These much more serious epidemics linked to endocrine disruptors. Corinne Lalo's shocking investigation

Le Tuesday 28 December 2021

The diseases caused by hormonal toxins are more numerous than we thought : allergies, obesity, thyroiditis, cancers, brain or genital malformations, and finally disorders of sexual differentiation. Autism is also believed to be largely due to a polluted uterine womb…
The transgender phenomenon, what does gender theory want to "normalize", could also result from abnormalities caused by chemical pollution in the fetal stage.
Corinne Lalo reveals that hormonal toxins are hidden in the majority of our drugs, like paracetamol consumed by 70% pregnant women.
While health authorities shine with their reassurance about endocrine disruptors, they focus all the attention on a paltry covid epidemic alongside this organized pollution. So we poison ourselves without knowing it ...

Pesticides in vineyards : the “inexcusable fault of the employer” recognized

Le Monday 21 April 2014

Learned sept ans combat judiciaire, Sylvie, salariée in Dordogne, in Bergerac, finally wins the case. Sa pension of invalidité ? 107€/mois… In this article very interesting blog My Planet, held by my former colleague Cathy Lafon, Of particular note is the denial of judicial authorities…

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PESTICIDES : 75 000 tonnes par an

Le Friday 31 October 2008

In 2006, 75 000 tonnes de pesticides ont été dispersées dans les cultures françaises. Une marée chimique équivalant à la cargaison de fioul du « Prestige » ou au poids d’un paquebot comme le « Titanic ». Sur ces 75 000 tonnes, 10 000 concernent les jardiniers amateurs. Cette consommation de produits phytosanitaires n’est pas […]