ecological contraception

Contraception : a mobile app rather than the pill

Le Monday 23 June 2014

Many women take the pill against the heart. When in search of an alternative, they are told that there is no equally effective means. Or la symptothermie, modern natural method, provides a means reliable contraception for all women who want more chemistry.

The great myth of "white discharge"

Le Wednesday 18 June 2014

Regularly, visiting the GP the same question comes up, Such a diagnostic means. The doctor takes his air investigator and you seriously wonder : "Do you have white discharge ? », implied, it is a symptom of disease, whether it's a fungus, an intestinal problem, etc.. On your side, you are forced to admit that yes, you have… Many women feel as shameful, sales, address this issue, actually, has no reason to be ! What are we talking about it really ?