Le soleil a-t-il plus d’impact sur le climat que le CO2

Le Sunday 6 December 2015

Auteur de Voyage au centre de la terre, Vincent Courtillot is & rsquo; one of the scientists who defend the & rsquo; s event & rsquo; solar influence to explain the variations in temperature.

Pesticides in vineyards : the “inexcusable fault of the employer” recognized

Le Monday 21 April 2014

Learned sept ans combat judiciaire, Sylvie, salariée in Dordogne, in Bergerac, finally wins the case. Sa pension of invalidité ? 107€/mois… In this article very interesting blog My Planet, held by my former colleague Cathy Lafon, Of particular note is the denial of judicial authorities…

Fluocompactes : un condensé d’inconvénients

Le Friday 4 September 2009

En plus de contenir du mercure, ces ampoules à économie d’énergie émettent aussi des ultra-sons et des UV. Mieux vaudrait donc passer directement aux « Leds » dont la technologie est moins nocive. Par Pryska Ducoeurjoly ARTICLE PARU DANS LE Magazine NEXUS N°64 Septembre-octobre 2009 Le Grenelle de l’environnement a parlé. In 2012, les ampoules à incandescence, […]

The authorization of prolonged insecticide Cruiser

Le Wednesday 17 December 2008

decidedly, Science without conscience still has bright future. The replacement of the Gaucho can continue to kill bees and jeopardize pollination 80% some change. Congratulations to the Department, our leaders, our scientists, all people “right-thinking”. The authorization of the insecticide Cruiser extended until May 2009 […]

Aroma-zone, the ascent of the cosmetic house site

Le Tuesday 2 December 2008

The site attracts not less www.aroma-zone.com 150 000 visitors per month! I wanted to know a little more about this online store dedicated to the cosmetic house, that allowed me, me too, to make my beauty creams. Honestly, child's play! Read the article on Aroma-Zone

Washable diapers or disposable diapers ?

Le Wednesday 26 November 2008

CLOTH DIAPERS. The market is developing for three years around four French manufacturers, including a Bordeaux. Moms who have tried are packed The green baby arrived "Frankly, you imagine women return to grandmother methods ? Besides, my grandmother, she told me that I had a sacred lucky to have layers […]

This plastic that makes men sterile

Le Wednesday 26 November 2008

Since Then 50 years, sperm production fell by an average of 50%. In parallel, a study of 2004 shows that the number of testicular cancer increased 20% twenty years. The role of leading it is plastic in the decline in male fertility observed worldwide ? The question is […]

Une ligne à très haute tension jugée responsable des maux d’un élevage

Le Friday 14 November 2008

By Beatrice BOBBIN BOHEC, 14 nov 2008 (AFP) – La justice, who sentenced the manager of RTE power transmission network in French pay nearly 400.000 euros à des éleveurs, has for the first time to establish a causal link between a line at very high voltage and health disorders on […]

Mice fed with GMOs: reproductive problems (study)

Le Thursday 13 November 2008

VIENNA, 12 nov 2008 (AFP) – Female mice fed on GM maize (GMOs) may be affected by reproductive problems, according to a study by Austrian researchers, however, point out that these are “Provisional results” can not, “never, today be carried on humans”. This long-term study […]

Confidential meetings for us to swallow GMOs…

Le Friday 31 October 2008

Here is an article of particular concern and obviously well informed to approach the AFP dispatch below… Article de The Independant, published Sunday 26 October, in the writings of Geoffrey Lean http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/green-living/europes-secret-plan-to-boost-gm-crop-production-973834.html traduit par Alterinfo : “Des documents confidentiels obtenus par The Independent on Sunday révélent que Gordon Brown et d’autres dirigeants européens préparent secrètement une […]