The great myth of "white discharge"

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white discharge

We are in the twenty-first century and yet women are still cloistered in a scientific form of obscurantism that denies them access to basic knowledge about their bodies. It took me wait until the age of 36 years to understand that I was a normal woman. En effet, since adolescence, I was intoxicated by a great myth, myth transmitted by doctors and gynecologists : the issue of white discharge.

Regularly, visiting the GP the same question comes up, Such a diagnostic means. The doctor takes his air investigator and you seriously wonder : "Do you have white discharge ? », implied, it is a symptom of disease, whether it's a fungus (voir mon file and e-book on this subject), an intestinal problem, etc.. On your side, you are forced to admit that yes, you have… Many women feel as shameful, sales, address this issue, actually, has no reason to be ! What are we talking about it really ?

Affirm's face it : if you have white discharge, you are quite normal ! Better, if you regularly find yourself deep in your panties this secretion, it is a sign that you are running well ! It is the opposite that is abnormal. Explanations…

An elixir of life

J & rsquo; have discovered the pot with roses leaning on the symptothermie, a method of contraception ecological as reliable as the pill (see it folder). During my investigation, surprise ! In practice the method Symptothermal, women must observe their "elixir of life", that is to say the fluid (more or less fluid as a function of day of cycle), feed for sperm. It is thanks to this elixir of life as tadpoles of our companions will be able to survive in the cervical crypts, located at the entrance to the womb. They eat this highly nutritious milk pending the arrival of the egg. Without this mucus (what is his name), impossible for them to stay alive for a few hours ! That would be it vaginal discharge !

Learn to identify this elixir is a basic knowledge of self. Discern changes in the mucus consistency beyond, over cycle, is also a useful indicator of fertility. During the menstrual period, this elixir is absent. His arrival, usually from days 6, 7, 8, under the influence of estrogen, signals the beginning of period fertility. At the beginning of milky appearance, This elixir will become more transparent and spinning, as egg white. At this point, the woman is on the verge of ovulation, hyperfertile donc. Then suddenly, overnight, this elixir spinning "quail" like milk, becomes almost lumpy, brittle : you just pass the ovulatory peak ! This shift in the consistency of the elixir, even its complete disappearance, indicates the start of the infertile phase.

This observation is a pillar of Symptothermal method. Plus the temperature control : in the first part of the cycle, where the elixir is milky or spinning, temperature follows a low plateau ; in the second part of the cycle, where the elixir is brittle, or absent, Highest temperature. To qualify for the infertile phase, contraceptive purposes, must confirm his observations for three days (elixir breaking, Lumpy three high temperatures = infertility warranty). At this point, you have carte blanche with your baby.

Not, you are not sick !

Many women, prone to yeast infections, systematically interpret these "white discharge" as a possible symptom relapse. Especially as, certain days of the cycle, they feel like a tingle on the lips. Again, it is quite normal ! This is the "dry" sensation, Another indicator of the infertile phase ! En effet, when in the fertile phase, it is the internal feeling "wet" and "wet" dominates. All women are unable to connect to this feeling, but it is one of the indicators proposed by the symptothermie. A l’inverse, just before or after the rules, and more generally during the infertile phase, the "dry" feeling you may tingle slightly. Nothing to do with mycotic itch, which has nothing to do since the days of the cycle may bother you during the fertile phase. Normal tingling simply indicates that you do not have cervical mucus secretion : sperm that have the misfortune to venture into the vagina would not survive more than a few hours.

The glass test water

This basic knowledge is delivered by all schools symptothermie, but it remains largely unknown to the general public. So many women living with the belief that they are not healthy, pretext that they have some losses during the month. This is not normal, this is to have every day and all the time, especially when these secretions are accompanied by persistent itching. It is only then that we are entitled to worry and suspicion of infection, eg candida albicans or other germs from the intestinal tract. One can recognize a type of fungal secretion and his elixir with the "Test teapot" : first melts rapidly in water (ditto for sperm). It is quite otherwise with the elixir, especially fertile : caked in water and sinks to the bottom of glass !

The next time your doctor asks you if you have white discharge, ask him what he meant by that. And feel free to reply :Yes i do, doctor, like all women " !

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7 Comment “The great myth of "white discharge"”

  1. a big thank you! Ah, if I had known this sooner, it would have saved me years and years of exasperation, concerns, ill-being…

  2. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:


  3. Guigui says:

    Thank you! since the time I'm looking for a natural birth control that does not weigh myself and that is instinctive , youpiii!

  4. toutain says:

    Good Morning,
    As instructor Billings (method of observation of the mucus without adding temperature measurement), I beg to inform you that indeed, the fertile mucus may leave marks on underwear and since puberty until menopause. By against, traces on underwear can also come just vaginal secretions which are a type of oil secreted by the vaginal walls, which are deposited on the labia precisely to protect the vagina and thus indirectly the uterus of the woman Possible germs and infections to enable a future pregnancy : is a “protective coating”. Any woman observes the whole life almost. Not recommended : all guards briefs (worn outside the rules) that absorb “oil ” protective and facilitate the arrival of’ infections and mycoses. Nature therefore does things and women can be considered quite normal when their underwear stained.

  5. Bareaud says:

    Good Morning,
    Thank you for your article on a difficult subject ! But I find it maintains the confusion between cervical mucus and white discharge. The white losses are losses that some women experience, actually spotted by the technique of glass of water, if the woman does not recognize them otherwise (Odour, color…) The white discharge are actually a sign that something is wrong and the doctor does guarantee of seriousness when it cares. Obviously, Women must know the difference between mucus and white discharge, which is not won : few know their body and its functioning ! It is our responsibility to know how we are doing and how our bodies function.

  6. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    I thought I had been clear yet on your point. Since this is not the case for you, Your comment will be useful to all ! Thank you

  7. Camille says:

    Super article ! Yes the so disants losses that cleanse the vagina or are the result of a disruption ! Pffff I practice since Sympto 1 year and will not go backwards !

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