Vaccination : the hidden cause of modern epidemics ?

Par Pryska Ducoeurjoly. Dossier paru dans New Health N°100 – MAY 2020
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Faced with the coronavirus epidemic which has led to unprecedented measures on a global scale, many hypotheses circulate. From virus released from a laboratory to the deployment of 5G, through climate change or pollution, The hypothesis of mass vaccination has been little mentioned. And for good reason, our governments hold out the vaccine solution to fight this new epidemic. No question of incriminating vaccines which are THE solution !

The pro-vaccine media buzz ignores a worrying and documented phenomenon : influenza vaccination may actually favor coronavirus infections! In many other pathologies, the vaccine remedy would prove worse than the disease. This is what we will explore in this special covid-19 file.!

Vaccine promoters keep pushing governments to encourage the development of new vaccines to fight future epidemics, with the help of disaster scenarios. Thus, Bill Gates launched the alert at a security conference, en février 2017 in Munich.[1]  The second world fortune, very committed to financing vaccines worldwide through its foundation, keeps calling on leaders to invest in vaccine research to prepare for a pandemic that could 30 million deaths in one year… That alone!

Are we not victims of a vast organized and globalized psychological operation, the aim would be to ensure gigantic outlets for the giants in the long term pharmaceuticals through mass vaccination, even political control populations ? I can already hear the charges of conspiracy ... So let's stick to the facts!

We are talking today about a particularly virulent strain of the coronavirus family. It would seem that the phenomena of respiratory distress are quite difficult to manage for the carriers of chronic pathologies. The appearance of more virulent viral or bacterial strains is a known phenomenon, first through antibiotic resistance. Less known, and yet very real, are the emergence of more viral or bacterial strains linked to mass vaccination campaigns.

As a matter of fact, vaccination could well be the cause of future epidemics like that of the coronavirus and many others! By modifying the microbial balance of populations, it can weaken immune ecosystems. This reality, immunization promoters are absolutely not ready to recognize it, because it would be to admit that the solution they promote would actually be the source of the problem ...

The phenomenon of community ineffectiveness

A vaccine may have relative effectiveness in individuals (quantified as a percentage of a protected population) and prove paradoxically ineffective at the level of the general population. Must therefore, when looking at the effectiveness of vaccination, study not only individual effectiveness but also effectiveness “community”, a subtle notion, not obvious at first sight, which I will try to explain to you. This is in any case an aspect hidden by the public authorities, according to the CNRS epidemiologist and physiologist, Michel de Lorgeril,[2] author of the book collection “Vaccines and Society” (Chariot d'Or editions, 2018, 2019).

While we insist on health solidarity with the "altruistic" argument of vaccines, community toxicity and ineffectiveness would not have really been proven due to the phenomenon of displacement or of epidemic replacement.

The depidemic displacement. This concept means a change in the ages of onset of infectious diseases hoped for contain by vaccination. For Michel de Lorgeril, "By vaccinating overwhelmingly generations of babies against certain diseases, we go ahead and we delays the onset of these diseases to other younger generations or older. Instead of being at school socialization, these illnesses occur in infants a few weeks old, in the old days protected by maternal immunity and which are much more fragile than the school child. They can also occur in adults, seniors, also weakened by a hard professional or social existence, with unexpected and almost unknown complications in children at school primary ».

The late Michel Georget, in his excellent work L & rsquo; providing vaccinations to public health[3] describes a similar phenomenon. In the case of measles e.g., "Vaccine coverage now stands at almost 90%, the wild virus is circulating much less natural and reminders are no longer. Result: l & rsquo; s vaccination immunity & rsquo; being unconscious after fifteen or twenty years, Measles is now seen in adults, among women of childbearing age who do not pass more protection to their infants, which are exposed to measles in & rsquo; a few months old. Or, the lethality of the disease is four times higher among infants less than & rsquo; one year, and 8 times higher in people over 25 year old.

The most surprising, c & rsquo; is that it had been predicted 1950 already, well before & rsquo; arrival of the vaccine against measles, by WHO experts (less influenced by Big Pharma at the time?) : "If a vaccine is discovered, its use should be limited, unless that & rsquo; it is proved that & rsquo; it confers the & rsquo; immunity for life to the very limited price risks. A method ensuring immunity of a few years would have the effect of delaying the & rsquo; disease onset until & rsquo; to & rsquo; adulthood where it has a more serious character (while c & rsquo; is in the second childhood that & rsquo; it presents the least risk)[4] ».

In the coronavirus epidemic, the media reminded us enough that young children were "surprisingly" spared, while the older ones suffered the full force wave. Some will tell you that it is thanks to their multiple childhood vaccinations and that this shows that vaccination is effective. A shortcut without scientific evidence and which excludes "community" toxicity »Childhood vaccinations : the excess mortality of the elderly could be linked to a phenomenon of epidemic displacement linked to vaccinations in children against many strains of diseases which can manifest themselves in pneumonia. This is the case of the pneumococcus against which 92% under 2 years are vaccinated[5] or haemophilus influenzae b against which 95% under 2 years are vaccinated (these last two vaccines having become compulsory since 2018).

Professor Didier Raoult confirms this possibility of epidemic displacement and cross-immunity for coronaviruses !

It is not scientifically unfounded to hypothesize that this mass vaccination of children may weaken the oldest. You should know that all deaths (in Europe and worldwide) have NOT been tested at Covid-19. The causality of other bacterial strains such as pneumococcus and haemophilus influenzae b cannot therefore be excluded either., able to worsen the balance sheet in the number of deaths recorded among the over 70 years promoting lung diseases, risk factor number 1.

Epidemic replacement. This phenomenon concerns this time the appearance of new strains more virulent than those targeted by the vaccine. Epidemic replacement occurs when, following vaccination against a specific pathogen, this agent seems to disappear but is replaced by other pathogens, generally close to that targeted by the vaccine. These replacements (resistant to vaccines) replace the first and clinical disease re-emerges, requiring new versions of the initial vaccine. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of examples ! Here is a list, not limited.

Seasonal flutime. The first example is that of the seasonal flu against mutant viruses after which the WHO runs every year to provide guidance to laboratories for their future vaccine.. This rather massive vaccination could make babies more vulnerable to the emergence of more severe strains. In an article[6] paru en 2009 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases - leading review -, Dutch team calls vaccination "double-edged sword" and argues that natural flu infection confers "broad" immunity to later forms of the virus or severe pandemic forms like H5N1. According to researchers, natural contamination confers immunity which is certainly partial but which has the enormous advantage of attenuating the severity of the symptoms and especially the mortality rate in the event of mutant strains (heterosexual) virulent. "Preventing seasonal influenza virus infection through immunization could prevent the induction of heterosexual immunity to pandemic strains, which could be a disadvantage for immunologically immature people, for example infants ". The crucial issue is whether infants will not be those who will be hospitalized in an emergency during an upcoming epidemic ...

The coronavirus. 50 % more than 65 years are vaccinated against seasonal flu but do you know that figure can climb to 91% in retirement home residents[7] (Ehpad) ? To what extent is this “excellent” vaccination rate not the door open to epidemic displacement favoring the appearance of new, more virulent viruses in the population as a whole ? And not just the flu virus! "The coronavirus is completely different from the flu virus", tell us the experts. While, but the association of independent doctors AIMSIB unveiled in March crucial information[8] : according to data from the US military and relating to military personnel, published in the journal Vaccine[9] in 2020, influenza vaccination promotes coronavirus infections !

In this study, an increase of 36% of the risk of infection by this family of viruses in those vaccinated against influenza. AIMSIB calls for end to flu vaccination program for seniors, also based on a new study published this year,[10] who recalls that influenza vaccination does not reduce mortality or the risk of hospitalization. I raise another point here : to what extent mass vaccination against the coronavirus will not favor other, more virulent coronaviruses? It is a relevant scientific question.

Pneumococcus. "The typical example, but not unique, alternative epidemic is that of the pneumococcal vaccine,  explains doctor Michel De Lorgeril. This “conjugate” vaccine, known as Prevenar, is a modern vaccine where the polysaccharide antigen is combined with a recombinant protein engineered to boost the immune system. In general, conjugate vaccines also contain aluminum to further boost the immune system of the two-month-old baby. The reason for the Prevenar 13 is the insufficiency of Prevenar 7The Prevenar failure 7 was noticed as soon 2007 but unofficially validated in 2010 when the authorities have the Prevenar at their disposal 13 urgently produced by the manufacturer. New pathogenic serotypes had emerged, in particular serotype 19A absent from the first vaccine. This serotype alone represented 2010 close to 20 % Bacterial pneumococcal meningitis in children. The emergence of replacement serotypes (1, 3, 5, 6A, 7F and especially 19A) therefore justified, from 2010 in North America, replacing the Prevenar 7 by the Prevenar 13 containing 6 additional valences ». Unfortunately, it's a new failure. New and numerous replacement phenomena have occurred since, ruining the hope of this new vaccine. "Among the new serotypes responsible for more and more meningitis, the serotype 24 F seems more dangerous "… Despite this, the High Council of Public Health issued the 14 March recommendations for the prevention and management of covid-19 in people at risk of developing a serious form of Sars-CoV-2 infection (alias covid-19). "Verification of their vaccination status vis-à-vis pneumococcus is highly recommended, with immediate administration of a first dose of vaccine if necessary "... We have the right to doubt the relevance of this opinion.

Papillomavirus. Doctors Gérard and Nicole Delépine, in their book[11] Vaccine hysteria, Gardasil and cancer vaccine: a paradox, find the same problem with the Gardasil vaccine… "The anti-infective efficacy of the vaccine limited to 4 or 9 strains of HPV on more than 150 known, creates a real "ecological niche", favorable to the proliferation of other possibly more dangerous strains. This "type replacement" was confirmed by Fangjian Guo's study[12]  observing that the eradication of certain types of HPV led to the emergence of types not included in the vaccine, some can be more dangerous than the ones they replace ". As for the Prevenar, clinical studies to "prove" the effectiveness (and safety) are very questionable, and the new vaccine version is made with the previous version which serves as a placebo. "Given that Gardasil has not shown any proof of its effectiveness and that moreover we see today a higher number of cancers, we don't see how the Gardasil 9 will be safer or more effective compared to the Gardasil 4. It does not bring any improvement of the medical service rendered according to the opinion of the High Authority of Health ... According to us, it will especially increase the incidence of cervical cancer and erase the drop obtained thanks to the generalization of the smear».

Measles. Vaccine coverage against this virus is wide (plus de 90% en France),[13] more… "Not only does optimal vaccination coverage not eliminate measles (example from Romania, from the United States and Canada), but it can create unexpected problems like replacement and displacement phenomena. To believe that France is threatened by measles because of a lack of vaccine coverage has no scientific basis ", notes Michel De Lorgeril. "Measles encephalitis has been replaced by other encephalitis, some viral (the famous herpetic encephalitis) and other auto-immune systems that were rare, even non-existent in the past ». You read correctly : auto-immune pathologies that did not exist in the past! While vaccines are supposed to support our immunity, on the contrary, they could disturb it so much that our own immune system targets us ...

In an article published on 18 October 2018, Marseille scientists were also stepping on the subject of the measles vaccine : "Measles, a new approach to vaccination required ?[14]. These researchers, which include the now famous Didier Raoult, explain that we need a new vaccine because in recent years measles has been diagnosed in the vaccinated!

The méningocoque. Another example of this headlong rush towards the creation of new vaccines, meningitis.  "The prevalence of serogroups Y and W has increased, with less classic clinical pictures than before: pneumonia, pharyngites, arthrites, say Swiss researchers in Swiss Medical Journal[15]. A hypervirulent strain of Neisseria meningitidis from serogroup W has spread in Europe, especially in the UK and Switzerland, with significant epidemic potential. Dans ce contexte, vaccine recommendations for risk groups have and will continue to evolve towards the use of new conjugate vaccines. Pneumonia is a common manifestation (> 20 %) group Y and W meningococcal disease. (…) One may even wonder if this strain has not been "selected" by the broad vaccination against serogroup C throughout Europe in recent years ". And to conclude: "The saying goes that there is no meningococcal infection after 50 is no longer valid ". Otherwise, an example of replacement AND epidemic displacement.

We know today that Italy was the object this winter 2020 an intense meningococcal C vaccination campaign, just before the covid-19 wave. It is not without merit to hypothesize that this mass vaccination, who was addressing at least 65 years, could have favored the appearance of serogroups Y and W, more severe and sometimes resulting in pneumonia. And if adults had this time been affected by meningitis on the clinical picture of pneumonia? A hypothesis that will be very difficult to study. In the vast majority of cases, the way in which the number of deaths was compiled does not allow establishing the causation and the implication of the coronavirus, especially since nor is the reliability of the tests scientifically established. Donc, even in those who have been tested, the line is blurred between those who died from the coronavirus and those who died with a coronavirus or another virus such as a meningococcus or pneumococcus.

When the vaccinations accbring out the phenomenon of comorbidity

According to information from the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS),[16] the average age of deaths in Italy tested positive for covid-19 was around 81 years. 15% people who died had more than 90 years. 90% people who died more than 70 years. 80% of those who died had at least two chronic health conditions. 50% of those who died had at least three chronic health conditions (cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancer). Less of 1% people who died were healthy people. The few victims below 40 years already suffering from very severe pathologies.[17] The data in France are more incomplete but the median age is still 83 years.

When we face reality, the number of deaths from covid-19 mainly reflects the increasingly degraded health of the population ! So many people today find themselves at risk of developing lung complications, it is because we are more and more every year presenting diseases of civilization like obesity, l’hypertension, diabetes, respiratory conditions, which are the main risk factors for mortality identified in the covid-19 epidemic.[18]

In parallel, we are also witnessing the explosion of autism and immune pathologies (allergies and autoimmune diseases). Otherwise, the number of people in “Long-term affection” is only growing ! Just consult the official data : 11 million people classified as ALD in 2017, whether 2 millions more 10 years, one in six. And this without significant change in the number of inhabitants. As for orphan diseases, that is to say rare, they are no longer rare at all since 3 millions of French people are concerned and 30 millions of Europeans ![19]

We are told that vaccines have eradicated diseases? But what can modern vaccinology do against these aggravating factors in the event of an epidemic? By tracking down all kinds of viruses, supposedly guilty, vaccine dogma only exacerbates the problem while evading the true cause of lethality. here's why.

The vaccine ostrich

Vaccine policies have served as an alibi for decades, above all doing nothing in terms of health prevention, for example by seeking to treat environmental causes (junk, soil and air pollution). Have we closed large areas because junk food kills?  In parallel, we undress the public health system and caregivers with large blows of budgetary axes. Widely criticized for years by striking nursing staff, our health orientations have led to chronic congestion in the healthcare system, well before the covid-19 episode!

The difficulty of the care which we attend on television in the services specially dedicated to the coronavirus testifies to the Western medical degeneration: more and more chronic diseases on the one hand and fewer and fewer human resources on the other. Result, an explosive cocktail: in 2020, the health system cracks and its bankruptcy explodes in the face of the general public.

We make the choice to finance vaccinations that are expensive to the wallet rather than supporting a sustainable health system based on other means of prevention than vaccines. According to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), consumption of vaccines cost around 500 millions d’euros en 2016[20] (before 11 compulsory vaccines), the equivalent of the deficit of the public hospital that same year (470 millions). Since Then, the deficit of the public hospital has deteriorated sharply since it reaches 1,5 billion, mainly because of annual savings plans, close to 3 billion euros in three years, denounces the French Hospital Federation (FHF).[21]

In the daily life of the doctor of 20 March 2018,[22] a year before the covid-19 crisis, the Association of Emergency Physicians of France declared : "The hospital makes its staff sick (…). The situation is terribly worrying in the emergency room, and more broadly, at the hospital » .

Viruses protect us-they ?

La virophobie (or fear of viruses) must now reckon with another emerging science : virotherapy[23] ! We know for example that the herpes virus acts against certain forms of melanoma.[24] Cold viruses are tested in the treatment of gliomas,[25] and that of measles can work miracles against multiple myeloma,[26] bone marrow cancer deemed incurable. Koch's bacillus (alias BCG, that of tuberculosis) is also already widely used as a local injection in superficial bladder tumors. It could also be recycled in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

A team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem[27] has just hypothesized that BCG (bacon of Calmette and Guérin) would be beneficial to neurons and would counteract the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain. This invites me to ask another question, that I leave in suspense : mass BCG vaccinations, By perhaps disrupting the mode of action of the bacillus, they did not on the contrary favor the Alzheimer's epidemic in a public widely vaccinated at the time with BCG? End of the parenthesis.

I recommend the book of Dr Alain Dublanchet: Des virus pour combattre les infections (240 p., 2008, éd. Favre) which reports on the most interesting and promising phagothérapie. Bacteriophages not, however, attack the other viruses.

By reducing the circulation of microbes (virus and bacteria) and by rarefying their presence, does vaccination not cause, finalement, immense collateral damage ? While the mumps virus protects against ovarian cancer, the prevalence of this cancerous pathology is increasing. While the measles virus seems to preserve blood cancers, leukemia has never claimed more victims. “Instead of dreaming of a chimeric vaccine against cancer or Alzheimer's, medicine should meditate on these natural infectious awakenings and on the unfortunate consequences of artificial immunization. Let us cautiously leave it to Mother Nature to protect us by interposed microbes. These serial healers are not meant to be locked in syringes!”, comments Yves Rasir, editor in chief of Néo Santé.

Deadlock over vaccine harm

Another hidden cost of vaccination is that of side effects which, although largely underreported, no less costly care. "In 2008, l & rsquo; incidence of invasive meningococcal C, corrected for underreporting (c & rsquo; ie including the fact that only 1% to 10% of cases are reported, ed), was estimated at about 0,26/100 000. The international pharmacovigilance of the vaccine is, to 2009, 2,1 serious accidents 100 000 vaccinated. A child is therefore eight times more likely to have a serious accident following vaccination than to contract meningitis C. And, as in the cases reported d & rsquo; infection, we correct underreporting, the risk is between 80 and 800 times larger. Two perils, Did not have to choose the lesser ? », asks Michel Georget in his book on the benefit / risk ratio, The contribution of vaccination to public health. This is all the more true since vaccinations against meningococci are not effective against all meningococci and favor, we saw it, more virulent strains !

Lack of real pharmacovigilance work, we are unable to carry out an epidemiological follow-up after the marketing authorizations, which would make it possible to assess the damage of vaccination on the general state of the population and therefore to provide an analysis on the benefit / cost of vaccination policies.

Offside immune defenses

I do not will take only one emblematic example to detail how vaccination, by combining viral DNA and adjuvants, can bypass the health defenses of a population. Supposed to prevent cervical cancer, la vaccination anti-HPV (Human Papillomavirus) has been the subject of much controversy since its put on the market there are 10 years.[28] Authorities sanitary, accused of negligence, camp on their reassuring positions. In studies of Gardasil, provided by the laboratory, there is triggering of autoimmune diseases in 2,4 % vaccinated (unsurprisingly, these include autoimmune diseases 2,5 % of the cohort that received the pseudo-placebo, that is to say, only the adjuvant). It’s three hundred times more than the known rates in the general population ! But that doesn't stop labs to have marketing authorization.

Sure Internet, testimonials young women, damaged for life, or victim families, affluent. Besides the death, among the serious side effects, many classified diseases autoimmune : arthralgia / arthritis / arthropathy, thyroïdite auto-immune, celiac disease and inflammatory bowel, IDDM, erythema nodosum, MS, kidney inflammation, Purpura immunological thrombocytopenic, psoriasis, Raynaud's phenomenon, polyarthritis rheumatoid, SLE… There are also reports of balance disturbances, Hearing, sight, pancreatitis, of encephalitis, or venous thrombosis, sometimes fatal. Finally, of damage to female reproductive function and premature menopause, while the vaccine is supposed to protect the reproductive system feminine… A deleterious paradoxical effect !

In 2017, two mexican studies[29] confirmed the concealment of side effects in pre studies- and post-marketing of Merck and GlaxoSmithKline laboratories. Scientific deception is unfortunately now proven. But official assessment reports from our national health authorities, European and global, do not hesitate to minimize the side effects. In December 2016, Nordic Cochrane Center, prestigious scientific organization (still independent at the time), had to file a complaint against the European Medicines Agency (EMA), accusing him of "carelessness" in the treatment of an alert by Danish doctors who reported dozens of cases of young girls with serious disorders : "Chronic fatigue syndrome", "Complex regional pain syndrome", "Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome"

Vaccines that promote cancer in place of'to avoid !

Cervical cancer'uterus. The last book of Nicole and Gérard Delépine, Hystvaccine series, Gardasil and cancer vaccine : a paradox, present a contradictory reality :  after 10 years of vaccination obligation, not only the efficiency promised by the laboratories is not there but the rate of invasive cervical cancer (so the most deadly) would also be doubled among young girls vaccinated in these countries. " The cancer post-vaccination cervix appears 3 to 5 years after the start of the campaign vaccination and exclusively affects the age groups that have been the most vaccinated. The earliness of the increased incidence, from the third or fourth year after vaccination calls for accelerating action direct vaccine that would behave as a cervical cancer facilitator, whose natural evolution rather requires 10 to 20 year old, write the Delépines.

The liver cancer. " The vaccination anti-hepatitis promoted for its anti-cancer action, was followed in France, as to USA, a dramatic increase in the incidence of liver cancer ", explains Gérard Delépine. «Son incidence a doublé in 20 years in France (of 6,8 per 100,000 in 1995 to 13,6 in 2017), and quadrupled in the USA. Yet, Alcohol consumption, main cause of this cancer, has significantly decreased in the same period ". Another vaccine with a "paradoxical effect" ...

Other vaccination-related epidemics

Autism. Les Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States point to an increase of 30% in the last few years of the autism spectrum (autism spectrum disorder, ASD) among little americans. 1/68 enfant, c’est 30 times more than in 1960! In France, we counted then 1 to 2000, according to figures from the High Authority for Health. Since Then, the rate has been multiplied by 13 (1/150) according to official data: the number of people with autism spectrum disorder (TSA) is thus estimated at 700.000 people, about 100.000 young people under 20 years and almost 600.000 adults will soon be the equivalent of the city of Marseille…

Some may say that the increase in the number of cases is to be linked to a generalized early detection of autistic disorders, it’s hard to believe them at such an edemic level… Who doesn’t have a child with behavioral disorders around him now ? Many independent researchers suspect vaccination to be a triggering factor in a field possibly predisposed, whether because of an antigen or an adjuvant, see the combination of the two. They are widely criticized by the fake news decoders, whose purpose seems to be to massively vaccinate us against the critical mind…

Multiple sclerosis. MS is an inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System(SNC). It is an autoimmune condition where the individual's immune system views the myelin sheath of the nervous system as a foreign body. The campaign against hepatitis B in the middle of the years 90 resulted in the vaccination of 25 million people, encouraged by erroneous or fear-based scientific arguments. Hepatitis B vaccine was the subject of a now-muffled media scandal: after more than seventeen years of education, justice abandoned the legal action in the file of the vaccine against hepatitis B in 2016. She felt there was no “certain causation” between injections and the onset of certain neurological diseases. Several scientific studies indeed ensure that the link is not established ; their conclusions are followed by the majority of the medical profession which advocates more particularly today the vaccination of infants. There is one disturbing fact to which the health authorities never respond : multiple sclerosis affected 25 000 people in 1991. We have exceeded 80 000 case in 2010, then them 110 000 case in 2020, whether 5 000 new diagnosed each year in France.[30] What about the famous precautionary principle ?

La myofasciite macrophage. Macrophage myofasciitis (MFM) was first described in August 1998 in the newspaper The Lancet by Pr Ghéradi, Coquet and Cherin.[31] It is characterized by histopathological lesions (touching tissue) muscles. Scientific work made between 1998 and 2001 have determined that the exact cause of the disease was the absorption of aluminum hydroxide present in vaccines. This debilitating disease leads to muscle and joint pain chronicles, chronic fatigue, a tendency to depression and attention disorders. Près de 80% people with myofasciitis macrophages must cease all professional activity, according to a survey carried out with members of the Entraide association for patients with macrophage myofasciitis (E3M).  he no data are available on the number of people with macrophage myofasciitis, by failure of the pharmacovigilance system. At no time did the Agence du drug (ANSM, ex-Afssaps) did not inform the medical profession of the risks of developing macrophage myofasciitis after injecting vaccines containing aluminum. So we see why doctors would report these types of side effects pharmacovigilance. Cependant, thousands, even tens of thousands of people may have macrophage myofasciitis, according to the E3M association which also reports another worrying finding : "We are starting to see cases of family pathologies (father son, mother-son ...) ». Is it at to say that certain dysfunctions acquired, through vaccines, can become hereditary and permanently affect the genome of the species human ? Disturbing.

Adjuvant syndrome. We owe to the work of Professor Shoenfeld (Israel) the caracterisation from another emerging disease, the “Autoimmune syndrome / Adjuvant Induced Auto-inflammatory » (ASIA).[32] In 2010, he published a study in the Journal of Autoimmunity. In brief : a genetically predisposed subject can develop a autoimmune or auto-inflammatory disease (AI / AIFD) following the exhibition to a particular environmental factor like adjuvants (silicone, aluminum, he lands, or the infectious components). These adjuvants can by themselves cause an autoimmune reaction in different animal models and could cause AI / AIFD in humans.[33]  Exposure to these substances has been established in the four medical conditions examined in this article (siliconosis, Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), the macrophage myofasciitis syndrome, and post-vaccine reactions). Shoenfeld suggests that the common denominator in these syndromes is the adjuvant activity that serves as a trigger.

Good science or bad science?

Vaccine critics accused of "bad science", en anglais bad science, vaccine science is not really an example of good science, especially because it does without a real placebo for its clinical studies, ignoring one of the fundamental criteria of good contemporary science, without being asked to account. Vaccinology can also be found dirty (« sale », « impure », "Infected") : contamination of vaccine produced by bacteria, viruses, cell culture residue, is a real problem, known but little publicized. "The main potential risks associated with the use of biologicals produced in continuous cell lines (especially for polio vaccines, anti-rotavirus, Hepatitis B, ed), fall into three categories : Heterogeneous contaminating DNA, virus and transforming proteins (c & rsquo; ie capable of cancerous cells, ed) », says WHO in a report[34] dating 1987, on & rsquo; extent of risks associated with the & rsquo; use of cell cultures in the preparation of vaccines. The problem is still relevant, especially since pharmaceutical companies do not report to health authorities and set the seal of industrial secrecy on their clinical studies.

All of this raises huge questions about future vaccines, prepared in record time, against the "terrible" coronavirus or other emerging viruses! Will they be really sure? Should we give them a blank check, signed by fear of the virus ? Nothing is less sure. Should we not rather accept the failure of mass vaccination campaigns, recognize the finitude of our humanity and give ourselves the means, individually, to cultivate one's own immunity? Everyone can be an actor at their level, without blindly outsourcing health management to health authorities, massively contaminated by conflicts of interest.

A quality lifestyle is based on three axes : good food, regular physical exercise and good emotional health. Sur ce dernier point, our main enemy is fear, which brings down our immunity, a fear widely maintained by the media which keeps us in the only hope of the vaccine solution.

For decades, we are conversant in the conviction that vaccination will defeat diseases at a lower cost. It’s apparently a misconception, deeply rooted, which has never proven itself. The works of Michel De Lorgeril and other independent scientists who have seriously studied the question amply demonstrate this..

The only way to fight the plague, it's honesty, wrote Albert Camus in 1947. Someday it will take intellectual honesty to recognize the failure and dangers of mass vaccination.

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A commentary on “Vaccination : the hidden cause of modern epidemics ?”

  1. Daniel Eloi says:

    Some vaccines may be helpful, can preserve or save lives for example for tropical diseases ; provided of course that they are not contaminated by these aluminum or mercury-type adjuvants or pre-infected as denounced by African countries.
    The coronagate has just caused additional distrust of ALL vaccines, not to say a total rejection. So how many additional collateral victims ?
    Let’s stay positive and don’t be afraid by asking that this same coronagate allows humanity to do a great laundry that it needs..

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