“Free” papillomavirus vaccine : a crucial point for parents!

Le Tuesday 12 September 2023
Gardasil controversy investigated.

In this Gardasil investigation, I answer most of the questions parents ask and I update the main elements of the controversy that the media are careful not to tell us about. ! As you'll discover, fraud is at every level, a textbook case in terms of health scandal.

The science fiction of herd immunity and vaccine altruism

Le Friday 30 June 2023

Many people have accepted the anti-covid vaccination to protect their loved ones and contribute to herd immunity. But what do we really mean by “herd immunity”? ? This expression can be understood as the sum of the individual immunities. As a matter of fact, it designates a theory based on a mathematical model which claims to put into equation the phenomenon of contagion. This model justifies freedom-killing vaccination obligations in the name of “societal altruism”… As we will find out, herd immunity theory, real reason of state, has never proven its validity.

The vaccine immunity scam : natural infection is always superior!

Le Thursday 3 February 2022

The immunity of the vaccine would be equivalent or even better than that generated by the natural infection. Cette fake news, relayed by health institutions, runs counter to what has been learned in immunological science so far ! a scientific synthesis to restore proven facts. You will also discover other information that the media will not reveal to you. : immunity to covid was probably already reached in 50 % of the population even before the appearance of Sars-Cov-2 ! As the coronavirus crisis drags on, As the coronavirus crisis drags on.

Anti-covid vaccines : testimonials about deaths and serious side effects

Le Tuesday 2 March 2021

The first weeks and months of vaccination against the coronavirus quickly showed that this vaccine is not as safe as the laboratories say. The cure may turn out to be worse than the ailment ! Compilation of testimonials and studies

Vaccination against influenza suspected of worsening the covid-19 epidemic

Le Tuesday 20 October 2020

The flu vaccination campaign begins. It remains recommended this year to reduce the risk of co-infection with a "second wave" of covid-19. As a matter of fact, the influenza vaccine is suspected : according to some scientists, the raw vaccine 2019 may have caused the global epidemic outbreak. Why, comment ?

Covid vaccine could penalize children and group immunity

Le Thursday 18 June 2020

Children, regularly infected with coronaviruses, had better immunity than adults to resist this virulent strain. Vaccinating adults or a risk group rather than another may seem logical, but the overall benefit for the whole population, especially for the youngest, may not be there ! here's why.

Vaccin H1N1 : the era of the sorcerer's apprentice?

Le Wednesday 31 March 2010

PAR SYLVIE SIMON Le Pr Bruno Lina, à la fois conseiller de Margaret Chan et de Roselyne Bachelot pour notre dernière « pandémie » devrait raser les murs, car il porte une grande part de responsabilité dans la faillite monumentale de cette vaccination. Lui qui prétend être resté « indépendant » en matière de stratégie, alors qu’il préside le Comité […]

Que contiennent les vaccins ?

Le Wednesday 27 January 2010

The media always turns the benefits of vaccinations, but they often fail to detail the list of components. What about the cumulative doses of these toxic components which are subject young children if we respect the vaccination schedule ? 10 injections de 0 to 9 month, 18 total up 6 […]

Marc Girard VS Roselyne Bachelot

Le Sunday 1 November 2009

Le quel dit vrai ? Marc Girard, consultant pour l’industrie pharmaceutique, qui rappelle que le vaccin n’est pas sûr Ou Roselyne Bachelot, ministre de la santé, qui martèle : “faites-vous vacciner, les vaccins sont sûrs!” A chacun de se faire sa propre idée en regardant ce video montage plutôt bien fait! 6 minutes pour trancher […]

Who will be responsible before the law ?

Le Saturday 31 October 2009

Article à paraître dans le Magazine NEXUS novembre-décembre 2009 Pourra-t-on attaquer les laboratoires en cas d’effets secondaires après la vaccination contre le H1N1 ? Ce n’est pas sûr car, depuis 2007, ils sont protégés par un article du Code de la santé publique.