Jeu-concours grippe A : qui veut gagner 10 000 dollars ?

Le site NaturalNews, in partnership with a US consumer organization (Consumer Wellness Center) offering a reward of 10 000 dollars to any person or company that can provide scientific evidence that at least one anti-H1N1 vaccines approved by the FDA is both effective and safe…

"Proponents of vaccination still refer to their" science "by claiming that vaccines against influenza A are safe and they walk. NaturalNews and the CWC ask a question : where is this science ? »

For the prize of 10 000 euros, we must first find a scientific study published in a fully independent medical journal peer, which describes the results of two tests called "phase III" (the phase preceding the marketing). These clinical trials of a vaccine against influenza A marketed should be conducted against placebo and from at least 1 000 people representative of the general population (a minimum figure for a credible study) and on 90 days.

" In parallel, the vaccine should have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the infectiousness of influenza namely, from a scientific point of view, reducing at least 50% the flu death rate. That is to say, if, on 100 000 infected, 100 usually die, the vaccine must demonstrate that mortality falls below 50 people. On the other hand, the benefit of the vaccine may not be recognized in the event of a flu with such a low mortality rate.

"Because these vaccines are called" safe "for the pregnant woman and child, the study must show that the vaccine causes no statistical increase the side effects of any kind for a period of one year following the injection. You probably say that it is impossible to provide such proof of the absence of neuronal damage as these vaccines have less than a year. This is exactly the issue at hand ".

Clear, that would like Mike Adams, Site dedicated to the patron alternative health, this is proof by contradiction that laboratories and the US FDA (which granted the marketing authorization) put in the circuit of insufficiently tested vaccines whose effectiveness (as affirmed) is null.

This offer is valid until the end of March ! Good luck…

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