Wearing a mask is unnecessary, according to studies. A good rain would be more effective!

Le Wednesday 10 June 2020

According to researcher Denis Rancourt, "By making recommendations and imposing the wearing of masks on the general public, or by approving this practice, governments have both ignored scientific evidence and acted against the precautionary principle. (…) Such recklessness is certainly found in the current global confinement of more than a billion people., unprecedented experience in the medical field and political history. »

"Science is missing from vaccine medicine ! »

Le Tuesday 30 April 2019

Medical practitioner, international expert in cardiology and nutrition and researcher at CNRS (epidemiology and physiology), Michel de Lorgeril takes stock of vaccine safety and efficacy in a series of books. No real study according to current criteria, no real placebo, efficiency and safety that have never been demonstrated. Overwhelming. Interview by Pryska Ducoeurjoly