La France, facing the shock strategy

The President of the Republic plays with the nerves of the French and applies the “shock strategy”. This is what denounces National League for the Freedom of Vaccinations (LNPLV) which invites to resist the pressure and any sense of urgency created by the presidential communication.

This association created in 1954 to defend vaccine freedom castigates Emmanuel Macron's methods, including the televised address of 12 July embarked nearly 2 millions de Français “in an unacceptable forced medical intervention. Or nothing has yet been legally enacted ! It is urgent to wait and not give in to manipulation” , advises the League in its press release of 16 July 2021.

Collective state of shock

The President of the Republic applies the strategy of shock to traumatize France and discourage any citizen opposition“. Exhausted by months of restrictions, hoping to take a break during the holidays, the French saw the announcements of the introduction of a health pass like a hammer blow, which in fact makes vaccination compulsory to access life in society. “In the 24 hours after the speech, over a million of them reluctantly submitted to vaccination. This sudden move into action is actually a testament to a collective state of shock. Can we still speak of a free and conscious choice?”

This is a real question ! Especially for those vaccines which only have a conditional marketing… What about respect for physical integrity?

Health terrorism

Emmanuel Macron demonstrates health terrorism. His communication manipulates the effects of advertisements and seeks to manipulate opinion by bringing fear and confusion. He does not seek to improve the health situation but to pit us against each other. Resist the pressure or the siren song ! It is urgent to wait before getting vaccinated” , warns the League.

This passage in force of the president would it be only wind before a backpedal ? Some say so and speak of a masterful bluff.

18 125 deaths have already been reported

Going for the vaccine risks being expensive : 1.930.667 side effects and 18 125 deaths have already been recorded at the European Eudravigilance database (the 10 July). Figures largely underestimated by passive pharmacovigilance” , explains the League.

Legal advice regarding compulsory vaccination

The National League for the Freedom of Vaccinations recalls that :

– TO the current time, no text has been adopted to make it compulsory injection of genetic material. Scientifically, these experimental products do not provide proof of their effectiveness or of a favorable benefit / risk balance.

– The case law is not in favor of discriminatory laws, who flout the informed consent, physical integrity, respect for private life and family.

– The clauses in contracts organizing the irresponsibility of laboratories are illegal.

She also warns: Some mortgage and life insurance contracts may contain a clause that prohibits compensation for participation in a clinical trial! Prudence. The surviving spouse or heirs may well find themselves in embarrassment due to a hasty decision.

A question arises about labor law, she will be studied by the League. If no law of obligation is finally voted in this direction, any company or employer could be accused of unfair dismissal or held responsible for the consequences of this experimental injection on employees. Victims of adverse reactions will not be able to turn against the state, they could then choose to attack their employer for abuse of power.

The league invites citizens to write to their deputy or senator to defeat the health pass. It produces a model letter in annex, as François Asselineau's party did : Contact:

Letter model

The list of all deputies by department with the means to reach them can be consulted in click here.

The list of all senators in alphabetical order with the means of contacting them can be consulted in click here.

To First name Last name

Deputy / Deputy / Senator / Senator of [to put the department]

July xx 2021,

Mr. deputy, Madam MP, Monsieur the senator, Madam Senator,

Resident / Resident and elector / voter of your riding, I call your attention to the infringements of freedoms public and individual unprecedented since 1945 what constitute announcements of the President of the Republic of Monday 12 July 2021, both on the vaccination obligation and the health passport.


Make compulsory - or almost compulsory by pressures and constraints - the administration of genetic vaccines whose experimental phase is still in progress, uncertain effectiveness, the brand new technology and already noticeable side effects is politically reckless and morally wrong.

It is even legally impossible in the current state of regulations for perfectly founded reasons linked to the preservation of public health and everyone's free consent.

The project of the President of the Republic is all the more doubtful that at the same time, several prophylactic treatments have proven effective against covid-19 and are used abroad. Ivermectin for example, which benefited from a favorable study - moreover very late and little reported in the media - from the Institut Pasteur published on 13 July 2021, has made it possible to spectacularly break the curve of contaminations and deaths in India.

Like many French people, I do not understand why vaccination, with consequences still unknown and which has not helped to stem the epidemic in Israel and Great Britain where it is most massively widespread, constitutes the one and only health strategy of the government, when well-known early treatments, presenting a degree sometimes very high efficiency and at worst devoid of serious side effects stay, eux, banned in our country to counter the epidemic.

Mostly, compulsory vaccination goes against the everyone's freedom to assess the balance between benefit and risk for resort, or not, all new genetic vaccines. After that of the freedom to prescribe treatment for doctors, this is the essential principle informed consent that the government is about to bury.


As for the “health passport” envisaged by Mr.. Macron, he institutes unacceptable discrimination between French, data-driven sanitary facilities for each of us. In addition, it leads to a stigma hurtful and dangerous of our compatriots, numerous, who dare to question themselves on genetic vaccines and, plus largement, on the health policy of government. This atmosphere of McCarthyism transpires as well in the media than in the professional world and even in private life and family of each.

It should be remembered here that the claimed health benefits of such a device come up against so many practical difficulties in implementing work and to such uncertainties about its actual effectiveness that many institutions have already formally advised against or prohibited it. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against adopting a passport sanitary, just like the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Those two institutions formally advise against it, both the attack on civil liberties and the costs generated are disproportionate to slimming purported benefits.

Aux États-Unis, the Biden administration itself said that it would never require a health passport and several states have it already formally prohibited, starting with Texas and Florida, who are among the most populous in the United States of America. Total, France is not imitated by any European country and even by any OECD state in this very worrying drift.


The measures announced by M. Macron are the germs of a tyrannical policy and the prelude to social control totalitarian based on so debatable pseudo-sanitary reasons that they neither convinced WHO, nor the Council of Europe, nor the United States, nor the overwhelming majority of countries in the world.

This is why I solemnly ask you to vote vs.

I will conclude that with a score of 10% in the first round of regional elections (3,5% registered voters), the majority presidential "in Parliament has a very weakened legitimacy even almost non-existent to continue its action, a fortiori when this one authoritatively and baselessly calls into question the determining elements of our republican pact.

It's up to you to save the honor of politics when the President of the Republic perjures himself, he who announced that vaccination would never be compulsory and never a passport health would restrict freedoms. Re-election in 2022, and even the only candidate, of M. Macron are elsewhere, henceforth, more that hypothetical.

Awaiting your reply, please accept my republican greetings.

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3 Comment “La France, facing the shock strategy”

  1. laguna pascal says:

    good evening I do not believe that Macron 1st draws back on this kilo said my on the other hand it must get rid of pascal quickly

  2. Bizet says:

    I subscribe to this petition which is in no way vindictive against the population having chosen a vaccine but defends the point of view of those who are not convinced by the health passport erected as a sine dié constraint to have access to the social life.

  3. lez says:

    In the spirit of this article, we can recall the January interview 2021 de Dr Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger, cell biologist , with the team of Reiner Fuellmich and concerning the product BioNTech. She recalls many worrying points, including :
    -the presence of contaminants in the product
    - the toxicity of the lipids used, some of which mainly remain in the body
    - the use of 30 µg of product instead of 10 µg sufficient : which increases the number of side effects and increases the price of the product
    The text is a bit sharp because it is aimed at doctors.
    It was copied to :

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