Silence on Cervarix

Pourra-t-on vraiment réclamer justice en cas d’effets secondaires graves après la vaccination contre le cancer du col de l’utérus, activement recommandée en France? On est en droit de se poser la question au regard de deux informations passées totalement inaperçues en ce mois de septembre dernier, the French media being more busy with influenza A…

En Angleterre, The Daily Mail reports that a mother has just been informed that her daughter will be placed on the register of children at risk of social services. Or, this mom is considering action against giant GlaxoSmithKline, arguing that her daughter became partially paralyzed after receiving the cervical cancer vaccine at school a year ago.

Alors qu’elle demande une enquête sur la sécurité de ce vaccin, Cheryl Cave Says Allegations She Is Abusing Her Daughter Intended To Silence Her. Her daughter Asleigh collapsed shortly after receiving the injection and spent a year in hospital. But medical staff say Ashleigh is in fact suffering from "learned disease behavior" and referred it to social services… Accuse the victims of undermining the paralysis, an argument that is particularly not credible when we know the arduous nature of the obstacle course represented by such legal proceedings. Quel intérêt, en effet, pour une famille modeste, to spend all his savings on a lawsuit against a laboratory ?

Toujours en septembre dernier, the Cervarix affair tragically returned to center stage. Natalie Morton, une jeune de fille de 14 years, est décédée, England, quelques heures après avoir reçu le Cervarix, always on the school grounds.

Après enquête, the conclusion of the first analyzes reveals a link “improbable”. “The results of the preliminary autopsy revealed a serious ancillary health problem which probably caused death” de Natalie Morton, announced Tuesday evening Dr. Caron Grainger, NHS director in Coventry, la sécurité sociale britannique.

These conclusions seem hasty to say the least. The authorities refuse to consider that the vaccine could prove fatal for fragile children. Dans la même classe que Natalie Morton, and only a few days after the death of his comrade, another student from 15 ans s’est senti froide, weak and dizzying within an hour of the injection. His symptoms were so severe that the paramedics performed back-up blood tests. An ambulance was needed.

This information was completely ignored by the French media. (trois lignes dans Le Monde du 29 septembre dernier), while cervical cancer is the subject of an almost massive vaccination campaign. The 9 March 2007, le Conseil Supérieur d’Hygiène Publique de France (CSHPF) and the Technical Committee on Vaccinations (CTV) recommended widespread vaccination of young girls from 14 years. This same opinion recommends offering vaccination also to young girls and young women of 15 to 23 years. La Sécurité sociale rembourse à 65 % each dose of Gardasil®, the unit price of which is 135,59 euros, and each dose of Cervarix®, whose price is 111,82 euros. Pour les deux vaccins, the vaccination schedule requires three doses. Pour Natalie Morton, the rapidity of the post-injection reaction indicates that one of these doses was fatal to his already fragile state of health. This vaccine contains aluminum in an oily emulsion, an adjuvant which bears the name AS04.

1. « Paralysed cancer drug girl to be put on at-risk register ”to shut her up” » (, 20 septembre 2009),


Pour plus d’information sur les adjuvants, I recommend the vaccine file which will appear in NEXUS magazine, dans son édition du mois de novembre. In the meantime, toujours à propos de ces faits divers liés au Cervarix, here is the analysis of journalist and author Sylvie Simon, by far the most knowledgeable person on the subject of vaccinations.

Encore une victime !

Another victim of the vaccine which "protects against cervical cancer". This time, it was not Gardasil® but GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix® that struck.

The 29 septembre 2009, la BBC annonçait qu’une jeune fille de 14 years, Nathalie Morton, est décédée le 28 septembre à l’hôpital universitaire, shortly after receiving this vaccine at a school in Coventry.

According to the health authorities who immediately decided to launch an investigation, the young girl would have had a "rare but very strong" reaction to the vaccination. Other girls vaccinated at the same time were sent home because they felt sick and dizzy. Panic then seized the other students who then understood that this vaccination involved risks, never mentioned by vaccinators.

The health services have placed this batch of vaccine in quarantine as a "precautionary measure", but health services have confirmed vaccine program will resume "after a short break". No doubt the time to forget this mishap.

A health official was quick to declare that there was probably "no connection" between the vaccine and the death and that the investigation might reveal another cause.. Dr Caron Grainger, directeur de santé publique du district, confessed that he had received 2 000 déclarations d’effets secondaires, but most of them were "minors".

Quant au Dr David Elliman, from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, il a avoué que « malheureusement, a few young people died suddenly for various reasons, among others cardiological causes. Parfois, they are in perfect health before their death. »

En effet, officiellement, the autopsy proved her right because the doctor claimed that Nathalie had died of a "malignant tumor of the breast" which coincided with the vaccination and killed her "by chance" within hours of the injection. vaccine. Cependant, her mother believes that Nathalie served as a guinea pig under pressure from the school.

Un rapport d’autopsie truqué

The 2 October, in an article entitled "It is the victim who is responsible, non le vaccin », reporter Mike Adams reported on statement by a friend of the girl : « Environ une heure près l’injection, Nathalie became quite pale and had difficulty breathing. Elle s’est évanouie dans le couloir. I saw the paramedics giving her artificial respiration, then the teachers took us out. »

Certainly when the other students learned that they should continue with the vaccination, elles ont été réticentes, but they were told that if they did not receive further injections, elles courraient de grands risques.

Pour Mike Adams, the autopsy report was arranged to protect the industry as the girl was never diagnosed with a tumor, and has never had a symptom of cancer. « Un cancer du sein ne se déclare pas soudainement, sans signes préalables. Death from breast cancer does not come for months or even years of illness, while Nathalie Morton died within hours and the description of symptoms sounds like an inflammatory reaction to a chemical injection. »

Some will wonder what is the point of a doctor in hiding the real cause of the girl’s death. The answer is quite simple : there are billions of dollars at stake because the death of Nathalie jeopardizes this vaccination. "The news of this death came just before the United States Health authorities delayed the decision to authorize Cervarix® in this country where a group of doctors recommended it", rapporte Reuters.

Mike Adams thinks cancer is an easy excuse to admit since we all have cancerous micro-tumors inside us. The only thing for the doctors to do was to find the location of the micro-tumor in Nathalie's body in order to whitewash the vaccine.. Et il commente : "I can easily imagine the anguish of the leaders of Glaxo SmithKline who fear that the death of a young girl will jeopardize the return of billions of dollars. “Dieu merci, cette fille avait un cancer ! Our profit will continue ”. »

Cette histoire rejoint celle de Stacey Jones, 17 years, who suffers from very serious neurological problems since their vaccination. According to the Sunday Telegraph, his parents are convinced that this vaccine is responsible for the inflammation of his brain. His mother, Julie Jones, a confié au journal que sa fille, reduced to the empty shell stage when full of life and health, a été utilisée comme un cobaye. "We have nothing else to explain the damage to his brain immediately after his vaccination with Cervarix®. »

Le même jour, an expert who worked on the vaccine told the Sunday Express that the vaccine is more dangerous than the cancer it claims to prevent.

Le Dr Diane Harper, qui a participé aux essais sur le Cervarix®, confessed that this vaccine was too popular and that parents should be informed of possible side effects which were "rare but real". She added that the injection would not decrease the incidence of cancer in the UK.

It is almost certain that nothing will stop this vaccine fanaticism and that many children will be the victims.. Il y a plusieurs années, the use of a distemper vaccine had been discontinued because a dog had died of it. How many accidents and deaths will it take to stop this massacre, obscured by lies based on imaginary advantages and false statistics ?

For the & rsquo; time, la situation perdure car, according to the official authorities of all countries, "There is no reason to suspend or stop this vaccination. » En effet, regardless of the death of a few victims compared to the enormous benefits the laboratory will derive from it ? A new time, we have proof that the "benefit-risk" balance so often mentioned always tilts in the laboratory's side.

Sylvie Simon

Auteur d’un nouvel ouvrage “Vaccines, mensonges et propagande” (Editions Thierry Souccar)

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