Grippé ? Le top du top des remèdes naturels

Note introductive : Il ne faut pas avoir peur de la grippe ! A moins d’avoir des antécédents d’insuffisance pulmonaire (au sens large du terme, terrain asthmatique, bronchites chroniques, etc.), un épisode infectieux aigu n’est pas dangereux mais participe d’un processus naturel.
Je vous renvoie ici aux conceptions naturopathiques de la maladie, according to the text that I wrote on this subject. En effet, current medicine tends to confuse maladie and manifestation de la force vitale.

Que les choses soient claires : naturopath not seen in toutes les maladies une manifestation de l’autoguérison, de la force vitale chère à Hippocrate.

Certaines pathologies, par forcément les plus graves d’ailleurs, correspondent à une aggravation de la charge toxémique du patient (constipation, ulcération, cancer, alzheimer), while other diseases are proof positive of our discharge capacity of the problem (flu, toux, crachat, éruptions cutanées).

Dans le premier cas, on parle parfois de transfert morbide : forcibly blocking evacuation process by antibiotics or by vaccination (among other potential carriers of additional side effects drugs…), les toxines “à bas bruit” (in the sense that we do not see the), s’incrustent, penetrate into tissues and disease moves to reappear in a different form (Transfer morbidity, cancer…).

Dans le second cas, on parle de crise curative. The latter can be impressive (fever) et même parfois fatale. The body is overwhelmed by his own attempted evacuation of the problem (choc anaphylactique par exemple…). There he must remain cautious and do not hesitate to be followed medically (it is then quite appropriate and recommended!) so avoid the situation worsens.

Dans un cas comme dans l’autre, la vigilance s’impose. In cases of severe illness, medical diagnosis is necessary to determine whether the prognosis is at stake. If your days are not in danger, a naturopathic approach will obviously be beneficial.

Remèdes qui marchent and that we hide…

Magnesium chloride

If the properties of the magnesium chloride had been recognized at the time by the Academy of Medicine, several vaccines would probably be unnecessary…

Why the media do they produce not more subjects on natural prevention and alternative treatments for influenza ? Presse, radio, TV we praise the merits of vaccines and anti-virals like Tamiflu. Without these remedies, no salvation ?

Rien n’est moins vrai en réalité. Dès la fameuse épidémie de 1918, the therapeutic arsenal were more developed. Edouard Prouvost, in his " Notes Clinical and Therapeutic on the epidemic of influenza 1918 » (paru en 1919 chez Jouve Cie), and saluted the excellent performance intravenous colloidal silver (un remède millénaire) and effectiveness of abscess as draining of toxins (1).

The vaccine had not really emerged, despite some governments sera that were more office tests that real remedies. On this point, le jeune Prouvost, then internal to a military hospital, admits besides not having achieved significant results. Il documente davantage les effets de l’argent colloïdal (lire notre encadré).

Dans la psychose H1N1, we also forget that medicine today has antibiotics, a solution in case of secondary infection that did not know Edward Prouvost! This is a major advantage for complications, better perhaps that Tamiflu. Mais pas d’antibiotique sans probiotiques ! They help maintain the intestinal flora, it also guarantees immunity. But these are not the only solutions within our reach, d’autres remèdes ont été découverts depuis 1918, whose effectiveness undermines the doctrine of "all vaccine". It is urgent to give them a place in the family pharmacy.

Against polio, la grippe, cancer, etc..

One has to Professor Pierre Delbet (1861-1957) extensively on the many benefits of magnesium chloride(1). Doctor, Clinical Director, hospital surgeon and member of the & rsquo; Academy of Medicine, he was obsessed, during his internship, the harmfulness of antiseptics used in his day to clean wounds.

War 14-18, during which he was drafted as a surgeon, allows it to find that the magnesium chloride solution (MgCl2) gives extraordinary results. For injured, he will experience the effectiveness MgCl2 internally as boosting cell.

Later, it will make the relationship between the rapid increase in cancers and magnesium deficiency widespread. He wrote two books about it : "Preventive policy cancer", in which he demonstrates the & rsquo; impact of magnesium deficiency in the development of this disease, and "Agriculture and Health", in collaboration with d & rsquo; other specialists, where he shows that intensive cropping patterns and refining carencent food Mg.

Both books have hardly attracted the interest of the Academy of Medicine, nor the work of his successor, Dr. Neveu, Treatment of the diphtheria (from 1932), tetanus and polio with magnesium chloride. Le Dr Neveu a exposé dans « Cytophylactique the treatment of poliomyelitis by magnesium chloride "Victorious five cases of illness. Or, He claims to have obtained significant results not only immediately applying the treatment onset, but noted improvements in patients treated with allopathic medicines and are already suffering from widespread paralysis and sometimes total.

Unfortunately, these studies did not measure up to the direction of research into vaccines, en plein démarrage. At that time, the first vaccines begin to emerge from the Institut Pasteur and the medical field is not welcome. Magnesium chloride, about 2 Euro Pharmacy, concurrence directement le vaccin DTP… Is this why we do not hear about in?

It should also Dr. Neveu this observation during the outbreak of severe influenza of winter 1934-35. "The old men were almost all infected and all fared the magnesium chloride solution. This drug cut their fever ". Bon à savoir!

Aliment pour la cellule nerveuse

Pour les récalcitrant au goût amer du Chlorure de magnésium, and similarly for the other, it is better to opt for Chlorumagène (2) for all internal use. The drug for constipation is transformed into magnesium chloride in the nascent state in the stomach.

Le Dr Martin Du Theil, his great defender, wrote, after fifteen years of product use: "There is a real saving food for the nerve cell which he immediately offsets expenses.

« The sympathetic (system which governs the waking state, ed), through the & rsquo; energy and kept intact, maintains the & rsquo; s body & rsquo; immune to the disease by making vain microbial attack. It n & rsquo; is no better prophylactic agent (prevention, ed) against all infectious nature of diseases and it is for this reason that I suggest to make daily use or at least quite common " (3). Mais aussi, "It is suitable for all ages, il n’irrite pas pas muqueuse intestinale ».

And flu ? Exactly, Dr. Martin du Theil speaks in his book. Son témoignage mérite ici reproduction : "I started to apply from September 1918. Discharged on that date, I returned to Neuilly when the famous flu 1918 made its appearance. Je fut amené à constater, dès le début, that those most seriously affected were, en général, de jeunes femmes, and I soon understood why.

« Eloignées de leurs maris, depuis août 1914, these young women lived in perpetual anxiety, dans l’attente de nouvelles. Then, la lettre désirée lue, returned the anxiety about the signer may only lived longer. Their nervous system exhausted had left them defenseless against microbial attack. Sans hésitation, remontant de l’effet à la cause, je concentrai tous les efforts sur le système nerveux.

« Le succès fut aussi complet qu’il pouvait l’être, since I had the satisfaction of not having a single death to see. (…) This method gave me results in both diseases considered as the most formidable, c & rsquo; ie tuberculosis and cancer. (….) For ten years, I put all my patients operated systematically cancer, a process comprising & rsquo; use, day early, of chlorumagène, whether ancient or recent cases _ one of them end date 1918_ decade, I say, I had to find a single recidivism ", the doctor wrote in March 1929. Needless to say, this remedy is also suitable depressed!

  1. Un abcès de dérivation ou « de fixation », is induced abscess, dans un but thérapeutique, by hypodermic injection of turpentine. Prouvost finds that causes a beneficial healing crisis in the most affected cases. The technique is now (malheureusement) abandonnée.
  2. Toujours disponible en pharmacie (sachet de 20g, dissolved in 1,5 litres d’eau, to drink throughout the day, by sip. Une bouteille peut faire deux jours). This is the Nigari, en boutique bio. Precautions for kidney.
  3. également en pharmacie ! A quarter teaspoon in a glass of water, deux à quatre fois par jour environ. No harmful effects on the kidney after Dr. Martin du Theil.
  4. Dans « La défense du système nerveux », scientific and medical library Amedee Legrand, 1933. Reprinted several times and that we can get, en occasion, sur internet.

L’argent colloïdal

Used since antiquity, it was one of the remedies most commonly used in the first half of the twentieth century. Since Then, modern medicines have driven our dispensaries. Colloidal silver is a solution containing silver in suspension. We can not be had in pharmacy (par quel mystère ?), but you can find on the internet (à terme, the best is to make yourself, après un investissement d’environ 200 euros). Its uses are many and have been recalled by Frank Goldman, in "A secret weapon against the disease" (2004, le Lotus d’Or), unfortunately sold a book.

Other rare remedies containing colloidal silver or silver nitrate are still available in pharmacies as Stillargol, collyre à 1% solution of silver o proteinate that can divert his first job (quelques gouttes par jour à diluer dans de l’eau pure, style Montroucous) and copper-gold-silver in Oligostim or oligosol. It is more in the form of ointment found colloidal silver (en externe seulement donc). Nexus magazine soon dedicate a complete file on this remedy that gets absolutely amazing results on such complex diseases as HIV, la malaria, la maladie de Lyme, according to recent studies by researchers, américains notamment.

An interesting study on the effect of colloidal silver in AIDS cases, already old but still valid, se trouve sur les pages and (pour les anglophones).


Jim Humble is the great popularizer of the use of what he called Miracle Mineral Supplement. More research is needed on this remedy, but here are the conclusions of this researcher.

It’s actually a chlorine dioxide solution, obtained from sodium chlorite, a commonly used as a disinfectant (piscine, aliments industriels, etc.) and that Humble has experienced for a good ten years in Africa (notamment pour la malaria). On lui doit deux ouvrages, whose Tome 1, gratuit, raconte l’histoire de sa découverte. Humble explains why this is, selon lui, the most powerful ever known germ killer. « le MMS ne soigne pas la maladie, but it helps the immune system ". L’auteur précise que, pendant 80 years, hundreds of thousands of people have added a few drops of stabilized oxygen in their drinking water, et l’ont bu pensant que cela apportait de l’oxygène à leur organisme. "They did not realize that the benefits came from the chlorine dioxide". For direct chlorine dioxide production, Humble ajoute du citron à une solution de 28% de chlorite de sodium (le MMS). The dosage obviously makes drip! Of 2 to 30 gouttes par jour (mixed with double drops of lemon juice) depending on the severity of malaise. Selon Humble, product used to disinfect the local US during the attacks of anthrax therefore ideal in case of bacterial attack or bacteriological… Site officiel :

Autres solutions naturelles. L’extrait de pépin de pamplemousse, les huiles essentielles (lavande, ravintsara, tea tree), les vitamines C (natural) and D (huile de foie de morue), zinc, les produits de la ruche (propolis, pollen frais congelé et gelée royale), Bryonia and Gelsemium in homeopathy, ou encore l’échinacéa (in mother tincture, tablets or standardized extract of fresh plants with Cypress, EPS).

PARU DANS LE MAGAZINE NEXUS (novembre-décembre 2009). Reproduction autorisée avec mentions légales

Here are also excellent ways to deepen the question,

issues du site (suisse) de Denis Bloud :

Traitement de la Grippe

Grippe A-H1N1 : natural antiviral shock is simply the Horseradish !

Un antiviral naturel surpuissant dont a large laboratory prevents marketing, a small laboratory south of France who gets the formula : this is well worth that one is interested. L’extrait de raifort could be the shock alternative to counter the infection of influenza A in September. L’extrait de jus de radis antiviral (P.D.G. = Peroxyde de Diphényl-Glycosal) has almost never see the day. Au moment de sa découverte (in years 80) and demonstrating its first scientific publications activité antivirale exceptionnelle, this is the beginning of the AIDS cases in the US. Un grand laboratoire très connu, qui s’apprêtait à commercialiser le tristement célèbre AZT, was very disturbing that a natural product is as powerful results against viruses and worried about competition. The discoverer of this new product, the Dr Gregorio Ramon Cebrian, chercheur à l’Université de Médecine de Madrid and author of several publications in leading scientific journals, then had several visits by representatives of this great laboratory. Following intense pressure from the visitors, the inventor thought it more reasonable, pour son produit et pour sa propre sécurité, de leur céder les droits du P.D.G. But rather than commercially exploit this therapeutic treasure, le grand laboratoire préféra l’oublier dans un tiroir. Comme le droit international le stipule, any formula falls into the public domain after vingt ans exclusive right and becomes free operating. It is now a young laboratory in Toulouse, in connection with former collaborators of Dr. Madrid, who decided to return and make known this extraordinary antiviral.

Des propriétés antivirales reconnues depuis le XVIIIe siècle

Quelques repères : le P.D.G (Peroxide-Diphenyl glycosal) is a developed food supplement Toxicology Department l'Instituto San Carlos III Health, Université de médecine de Madrid. Several studies have been conducted during its development on various viruses causing: grippes, rhumes, hépatites virales, endocardites, herpès, ou mononucléose. Dans tous les cas, P.D.G the demonstrated activity of each of these strains and different viruses. Le Dr Cebrian s’était intéressé au raifort since various antiviral properties of this plant were already well known. Texts of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries describe the horseradish root juice can cure skin lesions and the root cut into slices and boiled in milk cleanses the skin of his spots, petites ampoules et boutons. The elimination of these infectious lesions is explained by its high peroxydase et en acide mironique-sinigrine, which are naturally antioxidant components, cicatrisants, antibactériens et antiviraux. More, horseradish is a very common plant in our latitudes. Son nom latin est Armoracia rusticana G. Gaertn. et al. (Synomyne : Cochlearia armoracia L. or Armoracia lapathifolia). Horseradish belongs to the mustard family. Its distribution in the temperate zones of Europe has allowed its use for different applications and ease on the study of its properties. Destroying cells infected with the virus to stop its proliferation, P.D.G the activity is consistent with theories of its discoverer, le Dr Gregorio Ramon Cebrian qui, from 1965, sélectionna ce type de molécule afin de capture electrons and thus interfere with the electron transport processes in cells parasitized by viruses producing abnormal behavior of the cell. According to Dr. Cebrian studies, the active molecules are capable of altering P.D.G definitely abnormal electrical balance of cells recognized as infected and exclusively therein, thus decimating cells carrying viruses and stopping their reproduction and dissemination in the body. Le P.D.G. can be easily metabolized and eliminated by the body once his task accomplished. There is no risk of toxicity or accumulation in the body.

If one wants to buy the horseradish extract rather than to eat salad :

A decision every eight hours. Le PDG se présente sous forme de comprimés. Les études publiées, performed on influenza virus strains, showed an improvement in the condition after three days, à raison d’une gélule toutes les huit heures. Symptoms: fever, fébrilité, courbatures, irritation of the upper airways, disparaissaient dans le même temps. The most heavily affected by the viral infection may increase patients taking up to three per day, every eight hours. LGB, Distributeur France-Espagne du Raifort (appelé « Raphanus "Or" radish "by mistranslation), which is committed to a retail price identical to the price of Spanish pharmacies, finally opted for a lower sale price, so that as many people who opt for another non-chemical solution of the flu can have access to this product 100% natural. La boîte de 30 comprimés horseradish antiviral against H1N1 is 25 € and crème the anti-herpes is horseradish 18 € en tube de 15 g.

Pastis as an antidote for swine flu ?

A propos du Tamiflu, il faut noter que cet antiviral (which only slow the virus) is a simple pharmaceutical extract of a plant close to the’Anis étoilé ou Badiane chinoise ! Comme l’écrit Pierre Wattecamps : “Pas de panique ! De quoi est constitué le tamiflu ? D’oseltamivir, produit à partir d’acide shikimique, lequel tire son nom du shikimi (Shi Kimi, illicium anisatum), autrement dit la badiane japonaise. Or qu’est-ce que la badiane ? It is the flower that contains anise fat is used in the manufacture of pastis. Alors, if you want to be immunized against swine flu, pas de panique : buvez du Ricard ou du 51“. In Wikipedia, we read indeed this:

L’anis étoilé a des propriétés stomachiques et carminatives. Used in infusion, il supprime les ballonnements et diminue les gaz. [Chinese star anise is also used in the manufacture of’acide shikimique. This acid that has no antiviral activity, will be transformed several times before becoming the phosphate’oseltamivir, active molecule Tamiflu, influenza medicament of laboratoires Roche, used against the flu humaine et, failing another drug, against bird flu. The manufacturing process does not consist in a distillation as to obtain the essential oil. This pharmaceutical use of Chinese star anise is the origin of the outbreak of the price. Cependant, the’oseltamivir pouvant être maintenant obtenu à partir de différents procédés (bio-fermentation, synthèse chimique[, autres plantes), les prix pourraient être amenés à baisser. Attention de ne pas confondre, en particulier lorsqu’elle est en poudre, la badiane chinoise et la badiane japonaise, which is toxic and whose use is not authorized in France.

Le jeudi 24 septembre 2009, I bought in a French pharmacy a vial 125 ml de teinture mère d’Illicium Verum (Anis étoilé), prepared by Boiron Laboratories) au prix de 15,65 €. With the graduated pipette with the pack, I filed a dozen drops of the tincture in a glass ofultrapure water and saw to form the sympathetic white cloud of pastis : le goût de cette solution est, psychologiquement, all the better that we imagine rightly take a natural substitute for chemical Tamiflu !

Autres traitements naturels

Comme me l’a écrit un ami dentiste : “En cas de refroidissement ou en lieux contaminants, take immediate 3 or 4 granules d’ « Influenzinum 9CH » sous la langue, puis 2 h après, puis toutes les 8 h. Je l’ai testé avec la grippe saisonnière: cela réagit super bien, especially since the decision was made earlier after infection”. As a preventive measure (vaccination homéopathique), alternate intakes’Influenzinum 9 CH avec Sérum de Yersin. Pendant le mois de novembre de chaque année, alternate Influenzinum and Yersin Serum for 4 semaines (whether 2 weeks of each remedy). Recommencer la cure du 15 janvier au 15 February. Ne prendre Oscillococcinum qu’en cas d’état grippal avéré, comme traitement d’attaque, possibly in synergy with Influenzinum. As part of the prevention of colds and flu, penser aussi à Thymuline 9 CH, « which stimulates the immunocompetence of T lymphocytes », afin de renforcer notre système immunitaire (which, unlike the unique Thought of openness to everything and everyone, must still deny entry to foreign elements in a "safe and authoritarian reflex" amalgamated subconsciously to "fascism" with a secret delight of good conscience and personal obsession).

Avant tout emploi d’antibiotiques ou d’autres médicaments, it would be logical -en presence of bacterial infections- de faire appel aux bactériophages, qui sont plus efficaces et plus puissants, but unfortunately have not been marketed in countries of the East (Russie, Géorgie, Pologne p. ex.). Voir à ce propos le livre du Dr Alain Dublanchet: Des virus pour combattre les infections (240 p., 2008, éd. Favre) which reports on the most interesting and promising phagothérapie. Bacteriophages not, however, attack the other viruses.

D’après le grand guérisseur américain Edgar Cayce, cold viruses and flu can develop only in a acid ground. Il préconisait donc, at the first sign of cold or flu, a alcalinisation Temporary body by absorption -all about hours- ultrapure water with added baking soda (à raison de 2,5 teaspoons per day) pendant deux ou trois jours. En cas de mal de gorge ou de toux, Edgar Cayce also advises asking a hot poultice toCastor oil autour du cou. (référence : p. 160 the book "Remedies Edgar Cayce" by Dr. William Garey Mac, translated by Dorothee Koechlin of Bizemont, Editions du Rocher, 282 p., 1994).

Dans les états prégrippaux, more "drastic remedies" or "grandmother" (indiqués ci-dessous) sont immédiatement applicables, and old proven pharmaceutical specialties. The produits soulignés sont à acheter en France, les autres en Suisse.

A - Immune system

1) Echinacée and Ginseng (gouttes Echinacin (100 ml, Madaus, Köln) ou préparation magistrale n° 214 de chez Alpinamed (avec eleutherococcus, spilanthes et echinacea); royal jelly honey with specific essential oils;

2) humidification de l’air de la chambre à coucher (about 50 %) par évaporation d’eau (p. ex. sur un réchaud électrique) with essential oils or lozenges inhalations Perubore (en Suisse Perubare, 6.80 CHF/30 comp.) or Cold Solution # 16 Médiflor (5,48 €/ 90 ml) ;

3) vitamine C à haute dose (agrumes, CONFIGURED sea buckthorn or rosehip, Laroscorbine 1000 mg, effervescent and not sucrée) ou vitamine C à l’acérola 750 mg et pur églantier (Célardin) 1 g;

4) cataplasmes (sinapismes) « Rigollot » (sachet de 10) sur le thorax;

5) bains chauds (20 my) avec 30 ml de Perskindol (250 ml, 18.80);

6) antibiotiques naturels (ail, oignon, and (if no allergy to penicillin): tartines de bleu de Bresse, Roquefort or similar; Combucha, ultrapure water, p. ex. celle du Mont Roucous ou du Montcalm (rH2<28!); garlic cloves can simply be swallowed in order to avoid oral fumes.

7) « Cerivikehthe » Sanum, 30 ml (isopathic remedy).

8) huiles essentielles spécifiques (IV synergy: Grippe) à ajouter dans le miel, salad and vinegar oil, ainsi qu’à inhaler ou oindre sur le thorax, le cou et la plante des pieds (p. ex. pommade Vicks Vaporub). Voir à ce sujet l’article by Dr. Baudoux intitulé “Grippe H1N1: precautions for sound risk management with essential oils”.

9) argent colloïdal, for example in the form of eye drops " Stillargol " at 1 % de protéinate d’argent en solution (1 drop / day in ultrapure water).

10) magnésium (sous forme d’hydroxyde (Mg(OH)2) générique ou de « Chlorumagène ») to be diluted in ultrapure water.

B – Gorge

1) badigeonner la gorge (luette) methylene blue with a pad holder mouthwash aseptic (« Tampobleu », boîte de 20 badigeons – Coopération Pharmaceutique Française – 77001 Melun) ; methylene blue may also be absorbed internally (3 drops per liter of ultrapure water).

2) gargarismes (vinaigre, Hextril, eau + miel + bleu de méthylène etc.) ;

3) wraps / blisters hot compresses to the neck balsamic essences et/ou avec 250 g de séré (ebi-forum 64/2009)

4) suppositoires « Amygdorectol » au bismuth (Merck-Clévenot) ;

5) nébuliseur buccal « Collu-Blache » ; nébulisation de Camillosan ;

6) pastilles à la thyrotricine (« Tyrotricine-Solutricine ») ; «Mébucaïne », « Drosana Broncho » à l’éphédrine (Pharmadro/Bienne), « Lemocine Lemon ») ;

7) pâtes pectorales PPG (Piraud) à la codéine (8.30 CHF/36 pastilles), pastilles « Isla-Moos » au lichen (Pharmakos, Zurich), bonbons et sirops aux herbes (attention aux produits “Sugar free” contenant de l’aspartame et/ou de l’acésulfame!) ;

8) gouttes « Broncosyl » et « Sinaryl » Homberger (tél. 004122 310 45 33 pour envoi à domicile) ;

9) homéopathie : globules « Similasan - Sore throat # 1 » ; « Sinuspax » Lehning, « Infludo » Weleda, Homéogrippe Boiron;

10) doses « Oscillococcinum » et d’ “Influenzinum 9CH” ;

11) infusion de racine de guimauve (ebi-forum 64/2009) (interne et gargarismes)

12) cut onions and place them near the bed at night (ebi-forum 64/2009)

C – Nez

1) jeûne pendant 24 or 36 h ;

2) gouttes nasales « Balsamorhinol » ;

3) Pommade nasale Weleda ; onguent nasal « Bépanthène » Roche ;

4) rinçages du nez avec de l’eau salée (or bulbs " Prorhinel »)

5) homéopathie : « Coryzalia » (Boiron) et « Alceprin » (Dolisos)

6) allopathie (avec prudence): « Rhinopront "Phenylephrine (11.35 CHF/12 capsules en janvier 2005)(Pfizer Zurich) ;

7) comprimés « Doli cold » (paracétamol pseudoéphédrine) (= « Prétuval », « No-Flu », « Denoral ») ;

8) complexe « L52 » (Lehning, very effective for flu symptoms) ;

9) manger du raifort (crème de raifort à 67% à la Migros et à 50 % à la Coop)(GHI 1/5/97–Trinquedoux)

10) pulvérisations nasales (from the first cold symptoms) avec « Vicks First Defense » (flacon de 15 ml, 7.50 €). This is a gel of methylcellulose " à base d’extrait de plantes », dont l’action mécanique me paraît quelque peu analogous to biochemical action of Tamiflu, that is to say that the virus is encapsulé by freezing to create a barrier between the viral enzymes and the walls of healthy cells. The product of acid pH inactive le virus, qui est ensuite éliminé by osmotic increased secretion of the nasal mucosa. Expect some sneezing and temporary local irritation (as I noticed after trying out of the pharmacy) !

D – Toux

Il ne faut pas associer les remèdes pour toux sèche sans expectorations (aspirine, codéine, dextrométhorphane, morclofone, butamirate…) avec les remèdes pour toux grasse avec expectorations (mucolytiques) !

Toux sèche (dextrométhorphane): sirop, gouttes, comprimés “Bexine” (8.35 CHF/150 ml) ou sirop Akindex adulte 200 ml, Sirop Nodex adulte 150 ml ou pâtes à mâcher, sirop Nortussine adulte 125 ml.

Toux grassemucolytiques facilitating expectoration (acétylcystéine, codéine, guaifénésine): acetylcysteine ​​Generic 200 mg (thinning secretions, qu’il faut ensuite expectorer (= oser cracher !)), boîte de 30 sachets: 3,94 €; ou « Mucomyst », « Fluimucil », comprimés « Solmucol », «Tixair », sirop Rhinothiol, etc.)Résyl Plus” Novartis 200 ml (9.60 CHF/200 ml) or Pulmofluide éphédriné 180 ml, Curibronches 180 ml, sirop (et onguent) Tubérol 200 ml, capsules Nétux. Sirop, pellets and pectoral ointment Vicks.

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