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Ecological contraception

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Women are increasingly likely to reject hormonal contraception and s & rsquo; interest in ecological contraception, respecteuse of their bodies and the planet. This contraception exists, c & rsquo; is symptothermie !

> Compared to other so-called natural methods, the symptothermie is the only contraception that is based on at least two scientifically reliable criteria to determine the fertile and infertile phases : cervical mucus and body temperature upon awakening. These criteria may be complemented by the & rsquo; observation of the position of the cervix (self examination) and / or the internal feelings (more subtle to collect for some women)

> The symptothermie is an ecological approach, responsible and sustainable for women who can not or do not want to use chemical contraceptives, or who wish to access a fundamental knowledge, respecting their bodies. This method of self-knowledge brings real contraceptive security (or design assistance). It is also a personal development tool that allows women to connect to its true nature : by raising awareness its ovulatory phases (dynamism, creativity, libido) and infertile periods (need quiet, softness, rest), it can better meet their personal rhythms and develop its full potential.

Is reliable ?

> Yes ! Unlike other methods (withdrawal, Ogino or rhythm method, single temperature), the symptothermie clearly stands out, offering a true contraceptive security, comparable to the pill. It was modeled from years 60 J. Rötzer from the observation of hundreds of thousands of female cycles. Several studies have given her credibility, including the & rsquo; German study 2007(1), which validates the symptothermie is a reliable alternative to the pill (see below this article on the doctor's Daily). It n & rsquo; there are not many d & rsquo; studies on this area, because ultimately unprofitable ! It n & rsquo; there is nothing to patent…

Symptothermal method displays a Pearl Index (rates of unplanned pregnancies in one year & rsquo; d & rsquo use; a method) comparable to that of hormonal contraceptives. According to the studies conducted on 20 years, the symptothermie displays index 0,4% (0,3% the pill, when not forget ...). For the Daily doctor, "natural methods can be as effective as the pill". A condition, of course, the woman is observed correctly ! This assumes an initial few months training.

> Should be distinguished efficacy and effectiveness efficiency. A good learning and rigorous self-observation guarantee the reliability of this method. Partner cooperation is essential (this contraception implies the male sex, l & rsquo; inviting to take responsibility). Note that the effectiveness of the pill is only 92%, against 99% in theory (because forgetful).

Why this method is it not more known ?

> It requires a learning period that to the woman becomes fully autonomous. This is not a magic pill but a knowledge gain ! This starting stress may put women but past few cycles, s & rsquo method, easy and convenient out daily. Not so finally binding.

> It suffers from the poor reputation of other natural methods, deemed ineffective (Well Named). Yet, ST is not a grandmother method ! Through new technologies we can enter data on computer or via mobile and benefit from & rsquo; reliable interpretation, l & rsquo; essential for the woman being well learn to recognize the signs of fertility.

> The sites of the health authorities are silent efficiency, it n & rsquo; is never presented as a credible alternative. Even gynecologists do not know it, to a few happy exceptions near. Councilors is not paying : this misinformation seriously harms women, who endorse the side effects of the pill or hormone synthesis : loss of libido, mood disorders, cardiovascular risks, etc. !

How to Learn symptothermie ?

> SymptoTherm foundation (Swiss-based but international influence) has posted a manual & rsquo; learning, offered for download : Full Symptothermie. There is also a paper version available. L & rsquo; purpose of the foundation is to put symptothermie accessible to all women (free license). She also developed a mobile app "Sympto", in addition to the & rsquo; computer access (sympto.org). From accurate observations provided by the woman, Sympto opens and closes the window of fertility with high accuracy. His infallible algorithm saves the day "infertile", where the couple can spend condom, without compromising contraceptive security.

How different from other natural methods ?

> Ogino-Knaus : it does not work for contraception, because c & rsquo; is based on a calendar logic (it predicts the & rsquo; ovulation from & rsquo; an average of previous cycles, it n & rsquo; there is no d & rsquo; self-observation). This ignores the emotions that can disrupt the timing of the & rsquo; ovulation. for Ogino, c & rsquo; was only a logical design, Knaus but has made it a method of contraception, infamous (Ogino babies)…

> Billings : only based on the & rsquo; observation of cervical mucus. No temperature, no & rsquo; self-examination of the cervix. But reliability still remains very acceptable.

> the fertility management devices : do not allow the woman to know the functioning of its cycle. Logic & rsquo; assistantship though natural. We must take his measurements every day.

> The method of temperature. As the name & rsquo; indicates, we only take his temperature. C & rsquo; is less reliable because it n & rsquo; there is no second control.

> la symptothermie : c & rsquo; is the most complete because it is based on both the temperature and the & rsquo; observation of the mucus, plus & rsquo; self-examination of the cervix and inner felt if needed. C & rsquo; is the perfect synthesis of all natural methods (except precisely Ogino). It takes its temperature during about ten days (not during menstruation, either during the infertile phase). It s & rsquo; therefore observed especially during the pre-ovulatory phase and ovulatory.

1 P. Frank-Herrmann, J. Heil, C. Gnoth, E. Toledo, S. Baur, C. Pyper, E. jenetzky, T. Strowitski and G. freundl, The effectiveness of a fertility awareness based method to avoid pregnancy in relation to a couple’s sexual behaviour during the fertile time: a prospective longitudinal study. Human reproduction, 22, 5: 1310-1319, 2007

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