Ecological contraception : free themselves from the pill, possible

Ecological contraception folder appeared in Neo Health No. 26

Ecological contraception folder appeared in Neo Health No. 26

Here's a record that I made for New Health, on natural birth control. As you'll discover, there is indeed an alternative to the pill!

Extensively publicized, the scandal of the 3rd and 4th generation pills question the safety of the first method of contraception in women. After years of denial about its side effects, the dangerousness of the pill now beyond doubt.

Unfortunately, the proposed alternatives still leave a very large place with synthetic hormones, incorporated into the "new" tools offered (contraceptive patch, subcutaneous implants, vaginal ring ...). While other techniques (IUD, diaphragm, Condoms, spermicides ...) are not devoid of risks (infections, allergies, infertility ...) and / or disadvantages (discomfort, the presence of a foreign body, Random efficiency ...)
that explain the failure. Then what about truly natural methods ?
"It's risky", one hears. "Reserved for couples who can accept an unwanted pregnancy", prevent official recommendations. Point of contraception so without the use of chemical poisons or mechanical devices ? Not, fortunately. There are other means to control her fertility, simply by a thorough knowledge of the female body. The method "symptothermal" – or method of combined indices- is the most effective natural methods of contraception.

Ecological contraception is a very well kept secret ! I propose you to discover in this folder, graciously posted courtesy of New Health!


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>> My personal opinion at the end of this file : it is clear that the pill has good days yet before it. But Symptothermal Method, through its effectiveness, is a credible alternative for all women “ecological” ! I particularly recommend the mobile application and computer Symptom. The foundation Symptotherm done a remarkable job.

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13 Comment “Ecological contraception : free themselves from the pill, possible”

  1. leygnac says:

    Hello Priska is Marie-Laure (Tibetan bowls) looking forward to reading your article. I hope you in great shape and I hope to see you soon. Friendships.

  2. ganesh46 says:

    what is the best way to get pregnant…thus reserved for women taking the risk…

  3. Pryska says:

    It does just is not proven ! on the contrary, since it is considered reliable. it is rather a belief that you peddle. Unless you are remained in the thermometer method… that actually is insufficient!

  4. Isa says:

    Hello Pryska,

    Harri Wettstein of Sympto Foundation told me about you, that's how I landed on your blog.

    I can vouch for your readers that Sympto is for me the best “method” World. “Method”, because it is not just contraception, but rather a body awareness, whole. This method helps women live their femininity primarily. I am always flabbergasted to hear / read how the simple fact that we are not fertile woman is hidden to all “days of the month”, how much they ment by promising pregnancy quickly if they release their sacrosanct pill, and also be told of “regulate their cycles”, while the pill suppresses, simply.

    I might as explained by A + B how to fall almost certainly pregnant while taking the pill… I have several examples around me (and did not mean to). But I prefer to explain that with the Sympto, one ceases to be under supervision of the product and how it works is discovered, truly.

    We must also say that because the pill is banned me now, due to hormonal problems (that doctors have long tried to mask the symptoms with… the pill). When they were seriously supported by the right doctor (which has not only given me a pill to not hear me complaining), I was able to re-live…. and so open up to things, not new, more alternatives. I discovered Sympto. This is not new, but thanks to current IT resources, one manages to make a “method” simple, upon learning (no pain no gain, damn it !)

    Anyway, Congratulations and thank you for your article !


  5. grayling says:

    When I hear and read:

    “what is the best way to get pregnant ... so reserved for women accepting this risk ...”

    I wonder if these women have earned an emancipation. (Good, they thrive on the pill that pollutes the body and water, it is a new slavery not green they do not realize, all good for getting cancer as a bonus.) In all cases, those who repeat such nonsense, are not emancipated all. The emancipation also implies a critical distance, we check our sources and clinical studies, we stop repeating ideas by female magazine, etc..

    I am disgusted to see that women are locked themselves in this kind of nonsense.


  6. Echorde says:

    Good Morning,

    I have absolutely nothing against the use of “Natural Methods”, If the choice is made by having really aware of their benefits but also their risks, as with any other method.
    And in view of the risks, I regret that the present as contraception. These are methods of prevention, but they are not reliable enough to be qualified “contraception”.
    Let me explain.

    On this, wrongly, Symptothermal the method has a similar efficacy to conventional methods. Golden Pearl Index reveals that this is not the case:

    – Theoretically, ie under optimal conditions (absolute cycle regularity, no body temperature changes due to illness, no local infections affecting the secretions…), Symptothermal methods is effective. Theoretical failure rate: 2%.
    – In reality, ie taking into account the risks of everyday life, a failure rate is observed 25%. Now this is the rate that must be taken into account!

    It is legitimate to suggest these methods but do not hide the risk they pose to women and couples choose knowingly.
    For even knowing very well his body as advance Article, a woman is never safe from a misinterpretation. With as you can imagine unwanted pregnancies result.

    I regret that perfectly green and reliable barrier method does not exist yet (the best student is still the copper IUD). But I do not think the symtothermique method is ideal given the need for efficiency expected by women.

  7. Isa says:


    25%, 1 on 4, This is the theoretical rate “chance” to get pregnant if you have reports “haphazardly-lucky”… nothing to do with true method, which requires not only learning, but a real investment on the part of the couple.

    This is precisely what do the symptothermie : take into account all the parameters, including those you mention. Take time to read the whole manual once, available for free download on the site, and you will see that the sympto just has nothing to do with a statistical curve, counting days, and other divination ! 😉

    If the pill has a very high efficacy, in practice, we can not say that it is as safe as it is in the air. A very simple example : you have a relationship with your spouse and 2 days later, for one reason or another, you have not taken your tablet (forget it, or then vomit due to gastro… do not forget that certain other drugs and even grapefruit consumption can, by many clinical studies, have an effect on the absorption of many kinds of molecules)…. what the hell ? a risk of inefficiency.
    Women who became pregnant on the pill, I know and am not the only. Then, many women, especially those who have experienced health problems in hormone levels, and serious diseases like cancer, and that the pill is now “un poison”, are led to ask the question : what alternative do I ?

    That's why I defend the symptothermie, I discovered there is a little more 2 years, successfully.


  8. grayling says:

    Not hallucinating when I read the nonsense of Echocore; Fortunately Isa rectified the, but I have to return to these stupidities.

    Echo Core this:

    “- Theoretically, ie under optimal conditions (absolute cycle regularity, no body temperature changes due to illness, no local infections affecting the secretions ...), Symptothermal methods is effective. Theoretical failure rate: 2%.
    – In reality, ie taking into account the risks of everyday life, a failure rate is observed 25%. Now this is the rate that must be taken into account!”

    But why the hell did not she read the clinical studies that are on our site, download in one click? As Isaiah says, a failure rate 25 % is not to contraception at all. Say that it is the rate of Symptothermie, it is a monstrous stupidity.

    Say “the woman is never safe from a misinterpretation” it's totally ignore the sympto software that interprets always right, better and faster than the expert. It must qu'Echocore try first before judge and say anything. Of course, it must be in good observations, she knows her cycle – This is a plus for the relationship. It is also necessary that the dialogue is improving to the couple what is still more that brings symptothermie.

    Cause brief hearing women who know nothing, who know everything without having even tried symptothermie on themselves, these are the worst critics of symptothermie, it makes me vomit. I mean the symptothermie sympto, but not a kind CLER method remained the years 1980.

    Another glaring evidence of its lack of reflection:

    Echocore talks about a perfectly green barrier contraception and reliable undiscovered. But do not be naive at this point not to understand that a totally reliable contraception, totally manageable and completely harmless, it's just an illusion. AN ILLUSION! This will never exist.

    The copper IUD is very harmful to the long-term uterus, This is the perpetual bombardment of copper ions on the endometrium, not to mention that it causes abortions because an embryo can not locate, it is grilled by copper, this counts as!

    For an intelligent woman and green, the symptothermie is easily the best choice. It is clear, you have to invest a little, know your body, dig his relationship, but it is so that advantage to find a better balance…

    Okay so, What are the arguments Echocore? But please, we must not go back on that shelf without trying sympto, it would be a self-disqualification.

    This is 5 years I am the Shepherd sympto and I know from experience that women who know everything better on sympto without trying, this is the worst self-sabotage.

    Best Regards

  9. Agate says:

    I myself used the sympto-thermal method for several years, and this article shows perfectly the benefits and reliability of the method, and natural methods in general.
    I would put a caveat for my case : I always had trouble know me and know my own operation, and self observation was not really clear… and I was still a few restrictions on certain points.
    I then tried the method Ladycomp including several people around me had told me. It is reliable to 99,3%, it remains natural and it gives me a lot easier to use.
    I'm really happy and I find it unfortunate that Article néosanté does not speak well for complete topic.

  10. Mayor says:

    Attention, natural methods such as Billings symptothermie or not contraceptive methods : they do not prevent ovulation, or implantation if fertilization and do not cause abortion (unlike the pill).

    From this point of view, fertilization and pregnancy are not considered diseases to be avoided by taking a drug. Bien au contraire, there is a responsibility to have and to assume by taking the natural means available : know how the body of the woman and her menstrual cycle.

    Fact, 70% Women undergoing abortion using the pill or contraceptive. Abortion is the logical consequence of contraception : if it does not work, Then there is abortion to prevent pregnancy. It seems that high school youth are no longer the link between sex and fertilization / pregnancy.

    For Pearl Index, it is much better for the Billings method practiced in India by the poor than for the same billings method practiced in Europe where practitioners of natural methods do not have the same concerns to see their family grow (particularly in France with all CAF aids), or the pill, which is mainly used in developed countries that can afford it and have less stress to do one more child arrive.

  11. JeuneMarié says:

    I am pleased to see an article that talks about the last sympto-thermal method objectively. Too little information abounds on this topic.

    To introduce my “testimony” I said that my wife and I are a young couple 23 years married for one year. Until April, we use the Billings method. We were just before our wedding, little informed about natural methods, chose the default Billings method. The problem with this method (which apparently does not exist in the sympto-thermal method) is that we can only rely on our interpretation that precedes ovulation few days. I said that although there is a student, we do not were opposed to the arrival of a child. After one meeting with a monitor torque, we started and had not experienced surprise during 7 first months ...

    So this is the result of a misinterpretation that we have the joy of expecting a child for the month of January. I mean joy because we were not in a logic based solely on contraception. We wanted a child who would certainly have been "easier" to welcome our studies.

    With more information, we would have known, Although with some rigor and sympto-thermal method we would not be united 3 days before the expected ovulation. On reading the site folder, I noticed that the reports are to be avoided beyond 6 first days after menstruation (As the cycles are not sufficiently known) and of course to 3 days after the peak day. I think our case is not different from other couples who say that this method did not work for them ...

    In conclusion : Despite this gap, I remain convinced that natural methods (but not all) are reliable if they have a certain rigor and use good ! Step back on the examples babies Billings (inter alia). Yes it should be good form at the sympto-thermal method (for example), yes you have to be careful. But is it not the same for the pill ?

    The difference here, is that it implies that we too MEN're in understanding the female cycle. As the mayor says, the other major difference is that a couple using natural methods envisaged much more rarely an abortion in case of failure. While a drug Logic says insidiously : "You missed your pill ? Don’t worry, you can take the morning after pill is a pill like the others ... see an abortion) "How many women have to do what only choice because their companions consider that it is not their problem ?

  12. pucedoliv says:

    Hello this is 3years I use the symptothermie for contraception. This method has also helped a friend who could not get pregnant to find the right time giving him every chance… two months later, his wish came true.
    As for us (my husband and I) we find a fulfilling intimate life that has for years been tested by the side effects that can lead to the pill (libido at half mast various gynecological problems, mood disorders and so on).
    it is quite tedious to 2 first few months and then begins to reclaim his body and learns to listen. for my part I needed 6 month follow-up and I managed seule.lorsque we are in the period of risk we use a condom that lasts a few days and the rest of the time we are not obliged to pay attention. now I stick to taking temperature only during the risk period is much less tedious than thinking about taking the pill every day.
    I'm really convinced by this method that we want contraception or that one wishes to get pregnant.
    Foundation deserves to be known and the method of really widespread symptothermie. advice and monitoring are really very good.
    then for all women who want an alternative to the pill is THE ideal method.

  13. Adelwin says:

    This method is a method of birth control, and not contraception.
    I trained like this, who taught me a lot about my body and how it works. We must not lose sight of the latency period, which in some women is reduced to trickle, or is non-existent.
    The person who conducted the “formation” explained that if the egg lives only 24, in preovulatory period sperm are captured by the cervical mucus and retained in cavities of the cervix. They can survive for several days. At the time of ovulation, they are released and can lead to pregnancy even if the couple has protected this time.

    For women who have a short cycle, the pre-ovulatory period may start before the end of the complete rules. It is then necessary to protect throughout the cycle.
    For women who are very fruitful which I am, and with a ring 23 days, This method allows me to know where I am in my cycle but I need to protect me all the time.
    Having lived an anovulatory cycle qq years ago — the so-called phantom pregnancy there not so long ago, help — from not knowing what was going on, I contacted the midwife followed me for my dizygotic twin pregnancy and she had mentioned the anovulatory OR a second ovulation cycle, but possible physiological aberration nonetheless.

    This training has changed my perception of my body, its operation, but I can not consider this method as contraception, only as a method of birth control. It is moreover well as the person we had presented.

    Finally this is a method applicable to couples, and not to young people who for some do not keep the same partner for years. I am the mother of two girls, I find it important that they receive training of this type to better understand and know their bodies. I am convinced that this self-knowledge would prevent unwanted pregnancies, if young girls knew such that ovulation takes us into what I call the “roucoulade”, when our partner we suddenly appears so much more attractive than during the rest of the cycle. It is also a sign to know about ovulation period.

    But girls — and my son of course — I will speak of condoms, the only effective if used correctly, to avoid disease, and thereby an unwanted pregnancy.

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