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The excesses of our Minister of Health

By Sylvie Simon

The 20 septembre 2009, our ineffable Minister of Health told the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro that she "can not imagine that a health professional may not be vaccinated". Yet, elle doit se rendre à l’évidence. Like their European neighbors, and even Americans, the majority of health professionals in France massively refuse vaccination against influenza A. Some even insist on declaring that they accept the "under any circumstances".

As so aptly Dr. Marc Girard, this is not a "matter of imagination, but lucid, simply. »

But the real question is : Is a little bit lucid ? Recall that it had already announced that we could begin the vaccination 28 septembre, before that vaccines have received marketing authorization. Although she "knew" that the AMM would be issued, whatever happens, she still expected roughly. Since Then, announcements concerning the start of the vaccination "massive" change as quickly as the weather. But it is not an inconsistency close. If she is still waiting, according to the current decay of fans of this vaccine, it may end up with only a few hundred volunteers to liquidate 94 million doses ordered.

"Do not have a short memory ! "Advised our French Health Minister, invited by the LEEM (the Pharmaceutical Companies) at the end of the dialogue Week.

Or, when call to order those who have a reflex "spoiled child" by refusing to be vaccinated, "Risking to contaminate themselves, contaminate their relatives, or contaminating their patients ", Has she a good memory since it seems to have forgotten the numerous official publications that show that vaccines against influenza are useless ?

Has she forgotten the setting showing duty doctors and scientific journals that the vaccine was dangerous, regardless of manufacturer ?

Has she forgotten the dozens of accidents took place after the vaccination of elderly people in nursing homes and published in newspapers ?

Does Forgot the laboratory Baxter International, which has endorsed a set of protocols designed to prevent viral cross contamination, shipped "by accident" 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with H5N1 to H3N2 mixed, what is called reassortment, which is one of two ways to create a pandemic virus ?

“It is normal that it has more time

read the international medical press,

being too busy to "sell" its vaccination campaign

and responding to suspicions of conflicts of interest of its experts”

this laboratory, who acted as a biological terrorism organization sending deadly viruses around the planet, got away by simply saying : "sorry, it is a mistake ! », and it is to him that our health minister, the WHO boot, has placed its trust in him commanding much of vaccines for our compatriots. Especially as it was probably "forgotten" that Baxter also has been involved in another serious scandal. Between 2006 and 2008, heparin batches, anticoagulant used for the prevention or treatment of thrombosis and hemophilia, have been contaminated by an unidentified contaminant, always "accidentally" in the same laboratory, and injected into tens of thousands of people. This accident is responsible for 19 death in the United States, not counting hundreds of serious accidents.

Which has a short memory ? Unless Roseline Bachelot was never aware, which is no less worrying. It is normal that it has more time to read the international medical press, being too busy to "sell" its vaccination campaign to respond to suspicions of conflicts of interest of its experts, car with Geig (Group of expertise and information on influenza) is funded by the laboratories.

It must also be accountable to the Special Rapporteur of the Social Security budget, who interpellait on vaccine orders contracts, after finding the door closed at the Ministry of Health, where he wanted to check the orders of anti-H1N1 vaccines. Also, given the many concerns of our minister, it was normal that his advisers to inform it, which is apparently not the case. On this subject, it is legitimate to ask what these many "advisers".

In the same vein, Roseline Bachelot recalled that before vaccination "our country was studded with sanatoriums", forgetting also that the disappearance of tuberculosis is not due to vaccination but the hygiene and the increase of living standards. She also said that "we would die of tetanus by his garden", and that children "would die in the arms of their mother diphtheria, pertussis, measles ". Who knows if a gardener is "death from tetanus by his garden" ? And children rarely die of childhood diseases, was then called the "necessary conditions" when they were well fed, in families that practiced hygiene, while they are dying at much more serious diseases hospital, that rightly called "diseases of civilization".

In its momentum, Speaking of our life expectancy, she argued that, with drugs, "In a century, we went from 48 to 79 years. » The truth is quite different and reassuring finding is only the fruit of statistical manipulation used to justify a steady increase in social contributions.

But, actually, a study of Inserm, performed 1992 in collaboration with the High Committee of Public Health and published in 1996, demonstrates thates death rate of French born after 1938 are significantly higher than those of neighboring countries such as Sweden, but also Britain and even Italy !

Mortality is higher among us 18,3 % for women and 35,5 % for men compared to Sweden, 6,5 % for women and 24 % for men compared to Britain, and 6 % for women and 16,3 % for men compared to Italy. These figures may surprise given that for those born before 1938 they were reversed, mortality is much lower in France than in those countries. This study, very confidentially published by Éditions Le Monde, has not been the subject of comments by the media, or by government. How they could they, en effet, explain this reversal ? But, the 14 February 2004, Prof. Dominique Belpomme, oncologist at the Georges Pompidou Hospital, confirmed on France-Inter that longer lifespan beyond sixty years was almost nil and that the optimistic figures came from the reduction of neonatal and infant mortality, thanks to antibiotics and, mostly, hygiene.

Besides, simply consult a dictionary to find the number of older people and in excellent health who did speak with them over the centuries and, However, only a tiny part of the population, the other having never been indexed. As for the "beautiful old" current, they are "civilized" or as part of tribes 'primitive', most have never used drugs, have not been vaccinated and are treatable only when necessary, often through natural methods. It is dishonest to attribute their longevity to medical progress as is usual ; unfortunately it is unlikely that this situation persists, given the dramatic decrease immune populations and the emergence of diseases we can not treat.

Instead of saying anything, Mrs Bachelot would do well to learn about real cases of influenza A(H1N1), while hospitals do not perform tests for influenza A in children with mild symptoms because these tests are very expensive, and most doctors admit that the majority of consultations for influenza reveal that it is not of this virus. Hospitals have even ask mothers not to panic and cluttering their services as soon as the child has a slight temperature, leaving beds for cases of serious diseases. On the other hand, monitoring the number of H1N1 cases is based on estimates, and the case conclusions are drawn based on a data sample.

In brief, many claims about this flu within "expected case" and pure extrapolations, Also let us not be surprised at all these "blunders", that would make us laugh if they did not cost us so dear. Seuls, laboratories should laugh because their shares back to speed and contribute to the "economic recovery" which is bowl our ears, as "pandemic". The media no longer have the time to talk about really serious subjects.

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