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These much more serious epidemics linked to endocrine disruptors. Corinne Lalo's shocking investigation

Le Tuesday 28 December 2021

The diseases caused by hormonal toxins are more numerous than we thought : allergies, obesity, thyroiditis, cancers, brain or genital malformations, and finally disorders of sexual differentiation. Autism is also believed to be largely due to a polluted uterine womb…
The transgender phenomenon, what does gender theory want to "normalize", could also result from abnormalities caused by chemical pollution in the fetal stage.
Corinne Lalo reveals that hormonal toxins are hidden in the majority of our drugs, like paracetamol consumed by 70% pregnant women.
While health authorities shine with their reassurance about endocrine disruptors, they focus all the attention on a paltry covid epidemic alongside this organized pollution. So we poison ourselves without knowing it ...

Christmas, time of peace for those who resist at heart

Le Thursday 23 December 2021

Faced with the speed strategy imposed on us, take the opposite view with the weather offered by Christmas. Let's take this opportunity to cultivate the path of happy sobriety dear to Pierre Rabhi. Let’s be inspired by Louis Fouché’s latest work, "All resistant at heart", to maintain our civic positions around true human values. Let's prepare for the time of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance.