The free flow instinctive or natural rules

Some women threw tampons and towels. During their rules, they practice the instinctive free-flow method, a way of life menstruating natural. Happen tampons and towels that pollute our environment, Yes but how?


I already knew the moon cup but one day, I came across a article explaining the "instinctive flow", ie the rules ... without protection ! At the beginning, It's certain, it has the air of a hippie fantasy (or method of grandmother ...), perpetuated by environmentalists kinds survivalists currents ... But finally, it is not so "hard" ... It is evenbiological!

Tout d’abord, menstrual flow does not fully meet the rules of gravity… Indeed, it must pass two caps: the cervix, in the closed position during the infertile phase, then the pelvic floor controlled by the perineum. And that's the toilet that the stream will flow as naturally : under the effect of urination, perineum relaxes, the "overflow" contained in the cut of the uterus slips through the cervix, then rushes down the slopes of willlancher-pelvic-normalgin to be evacuated. That is why, when a woman does not wear protection, it can quickly notice that its flow does not "leak" not continuously, but it flows rather smartly, when "enough is enough"😉

Curious nature, already practicing ecological contraception, thesymptothermie, so I've tried this sweet managing my menstruation. And surprise: in the second cycle, my body has adapted to the new. Me, in exchange, I learned not to defer a desire to go to the bathroom ... Finally, in 6 month, I rarely wreck my underwear because of a leak "significant", apart from the time I left my body, absorbed by the daily tasks or too secured by a panty liner. During this period, I feel now self, free of "assistance" outer. Although remain vigilant, I'm not panicked at & rsquo; idea of ​​not having to hand in my bag protection.

Here are some tips to help you develop an instinctive free flow.

This may be an easy method to adopt. Cependant, several months may be required to get there. Some women will not dare, or because they have a very heavy flow, either because they are often on the move, either because it still made them something to manage, or all at the same time ...! Anyway, If after trying you do not succeed, it is not so far a failure. Every woman is unique. The instinctive flow is just one possible solution to manage the menstrual period. This solution could also not be suitable later, for a bunch of reasons : change the flow, pace of life more binding, desire for change simply !

No hurry to learn the instinctive flow

Women are already under enough stress not to put more. For example you can use when your rules fall at a convenient time for you: you are not at work, you have available toilet all the time, you're pretty relaxed, available to listen to yourself. Maybe you're on vacation, or your children are this week at grandma-grandpa ... You can also start the instinctive flow at the end of the rules if it is not possible for you the first two days.

Recognize the signal!

The first time with the instinctive flow, one goes to the toilet every hour to reassure you. But you'll quickly see that the flow is not always present. Step by step, you synchronize with your uterus and naturally know when to go. As hunger, the thirst, urination, your body sends you a signal that you are able to interpret. In the case of menstrual flow, it's much like the urge to pee, but there is a small nuance that you can discern. It's not on the bladder that weighs, but in your privacy. This reflex system emanates probably the hypothalamus, but is not applied in the same way with a buffer, a cup or towel. Because your body is assisted by an outside protection (subconsciously he knows), you have not paid attention to this reflex system. Allow yourself the time of this discovery!

minimum security: panty liner or not?

Yes and no. In the beginning, it is important that your body and you are "without a net". You will learn much more quickly! En effet, I saw that with panty, I feel unconsciously assisted and listen less signals, busy all my life everyday. But the rules are not ordinary times, these are some days when the woman reconnects with her and takes, if it can, a rest period, calm, sleep, d’introspection. No panty liner, you are a little "obliged" to practice this inner listening. Knowing this, done as you feel! This can be a panty liner or just a toilet paper to collect a few drops remaining in the vagina. But remember to take your time to the bathroom😉 Personally, I like the panty liner washable cotton, if I go out, if I workout, if I go back logs for the winter ...

And the night?

This is probably the easiest. The first two days of menstruation, opt for a small security underwear. The essential, at Rise, This is not to turn around the coffee machine but spinning directly to the toilet. En effet, flow overnight will not wait very long. You can just hold him time to open the door to the cat meowing, tightening the perineum ! But after proceedings, you can have quiet breakfast.

What underwear?

Black if possible ... unless you prefer fancy pants! But soon a new generation of specially designed underwear will hit the market. For exampleThinx we just US. Designed by three young women, this absorbent pants absolutely let anything and eliminates the need for protection. After this direction the washer. In the case of instinctive flow, it seems very appropriate, but these underwear at a cost (around 40 €). In the meantime, we can also make yourself a set of panties, doubled or tripled with a cotton band absorbing property. Going to the toilet regularly, it should not over exert the washing machine.

You have a heavy flow ...

It is a real disadvantage, it is true. When no serious medical cause has been identified, a heavy flow can be regulated by herbal medicine, thenutrition, l’homéopathie, theyoga... We can recover comfortable rules including practicingsymptothermie, natural contraceptive method based on self-observation of the body. Asking his gaze on the cycle and flow, It is good for the healt. The instinctive flow can also help women to observe its rules from another angle. This can promote improved. Some women have experienced. Painful rules are not inevitable and there is not the pill for "regulate".

A noter, IUDs can be an obstacle to the practice of instinctive flow, as this increases the menstrual flow. Again, by adopting the symptothermie, one can find the coolest rules, while learning a natural and effective contraception. Taming a turbulent flow, this is a path itself, with oneself and towards you, but it is possible!

No toilets nearby, what to do ?

Your roommate is lounging the toilet, or there are people in the toilet during the intermission ... You feel that you should be quick but it will have to wait. Find a small tissue and slide unobtrusively into your panties. To limit or stop the flow, you can contract the perineum gently. You will benefit for muscles, which is beneficial in more ways than one (gynecological, urinary and sexual). Also remember that you can pee in a small corner of nature. It is similar with the instinctive flow! Releasing its rules on a pile of dead leaves, it is certainly rather free style ... but under the full moon, the experience can be downright instinctive. The wild woman in you would almost want to run with the wolves!

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