Washable diapers or disposable diapers ?

CLOTH DIAPERS. The market has been developing for three years around four French manufacturers, including a Bordeaux. Moms who have tried are packed

The green baby arrived

"Frankly, you imagine women return to grandmother methods ? Besides, my grandmother, she told me that I had a sacred lucky to have disposable diapers, because in his time, diapers, it was

a hard time. The laundry to fold in four, the safety pins, and everything ... ", sourit Anne Devaureix, young mother Bordeaux, converted to cloth diapers second child, following discussion of motherhood forums.

"Wait, we still the washing machine today!», Bénédicte Big Storm, founder of eco-Bebe.com with Sébastien Robin spouse, Bordeaux a website that does not hide love for cloth diapers.
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