Aroma-zone, the ascent of the cosmetic house site

the site not least of drains 150 000 visitors per month!

I wanted to know a little more about this online store dedicated to the cosmetic house, that allowed me, me too, to make my beauty creams. Honestly, child's play!

Read the article on Aroma-Zone

here's one of my recipes :

– Beeswax my neighbor beekeeper

– Organic shea butter Madagascar

– precious organic vegetable oil (argan, macadamia, St. John's wort macerate or other)

– a floral water bio (rose, cornflower, lavande, etc.)

– and essential oils (Rosewood, Niaouli, citron, lavande, etc.)

how I Factory?

1. I melt the wax in a double boiler.

2. I added shea butter, puis, as soon as it is melted, I poured a little flower water.

3. I then poured into one or two small glass jars heated (a toaster for example, to avoid the brutal mixture refroissement)

4. quick, I add a couple of drops of essential oils to choose from

5. the touille! the touille ! the touille! until solidification of the mixture (with cooling)

6. Direct the refrigerator where it will keep 6 month.

7. the morning, after the shower, I put half a hazelnut mixture in the palm of my hand and I apply it on my face. Kick-guaranteed shine and optimum protection against the cold thanks to the wax.

Do not ask me the exact proportions of ingredients… this is the feeling, but it works every time!

if it's too hard, is that I forced on beeswax… We can then melt the mixture again in a water bath and add oil and / or floral water. Résulat : we could eat!

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