries. For example in France, the state Council[24] has already ruled on the subject of mobile phone antennas : "Only state authorities designated by law are competent to generally regulate the siting of mobile phone masts". It is an exclusive competence : the mayors will not be able to use their general police power to decree a moratorium.

As for the legal route, it also seems quite limited, especially because the health authorities rely on maximum exposure standards which still give manufacturers a great deal of legal leeway in terms of electromagnetic pollution.

This impossibility of appeal will further scramble communication with citizens who, in addition to the health risk, also foresee a democratic danger (real time control). Collectives could then decide to tackle the small cells, much more accessible on street furniture (red lights, lampposts, manholes, bus shelters).

This urban guerrilla 2.0 is a risk well identified by the insurance companies ... And by the policies : "Burn an antenna, it is to burn a common good. À ce titre, this is unacceptable. It's depriving people of digital access, to services which become the first necessities for people stranded at home in their fortnight ", catechises the Secretary of State to the French Minister of the Economy, the 6 juin 2020, in the Figaro.

But there are still other effective individual means of action to counter this technological madness: embrace digital sobriety, monitor electromagnetic hygiene and, mostly, resist future 5G compatible equipment that will be offered to us, marketing halos. The general boycott remains the lethal weapon of the people. Car, one thing is certain, the success of the 5G plan ultimately depends only on us, consumers.

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A commentary on “5G : eldorado 2.0 or crime against humanity ?”

  1. Pierre d'Andréa says:

    Thank you, Pryska Ducoeurjoly, for shedding light on all these subjects of utmost importance for our health and the quality of life in times to come. !
    May free journalism continue to exist for a long time to come in order to invite everyone to ask the right questions.
    Thank you for this persevering and meticulous work that you regularly offer us.
    Andrea's Pier

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