Covid vaccine could penalize children and group immunity

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While the State signs with the laboratories orders of vaccines and thus sponsors the research of Sanofi or AstraZeneca, the usefulness of an anti-covid vaccine is not guaranteed in the face of this mutant virus.
While the health system suffers from a poor distribution of resources (see my article on Regional health agencies), have we learned the lessons of the H1N1 crisis ? 800 million euros worth of vaccine orders ended up in a vaccine fiasco. It is urgent to question the billions distributed to laboratories for their future coronavirus vaccine.

Recently, Professor Raoult in one of the videos from his IHU Mediterranean channel on YouTube, unveiled a mysterious fact that has been widely documented in the coronavirus epidemic : children are not affected by covid-19. We also know that they are unlikely, if not likely at all, to transmit the virus. Brief, enough to question the measures of social distancing imposed on them in school ...

What Didier Raoult reveals is rather likely to reassure us about the capacities of our natural immunity. We were told over and over again that covid-19 was a completely unknown virus, which caused, fact, a new pathology. We got the feeling that the human body was absolutely not prepared to face such an "enemy". It's wrong.

As a matter of fact, the coronavirus family is largely widespread. It is the cause of influenza-like illness, rather benign, who especially cause a big cold. According to Didier Raoult, children do a lot of colds in winter because they are regularly exposed to coronavirus. According to his work and that of other researchers, these colds confer "cross" immunity with other types of coronavirus, whose new covid-19. Conclusion : children, regularly infected with coronavirus, had better immunity than adults to resist this virulent strain.

Nearly a million views for this video devoted to both the Lancet scandal and child immunity (the video starts on our subject, minute 7)

Between 40 and 70% of the population was already immune !

His analyzes show that children have an episode at coronavirus at least once a year. So they have a series of antibodies, which is not the case for adults, especially after 35 years. The age distribution is largely in favor of the youngest. Chinese coronavirus 2019 could be easily controlled by those who already had antibodies to other coronaviruses: " Between 40 and 70% of the population was already immunized before the epidemic start ", believes Didier Raoult. This explains why some have seen pass the coronavirus without being really worried.

Is the vaccine still relevant?

These facts raise the question of vaccine. Before considering mass vaccination, Didier Raoult clarifies that he the immunity acquired by the youngest must be taken into account. Should we then book vaccination from 35 years ? "It is a scientific question which arises ".

Vaccinating one group at risk rather than another may seem logical, but the overall benefit for the whole population, especially for the youngest, may not be there ! here's why.

First, there is the disastrous experience of contact case vaccination in the history of the smallpox vaccine. I recommend you to read the article of the Association AIMSIB, reminiscent of the Buchwald effect : “in an immune person (by an old vaccination or an old smallpox) the same vaccination will trigger the disease it would otherwise have avoided. Collectively this effect will manifest itself as an amplification of epidemics”.

Now let's take another example, that of the flu. It is mainly the elderly who are vaccinated, at near 90 % in the Ehpad[1]. But the benefit of this vaccination for the elderly may turn to disadvantage for other groups.. En effet, in one article[2] paru en 2009 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases (Well, perhaps the studies published in this Lancet-dependent review are not all false ! To see the Lancetgate from June 2020…), Dutch team calls annual flu shot "double-edged sword". She explains that natural influenza contamination gives "broad" immunity to later forms of the virus or to severe pandemic forms like the H5N1 subtype.. "Preventing seasonal influenza virus infection through vaccination could prevent heterosexual immunity to pandemic strains, which could be a disadvantage for immunologically immature people, for example infants ". The crucial issue is whether mass vaccination of the over 65 years of flu is not a sword of Damocles on babies in an upcoming epidemic !

When vaccination favors resistant strains

In dossier on the links between epidemics and mass vaccination[3], I was able to explore the intricacies of group immunity : vaccination can shift the usual age of onset of infection (epidemic displacement) or cause the appearance of more virulent strains (epidemic replacement). This is the case for example with measles.

While vaccination coverage is 90% in children, there are more severe complications than in the past and cases in adults. "Not only does optimal vaccination coverage not eliminate measles (example from Romania, from the United States and Canada), but it can create unexpected problems like replacement phenomena and epidemic displacement», assures Michel De Lorgeril, doctor and author of the collection of books "Vaccines and Society" (le Chariot d’Or). 

In article[4] published in 2018 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Marseille scientists wonder : "Measles, a new approach to vaccination required ? ». These researchers (including Professor Didier Raoult!) explain that we need a new vaccine because, for a few years, Measles is diagnosed in the vaccinated… In other words, massive vaccination coverage could lead to resistance, as we have already seen with antibiotics.

The same phenomenon is observed for other diseases with vaccination coverage, like meningitis. "The prevalence of serogroups Y and W has increased, with less classic clinical pictures than before : pneumonia, pharyngites, arthrites », explain researchers in the Swiss medical journal[5]. "We can even wonder if this strain has not been" selected "by the broad vaccination against serogroup C throughout Europe in recent years"

One virus can hide another

Last March, fell the surprising results of a influenza vaccination study : according to data from the US military and relating to military personnel, published in the journal Vaccine[6] in 2020, influenza vaccination promotes coronavirus infections. It’s AIMSIB, association of independent doctors co-founded by Michel De Lorgeril, who lifted the hare[7]. In this study, an increase of 36% of the risk of infection by this family of viruses in those vaccinated against influenza ...

This illustrates the complexity of the human immune system but also our ignorance of the world of viruses, able to substitute for each other, especially in case of vaccination. American researchers were not interested in covid-19 (which did not yet exist) but to the coronavirus family. However, it was enough for AIMSIB to call for an immediate end to the flu vaccination program for seniors, so as not to risk worsening the number of cases of covid-19 among the elderly, naturally less protected than young people. Simple precautionary principle. But not sure if it is applied by health authorities during the traditional vaccine advertising campaign this fall.

My question, in conclusion, is the following : Can mass vaccination against the coronavirus really protect us against the appearance of more virulent strains ? Will this vaccination in adults not penalize, à terme, the natural resistance capacities of our youngest?

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