Que contiennent les vaccins ?

The media always turns the benefits of vaccinations, but they often fail to detail the list of components. What about the cumulative doses of these toxic components which are subject young children if we respect the vaccination schedule ? 10 injections de 0 to 9 month, 18 total up 6 years, or one injection every four months, a real cure of toxic agents injected into the muscles, and which join the blood circulation without having passed through the natural barriers (respiratory and digestive systems).

There is no doubt that if the media relayed this information on the content of “solutions” vaccine with as much zeal as they did to scare us of H1N1, people suddenly become anti-vaccinaliste…

Composition, excipients & effets indésirables


Attenuated live virus

Scientists themselves admit that they are completely unsure of the quality of virus mitigation being carried out “ the haphazard ".Some Germs, insufficiently attenuated and/or mutants were able to regain their virulence and trigger “like” pathologies (Bcégite after BCG, Polio post-vaccinale…)

ROR, polio, hepatitis A, flu, yellow fever, rage, chicken pox…
Adjuvants of Immunity

MF59 ou AS03 (emulsified squalene)

Contains in particular polysorbate 80… (see emulsifiers)

Although the squalene is a natural body substance, its injection causes the creation of antibodies against squalene. The same antibodies were found in carriers of Gulf War Syndrome, vaccinated with some batches of the vaccine against anthrax containing squalene (« Antibodies to squalene in recipients of anthrax vaccine », in Experimental and molecular pathology, 2002 Aug;73(1):19-27.

This syndrome is characterized by renal and respiratory problems, cancer, damage to the nervous system, leukemia, rashes.

Vaccines against influenza A (Pandemrix and Focetria).

Also contains an oily emulsion (even if it is not a question of squalene), l’AS04, based on aluminum hydroxide and monophosphoryl lipid, another natural substance in the body found in Gram bacteria -, and which is involved in the immune response.

Cervarix cervical cancer vaccine

This type of adjuvant from the firm GSK would not be without risk and is subject to special monitoring by Afssa..

Aluminum (hydroxide or phosphate or sulfate amorphous hydroxyphosphate)

Involved in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (SLA) and other neurological degeneration. Possible role in Alzheimer's disease. According immunogénéticien Herman Hugh Fudenberg, autism specialist, an individual who has received 5 consecutive vaccines against flu 10 times more likely to have Alzheimer's disease than unvaccinated. Prof. Gherardi also attributes “macrophage myofasciitis” to vaccine aluminum. To learn more about aluminum, read the study carried out by Dr Jean PILETTE and which can be found in the “Documents” section of the site www.alis-france.com

Avaxim, Boostrixtetra, Infanrixtetra, Infanrixquinta, Infanrixhexa, repevax (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, pertussis or hepatitis B), Gardasil (papillomavirus), most vaccines against meningitis and against hepatitis B and A, inter alia.
Les agents de conservation


Glycol ether recognized as highly toxic. It serves as a solvent in many common products (paintings, Cosmetics, household products, etc…). It is also an allergen responsible for skin allergies and neurological disorders.. Paradoxically, no toxicity studies have been conducted on vaccines., there are no studies on carcinogenic risks.

Avaxim, DTPolio Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Havrix, Imovax Polio, Infanrixtetra, Infanrixquinta, Infanrixhexa, Pentavac, Repevax, REVAXIS, Tetravac-Acellulaire, Twinrix , Tyavax (hepatitis A, typhoid)
The mercury derivatives (Thimerosal or Thiomersal ou encore Mercuthiolate).

Mercury is a well-known neurotoxin. Once absorbed, mercury salts are likely to accumulate in certain organs : foie, Red blood cells, bone marrow, rate, reins, intestines, lungs, skin, central nervous system. They cause a whole cascade of neurological dysfunctions and are linked to the exponential increase in autistic syndromes. In 2000, the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) recommended that vaccines containing mercury should no longer be given to infants and young children. However, vaccines against hepatitis B contained mercury until 2002.

Engerix B, Fluarix, Fluvir to, Influvac (flu), Spirolept (Leptospirosis), Twinrix

The H1N1 vaccine contains it : Pandemrix and Focetria including.



Used to eliminate bacterial germs that may be present in vaccine preparations. Harmfulness, especially on the kidneys and the inner ear (the level of the cochlea). They are also responsible for serious allergies. Neomycin is recognized as a disruptive element in the absorption of vitamin B6. An error in the assimilation of vitamin B6 can lead to a form of epilepsy and mental retardation.

Agrippal, oostrixtetra (dtp, whooping cough), fluvir to, Gripguard, Immugrip, Infanrixtetra, Infanrixquinta, Infanrixhexa (dtp, whooping cough, hiB, hépatite B), Imovax Polio, Mutagrip, Pentavac, Previgrip, Priorix (measles, rubella, mumps), ROR-Vax; Tetagrip,
Ticovac, Twinrix, Pasteur rabies vaccine, Varilrix (chicken pox), Vaxigrip.


Several studies have shown the many allergies (including anaphylactic shock) caused by gelatin (Allergy Clin Immunology, 1999, flight 103 : 321-325)

In almost all vaccines

Possible risk of allergy and anaphylactic shock.

Imovax, rage, Infanrix, ROR, DTP, Varilrix…

Polysorbate 20 or polysorbate 80(1), sorbitol, glycine, lactose, sucrose, sucrose, aspartame, glutamate et dextran (glucose polymer). All these products have side effects on some sensitized and allergic people. Le dextran (or dialdehyde), used as a fixative only present in BCG and Rotarix. It has given anaphylactic shocks reported in the medical literature as well as hypersensitivity reactions in newborns. The Japanese have shown it to increase oxidative stress and decrease glutathione levels. Autrement dit, he sends the vaccinated, especially if he is young, in the field of autism.

Virtually all vaccines contain one or more of these products. Havrix (hepatitis A), Agrippal, Boostrixtetra (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, whooping cough), Fluarix, Gardasil (papillomavirus), Imovax Polio, Influvac, Previgrip, Repevax, RotaTeq (rotavirus gastroenteritis), Tyavax, Genhevac B.
Vaccine contaminants and impurities

Viruses or bacteria must be grown on substrates in order to obtain large quantities for industrial mass production.

In a technical report by 1987, a WHO study group wrote : «One of the major problems raised is the risk of malignancy that a heterogeneous contaminating DNA could present in the long term… This point is really worrying”.

Possible presence in all vaccines

Example : bovine diarrhea virus found in MMR vaccine and flu vaccine in Europe, the US and Japan (Italian veterinary, Vol 44, n°2, p. 319-345 , 2008).

Sources : The " Alis mail », n°67, journal of the Freedom of Information Health Association (subscription : www.alis-france.com). See also www.infovaccin.fr/composants.html

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    My doctor prescribed an injection 1 dose de vaccin REVAXIS (DTP) rappelde for my last vaccination date 2002 ! J’ai 58 years. I hesitate to get vaccinated again not knowing in view of certain components may be toxic contained in this vaccine. But I do not gardening, While immunize against tetanus is perhaps worth ? Could you advise me ? Thank you

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    Good Morning, you will understand that I can not give you an answer because I am not qualified to do so, not being doctor! I recommend the books of Sylvie simon so I just paint a picture for Ouvertures.net so you have the opportunity to know the risks that we do not talk in the media and in surgeries; Then, it is for you to make your choice.

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