Contraception : a mobile app rather than the pill

Many women take the pill against the heart. But when they go in search of an alternative, they are told that there is no equally effective means. Or la symptothermie, modern natural method, provides a means reliable contraception for all women who want more chemistry.

Un cyclogramme type

An example of the type cyclogram mobile app Sympto !

Despite some notable side effects of the pill, and more broadly chemical contraceptives, it is difficult for women to move towards methods of contraception "ecological". Everything seems to discourage. Here indeed what we read on some sites maintained by health authorities : "Withdrawal, temperature method, Ogino method, periodic abstinence, study of cervical mucus ... Various methods of natural contraception is based on careful and regular monitoring of the menstrual cycle to determine the date of ovulation. In a limited effectiveness in everyday use (25 % failure), they are not suitable for women who do not absolutely want pregnancy… ». 25% failure :info ou intox ?

"As effective as the pill"

"Natural methods are victims of many prejudices. Statistics blend techniques that have very different efficiency rate ! », deplores the Canadian organization Serena, defending the "Symptothermal method", based on many fertility signs collected by self-observation : temperature, quality of cervical mucus, position of the cervix… Besides Serena, organizations that promote this method (with variants) sont SymptoTherm (Switzerland), Sensiplan (Germany), le Planning familial naturel (NDP, Belgium), the Cler(France).

"On a retrospective 20 years, using méthodesymptothermique (combining the sign of the mucus and temperature) shows a pregnancy rate of unplanned 0,4%. A summary of this study, published in the Daily doctor (of 22/2/2007), as are natural methods can be as effective as the pill ", reminds Cler Site,

Many testimonies couple practicing new methods of natural contraception underpin these statements : "This is the method I use since the birth of my second son. I can not stand the pill, I have not supported the IUD, So many more solutions. J’ai mis 2 years to have my first so I learned to decipher the slightest signs of my body and I know exactly when I'm ovulating, and I am very anarchic cycles that can go 34 days shorter for at 60 for longer days. It works perfectly well ", says a reader of, comment in an article on the symptothermie.

Natural contraception in the Web era 2.0

ecological contraceptionDespite the hegemony of the pill, natural contraception could get out of marginality. It now relies on digital to facilitate practice. Unlike the pill or other conventional means of contraception, natural methods are immaterial : they are only the information provided by advisers. This is why the interactive web (alias web 2.0) enables the development of highly efficient and educational support software, grip for quick and easy.

Finished broadsheets, the pencil and eraser. Women can easily fill their monitoring curves on their computer personal. They can exchange their data on the internet, share their experiences on forums and especially have the services of a counselor online.

If the software on the method have Symptothermal booming, the future is likely to those that sync to smartphones via mobile ! This is the case of sympto, launched 2010 by SymptoTherm foundation, Symptothermal the only organization to have actually innovated over the past decade in the field of digital. Based in Switzerland, it now has an international network of online counselors trained by him.

"In the new edition of our manual, Free free license, Full Symptothermie, we have incorporated the didactic innovations in mobile app Sympto. It is preferable that the woman be able to establish the cycle diagram in hand and knows how to interpret correctly. However, the acquisition of knowledge Symptothermal can be largely simplified by sympto ", explique Harri Wettstein, Secretary of the foundation.

Frequently Asked mobile apps : how to choose ?

This evolution is still new smartphone. But the market for Apps, it is already frequently asked apps ! Not less than sixty ensure manage your fertility. But few of them offer real security because they do not exceed the calendar method, completely outdated. Among mobile applications, only those based on the principles of symptothermie are really reliable (see this comparative study).

"In the context of contraceptive security, it is necessary that the woman can say "today I am fertile 'or' today, I'm not fertile ". That serves as a prognosis which announces it a random date for her next ovulation ? », deplores the foundation SymptoTherm. On GooglePlay Store and AppStore markets, these bad jokers forecasters rampant everywhere, even under the guise of symptothermie, bringing serious damage to the only reliable method ".

No doubt that this market will continue to grow thanks to digital tools, increasingly efficient. This technological evolution should give a youthful look to natural methods of contraception, more attractive in this form. Digital natives should have no trouble to adopt. To them, it may be even easier than taking pills every day without forgetting !

For better sex education public

Pour la Fondation SymptoTherm, it is high time to give women and men the keys to control their fertility : "Laboratories have developed a diabolical marketing and spend billions to make young women addicted to their products. Prejudice - archifaux - that the method would be "complicated" and "unsafe" is deeply rooted in brain circuits women because of a false sex education public, skillfully galvanized laboratories. Symptomatic wants to end all these ideas : every girl on this earth has a right to observe so fun and easy, each couple has the right to alternative or complementary knowledge ".


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