L & rsquo; Sympto app soon medical device ?

Le Tuesday 9 October 2018
Un cyclogramme type

In & rsquo; s legal case that & rsquo; opposes the & rsquo; health authority SwissMedic, SymptoTherm foundation and its sympto mobile So just lost to the Federal Administrative Court and must become a “medical device”. For me, beyond the legal debate, it is an ethical problem. The question is : want regulating Sympto, that does nothing other than apply the rules that the paper symptothermie, do not send women to the laundries by prohibiting the washing machine?

The free flow instinctive or natural rules

Le Tuesday 7 August 2018

Some women threw tampons and towels. During their rules, they practice the instinctive free-flow method, a way of life menstruating natural. Happen tampons and towels that pollute our environment, Yes but how ? Curious nature, already practicing ecological contraception, la symptothermie, so I've tried this sweet managing my menstruation. And surprise : in the second cycle, my body has adapted to the new.

The Detox Anti endocrine disruptors and post-pill

Le Wednesday 1 August 2018
Endocrine disruptor, health of women, breast cancer, polycystic ovary, endometriosis, Phthalates, PEG, phenoxyethanol, congratulations, PCBs, sarah-maria Leblanc

The problem of endocrine disruptors is the number one problem of the health of women today. Breast cancer, polycystic ovary, endometriosis etc.. The key to post-detox pill with Sarah-Maria Leblanc, clinical herbalist, co-author of Wisdom and powers of the female cycle (The Golden Breath, 2014).

La symptothermie : permaculture du cycle féminin

Le Friday 25 May 2018
symptothermie, permaculture, cycle féminin, pryska Ducoeurjoly

Le corps d’une femme est une terre, un fragile écosystème, naturellement fécond. Une dose quotidienne d’hormones de synthèse représente une pollution aussi réelle que les pesticides. Toutes ces substances sont « persistantes » et s’accumulent en grand nombre dans le corps humain, dans les eaux usées, contribuant notamment à la pollution des sols ou à la féminisation des poissons…

La nouvelle gynécologie do-it-yourself

Le Friday 31 March 2017

The liberation of women for years 70 a-t-elle permis aux femmes de reprendre le contrôle de leur corps pour mieux gérer leur santé ? Pas vraiment ! Besides the number of abortions remains high despite the widespread use of contraception, un très grand nombre de femmes dénoncent aujourd’hui une emprise toxique du corps médical. That is why, in the direct legacy of the movement "self-help" for years 70, certaines femmes entendent bien se passer de leur gynéco!

Contraception hormonale : libération ou prison?

Le Thursday 6 October 2016

The pill liberated women ", we are told. With synthetic hormones, the fairer sex has control of his body. But at what price? Besides the many inconveniences which they bear witness, deaths are far more numerous that & rsquo; they say.

Qu & rsquo; is that the symptothermie ?

Le Tuesday 5 July 2016

The symptothermie is an ecological approach, responsible and sustainable for women who can not or do not want to use chemical contraceptives, or who wish to access a fundamental knowledge, respecting their bodies. This method of self-knowledge brings real contraceptive security (or design assistance). It is also a personal development tool that allows women to connect to its true nature

Contraception : a mobile app rather than the pill

Le Monday 23 June 2014

Many women take the pill against the heart. When in search of an alternative, they are told that there is no equally effective means. Or la symptothermie, modern natural method, provides a means reliable contraception for all women who want more chemistry.

The great myth of "white discharge"

Le Wednesday 18 June 2014

Regularly, visiting the GP the same question comes up, Such a diagnostic means. The doctor takes his air investigator and you seriously wonder : "Do you have white discharge ? », implied, it is a symptom of disease, whether it's a fungus, an intestinal problem, etc.. On your side, you are forced to admit that yes, you have… Many women feel as shameful, sales, address this issue, actually, has no reason to be ! What are we talking about it really ?