The science fiction of herd immunity and vaccine altruism

Le Friday 30 June 2023

Many people have accepted the anti-covid vaccination to protect their loved ones and contribute to herd immunity. But what do we really mean by “herd immunity”? ? This expression can be understood as the sum of the individual immunities. As a matter of fact, it designates a theory based on a mathematical model which claims to put into equation the phenomenon of contagion. This model justifies freedom-killing vaccination obligations in the name of “societal altruism”… As we will find out, herd immunity theory, real reason of state, has never proven its validity.

The vaccine immunity scam : natural infection is always superior!

Le Thursday 3 February 2022

The immunity of the vaccine would be equivalent or even better than that generated by the natural infection. Cette fake news, relayed by health institutions, runs counter to what has been learned in immunological science so far ! a scientific synthesis to restore proven facts. You will also discover other information that the media will not reveal to you. : immunity to covid was probably already reached in 50 % of the population even before the appearance of Sars-Cov-2 ! As the coronavirus crisis drags on, As the coronavirus crisis drags on.

These much more serious epidemics linked to endocrine disruptors. Corinne Lalo's shocking investigation

Le Tuesday 28 December 2021

The diseases caused by hormonal toxins are more numerous than we thought : allergies, obesity, thyroiditis, cancers, brain or genital malformations, and finally disorders of sexual differentiation. Autism is also believed to be largely due to a polluted uterine womb…
The transgender phenomenon, what does gender theory want to "normalize", could also result from abnormalities caused by chemical pollution in the fetal stage.
Corinne Lalo reveals that hormonal toxins are hidden in the majority of our drugs, like paracetamol consumed by 70% pregnant women.
While health authorities shine with their reassurance about endocrine disruptors, they focus all the attention on a paltry covid epidemic alongside this organized pollution. So we poison ourselves without knowing it ...

La France, facing the shock strategy

Le Friday 16 July 2021

The President of the Republic plays with the nerves of the French and applies the “shock strategy”. Compulsory vaccination, a bluff that could be followed by a backpedal. The League for the Freedom of Vaccinations (LNPLV) in its press release 16 July 2021. It invites to resist the pressure and a false sense of urgency created by the presidential communication.

Covid vaccine could penalize children and group immunity

Le Thursday 18 June 2020

Children, regularly infected with coronaviruses, had better immunity than adults to resist this virulent strain. Vaccinating adults or a risk group rather than another may seem logical, but the overall benefit for the whole population, especially for the youngest, may not be there ! here's why.

Vaccination : the hidden cause of modern epidemics ?

Le Tuesday 2 June 2020

The pro-vaccine media buzz ignores a worrying and documented phenomenon : influenza vaccination may actually favor coronavirus infections! In many other pathologies, the vaccine remedy would prove worse than the disease. This is what we will explore in this special covid-19 file.!

Le grand mythe de la vaccination

Le Tuesday 25 October 2016

Les opposants à la vaccination parlent souvent de mythe vaccinal. Or il se trouve que dernièrement j’étais plongée dans la lecture de “La violence et le sacré”, et je découvrais la pensée de René Girard, grand spécialiste de la genèse des mythes. I then came the idea of ​​taking the expression,fr “mythe des vaccins” au pied de la lettre, et d’entreprendre un décryptage de la science vaccinale au regard de la pensée visionnaire de René Girard. Ce que j’ai découvert alors dépasse la simple comparaison…

Have the vaccines really eradicated diseases ? (survey)

Le Tuesday 3 February 2015

Is the supply of vaccines to public health really is validated by strong studies ? According to two books on this subject, many diseases have disappeared in the country said simply developed through… raising the standard of living ! Investigation.

H1N1 : no European survey

Le Friday 21 May 2010

« Le PPE et les Socialistes européens empêchent toute transparence sur la gestion de la crise H1N1 en Europe », s’indigne les Verts d’Europe Ecologie. Le PPE et les Socialistes européens ont refusé le 20 May, au sein de la conférence des présidents, la demande formulée par 210 députés européens, issus de l’ensemble des Groupes politiques, of […]