Cancer screening : double-edged sword for the patient(and)s…

Aff_Sein_30_40_2011HDMammo or not mammo? Question the usefulness of screening may be shocking, but if it helps some women and some men to save an unnecessary operation, one is entitled to ask, not? This is what makes Rachel Campergue, with his book No Mammo.

Here for me the inquiry-folder on the Cancer screening, and not only within, for review NeoSanté .

I discovered, using scientific data, that being screened for breast and prostate cancer leads to costly and unnecessary operations in a number of cases. Before leaving the knife, it would be preferable to consider the scalability of the tumor. Because there are a very large number of “nickname” Tumors, never evolve, better that regress with time. This is true for almost all cancers.

[Update 2016] To complete my file, here is a video which explains the actual numbers of breast cancer screening. See also the collective's website Cancer Rose.

This file does not advocate the abolition of screening, but the free and informed consent of patients! It was therefore necessary to recall some facts militate in favor of a universal screening.

See also theArticle I realized on screening for breast cancer.


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