Le grand mythe de la vaccination

S & rsquo; there are many modern cure that nobody is supposed to subtract, let alone challenge, this is the vaccine. Alors que le corps médical lui voue une véritable adoration, l’opposition à la vaccination progresse et certains détracteurs n’hésitent plus à parler de «mythe vaccinal». L’expression n’est-elle pas un peu forte? Vaccines n & rsquo; they not allowed d & rsquo; eradicate diseases?

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Lire cet article hommage du Monde à René Girard, died in 2015.

Par une drôle de coïncidence, il se trouve que dernièrement j’étais plongée dans la lecture de La violence et le sacré, et découvrais la pensée de René Girard, grand spécialiste de la genèse des mythes. Alors que j’enchaînais avec deux autres ouvrages de cet auteur passionnant, m’est soudain venue alors l’idée de prendre l’expression “mythe des vaccins” au pied de la lettre, et d’entreprendre un décryptage de la science vaccinale au regard de la pensée visionnaire de René Girard. Ce que j’ai découvert alors dépasse la simple comparaison. La mise en parallèle des caractéristiques des religions archaïques avec le credo actuel de la vaccination montre que cette science, under a modern look, finally has the same mechanisms of a myth in the proper sense!

J’ai déjà beaucoup écrit sur les vaccins, so this will be my last record (or almost)! My goal n & rsquo; is not here to replay the debate d & rsquo; experts, everyone can now make his own opinion by comparing the opinions of each other on the internet (the only official media, all pro-vaccination, not enough for a true adversarial). There are enough resources websites that provide real adversarial, around damning evidence on & rsquo; ineffectiveness of vaccination. The consensus n & rsquo; there is more, even within the medical profession (example la grippe or in that édito).

Here this analysis, freely inspired by the & rsquo; work of René Girard (qui n’a jamais analysé cette question). Hoping it will allow everyone to take a little height on mixed numbers where citizens, finalement, s & rsquo; and forgiveness…

I published this dossier at New Health, n°57, septembre 2017

Qu’on ne se méprenne pas sur mes intentions : ce dossier n’est pas une remise en cause de la médecine moderne ou des médecins et chercheurs. En effet, qui n’est pas content de bénéficier d’une hospitalisation d’urgence en cas de maladie grave ou de pouvoir faire des analyses avec l’appui de son généraliste pour établir un diagnostic? The goal is not to discredit Emergency Medicine but to question the abuse of medicine without limit, who also claims to address prevention by imposing mass vaccinations on a healthy population.


Myths are as old as time. They have persisted in the West up & rsquo; the advent of Judeo-Christianity. En effet, l & rsquo; Judeo-Christian development dealt a serious blow to ancient myths and their attendant deities, Greco-Roman Type, both frightening and supposedly protective, the sometimes deviant manners, what made them human, even friendly. More recently, since Descartes, man has entered a new era, celle de la Raison ! more reason to not believe in all these stories. Following, the Enlightenment and positivist current took hold of the physical realities, subtracting the divine. In understanding our environment, So we think have done with a form of archaism. But what brings us the thought of the philosopher and anthropologist René Girard (1923-2015), this is a very different analysis : «All our pensed on man, our philosophies, all our social sciences, our psychoanalysis, etc., sont fondamentalement païennes en ceci qu’elles reposent sur un aveuglement au « mimétisme conflictuel » analogue à celui des systèmes mythico-rituels eux-mEmes "i!

Qu & rsquo; is it therefore that "conflict mimicry", postulat-clé de René Girard ? C’est tout simplement la fâcheuse tendance de l’homme à vouloir ce que possède son voisin, competition between human desires, Because of collective violence so specific to humans. And d & rsquo; after René Girard, to channel this violence, les civilisations ont créé des mythes et des rites ! "To understand how born the rites, you have to imagine the state of a community, after long bloody disorders, is delivered from its evil through an unexpected crowd effect ". Au “tous-contre-tous” (le mimétisme conflictuel, que l’on retrouve très bien dans l’ultra-capitalisme) succède le “tous-contre-un”, à travers le phénomène réconciliateur du bouc émissaire : les foules retrouvent une cohésion en se retournant contre une cible commune.

If vaccinology is a myth, within the meaning of the term Girardian, il y a forcément un culte, des désordres sanglants, high priests, more or less sacrificial rites, the phenomena of crowd, mais aussi, necessarily, a scapegoat. This is what we will discover !

No common feature°1. Vaccine science, sacred cow

Drôle de hasard : le mot vaccin vient de la “vaccine”, communément appelée « variole de la vache », maladie infectieuse des bovidés (Cowpox) et des équidés (Horsepox). Le virus, proche de celui de la variole, fournira le tout premier vaccin.

In all myths, there dogmas and gatekeepers ... Though we live in a society that honors freedom of expression, when it comes to vaccination, it is clear that the conflicting views have no right of citizenship! Comme dit Marisol Touraine, ministre de la santé, “la vaccination, it can not be discussed”. The vaccination, it is the cornerstone of our medical science, mais c’est aussi une vache sacrée, une religion d’Etat. To be convinced, just listen to our media. Sciences et Avenir December 2015, Featured : « La vérité sur les vaccins » (nothing less…). Indoors title : « Pourquoi on ne peut pas s’en passer ». La forme est d’entrée affirmative et plus loin moralisatrice : "Vaccines causing increasing distrust. Or, s & rsquo; they allowed d & rsquo; eradicate the number & rsquo; epidemics, new infectious diseases threaten d & rsquo; emerge. Tour d & rsquo; horizon of this essential collective gesture. »

In the newspaper South West, edition 13 January 2016, the same through a single thought are the & rsquo; work. A la Une: "Why vaccines are made flu" (without question mark). Indoors title, « Vaccins : a real wake-up call ". L & rsquo; intention is thinly veiled : we vaccinate mass against the & rsquo; spirit of secession. Le ton vire rapidement à l’intimidation : « graves dommages collatéraux chez les bébés », « graves malformations fœtales qui auraient pu être évitée si le calendrier avait été respecté », « ligues anti-vaccins, promptes à brandir la théorie du complot permanent ». lost sheep, quickly join the flock of our Good Shepherd !

That the principle of adversarial debate, safeguard the objectivity of journalist, is totally flouted in the processing of information provided by the mass media on vaccines, it is already a clear sign that he plays something profound about vaccination. While journalists continue to discuss the potential victims of a decline in immunization coverage, ils ne parlent presque jamais d’autres victimes bien plus réelles et peut-être même plus nombreuses, those affected by the side effects. Ces victimes n’ont pas le droit de cité dans les médias conventionnels, elles doivent se contenter d’internet. With vaccines, la nécessité de préserver le culte collectif autour de la vaccination passe avant la liberté d’expression et le droit à l’information (point 1 and 2 -voire aussi le point 9, de la charte de Munich des journalistes).

No common feature°2. High priests have to listen

In every myth, there are supreme authorities, teachers of the law who are in direct contact with divinity and express his wishes to the people who, his, not in secret, but swimming in complete ignorance.

The Academy of Medicine in France (source image)

L’académie de médecine en France (source image)

" Fact, vaccination gesture is not straightforward and requires dedication and confidence in medicine and authorities. Official reports of the highest health authorities have accumulated in recent years in an attempt to settle this growing distrust, thus 2012, l & rsquo; Academy of Medicine has estimated that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; there was "no evidence to date" for d & rsquo; incriminate vaccines or adjuvants in the occurrence of & rsquo; an autoimmune disease. Scientists may accept evidence that go to the & rsquo; against their personal convictions because & rsquo; they are capable of & rsquo; evaluate each element (…) whereas the general public needs to hang on to a more general confidence in science. (…) A confidence which tends to widely s & rsquo; crumble on time "complotiste" d & rsquo; Internet ", we learnedly asserts scientists interviewed by Sciences et Avenir. A call to faith more than reason ...

"The myth of the power comes from what he actually told the men on what to do and not do to the reports remain tolerable within human communities, in a context cultural ii », explains René Girard. Currently, nous devons suivre “le bon Pasteur”, notre grand prêtre moderne, qui protège le grand troupeau (nous) du vilain méchant loup.

No common feature°3. récits terrifying

Failing to understand, so, we are asked to believe. And to persuade us, the logos (rational discourse) willingly active pathos (emotion), excellent rhetoric spring of mythos, using scare stories to confirm the dogma :

"A boy of six died of diphtheria in Spain, two teenagers died from measles in Berlin and the US, a child of eight years in intensive care for several days in Tours for tetanus ... All these cases occurred in 2015. Not to mention the death of 10 other young, Victims of measles, occurred in France between 2008 and 2011. So many tragedies that n & rsquo; would never have happened ", tells us Sciences et Avenir. Or ces récits « pathologiques » n’ont aucune valeur scientifique. From an epidemiological point of view, that represent 10 décès sur 4 year by measles ? 0,04% on 25 000 listed by the INPSiii (figure that we found). Un chiffre à relativiser: even if these deaths are painful for families, ils ne peuvent pas à eux seuls justifier une politique vaccinale de masse.

What is far more worrying, this is for example the number of children under 15 years who die at the hands of their parents, estimated at 1 indeed 2 par jour ! "We're still in denial", says Anne Tursz, researcher at Inserm.iv This domestic violence is actually "shameful" in the "Company of progress" ... A lot less convenient to talk in a supposedly civilized culture, who prefers to highlight immunization prevention rather than prevention of domestic violence. What the media never talk about these m & rsquo figures; asks at the Point. This denial of social violence is widely pointed out by René Girard.

Vous me direz alors : “yes i do, but s & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there was no vaccination, there might be as many d & rsquo; children dying of measles that violence from their parents”. Let me d & rsquo; in doubt because the drop in measles deaths occurred before the introduction of the vaccine, but this ... it does not tell us (voir l’illustration ci-après).

Quid des chiffres concernant les décès par la vaccination de la rougeole? Ils sont tout de même importants! We lie and we frightens us on measles, alors pourquoi pas sur les autres maladies infantiles ou sur la flu ? Les vaccins censés nous prémunir sont-ils réellement si efficaces et sûrs qu’on nous le dit ?

No common feature°4. A scapegoat

rene_girard"Myths are born of the universal tendency of men to transfer their anxieties and their conflict over arbitrary victims, scapegoats. Myths systematically reverse the truth, ils innocentent les persécuteurs et blâment les victimes », says René Girard. "On this victim, the community gets rid of too intolerable experience in disorder and too incomprehensible in restoring order to be apprehensive rational».in Mais qui sont donc ces victimes arbitraires dans la mythologie vaccinale ?

In précédent dossierwe j’ai documenté le fait que la science vaccinale n’a jamais apporté une démonstration scientifiquement solide de l’éradication d’une quelconque maladie. Only the progress of hygiene would be a real and plausible cause. For the record, the great epidemics of the nineteenth century went hand in hand with uncontrolled urbanization of cities where poor workers crowded into slums. Paris is then «la ville aux 85 000 o sumpsù Parisians emptied refuse and sewage, and also their needs ... These wastes contaminate wells and springs where people supply until 1870 ... Résultat, a genuine fear of the "poor", vector many infections, s & rsquo; installs in affluent populations are not spared by these diseases. (…) With lImproving working conditions and habitat, contagious diseases of the century to regress as the standard of living increases. Cholera is thus naturally dammed, without the & rsquo; using the first cholera vaccine (1990) ». It will be the same for other diseases.

Il y a seulement un siècle, le travail des enfants était courant en occident. In a US plant, in 1908, a small spinner in & rsquo; factory Mollohan, Newberry, South Carolina (US). Source : Lewis W. Hine for the National Child Labor Committee, public domain.

While the vaccines arrive at the same time, it is easier to give them credit for this collective healing, this avoids questioning the unbridled capitalism that is beginning to develop (the famous "confrontational mimicry" René Girard). According to Girard, this process of projection that can extend our blindness to our inhuman behavior is a classic archaic thinking, tirelessly at work in the history of cultures and civilizations. Alors pourquoi pas à l’ère moderne ? Our mythical illusion of having viruses and bacteria goats ideals emissaries while the exponential growth of cities created an anarchic phenomenon of crowd and the & rsquo; unhealthiness. And since we could not tap too poor (Judeo-Christianity oblige), nor without him to turn the system ... the new Murder, it was the virus ! C & rsquo; s all the & rsquo; Pasteurian time that there is an ideal outlet for his growing.

No common feature°5. The pharmacological cure, avatar du «Pharmakos»

pharmakos-01-390x500The originality of the work of René Girard is to have shown that the mythological heroes are not gods out of nowhere, but they are still, and in all cultures, from emissaries goat lynched by a hysterical crowd. « Lynchings ramènent peace at the expense of the victim deified. C & rsquo; is why they figure epiphanies (manifestation, ndla) of this deity and communities reminisce the transfigured in these reports we call myths (…). The gods guérisseurs, in mythologies, it is always to begin officials demons of disease, thereafter, they guérissent "vii.

René Girard we explicit the true origin of pharmakos. En grec ancien, ce terme désigne traditionnellement « celui qu’on immole en expiation des fautes d’un autre », mais aussi « le remède », ou encore « le poison ». For René Girard, which postulates that every myth is born of an original lynching, the pharmakos is the original victim deified, whose healing power it is raised via the rite, necessarily sacrificial. "The myth is the work of persecutors too happy to be reconciled at little cost to critical thinking and rehabilitate their victims. Mieux vaut la diviniser »viii, he wrote.

René Girard decrypts this process through the story of Oedipus, hero of Greek mythology, famous for having solved the riddle of the Sphinx, but also for having killed his father and slept with his mother ... The Girard analysis, sweeping in passing the Freudian interpretation, postulates a more plausible story : that of a lame disliked by a decadent community, lynched publicly and which one will burst his eyes because his eyes are the mirror of his own image, before the hunt of the city.

In the vaccine myth, which would be the original victim deified ? One is tempted to think, in a first approach as the first victim, it is vaccinated. But no worship is rendered to the victims. Not, the first victim, which will then be the subject of a cult, rather it is the virus! En effet, it is both the source of all evil, but also the god healer content in the injected cocktail, its active ingredient. The vaccine, this is the perfect resurgence pharmakos (scapegoat + remedy + poison), a term that resonates well with our etymologically pharmacology.

Source image WikiCommons

Source image Wikicommons

We understand better the mythological spring of vaccine, which contains the virus (so-called vector diseases, scapegoat probably innocent) parallel deified for his magical appearance curator. "Vaccination of introducing a foreign body to fight against disease. C’est la thérapie la moins intuitive alors que c’est celle qui a sauvé le plus de monde dans l’histoire de la médecine ! », prides itself Sciences et Avenir. As a matter of fact, our science reproduced to perfection, in a high-tech product, the old vein of archaic myth : the ritual of pharmakos, poison saving, evil that heals.

No common feature°6. The primary fear of the great scourges

1562498nuremberg-bible-nuee-insectes-jpgWhen we engage in ritual vaccine, we therefore do nothing but reproduce this collective lynching Virus. We do this because of the high priests in white coats make us believe, the top of their doctoral expertise, the god vaccine will protect us from scourges, un peu comme au temps des dix plaies d’Egypte, parmi lesquelles : boils, mosquitoes, Death herds, the death of the firstborn ...

But in real life in the West today, diseases of the & rsquo; childhood are very rarely fatal. Nevertheless, media, our contemporary mediums, do not hesitate to play the oracles, without having to justify their about : "Epidemics are on our doorstep", warns Sciences et Avenir, citing « Zika, carried by the tiger mosquito arrived in France 2004, the virus could soon land on the national territory. » Further, « Quand surgira la prochaine épidémie d’Ebola ? A-Will vaccine ready in time ? (…) The test on one developed by mid-year 2015 seems very effective (rate 100%)», a figure simply amazing that does not hesitate to let go Sciences et Avenir, avec en guise de sa bonne foi journalistique la mention: « d’autres tests doivent être menés ».

No common feature°7. Moral imperatives

"We have forgotten what looked like a world without vaccine or swarm of infectious diseases. A world where pertussis, polio, diphtheria, tetanus are tens of thousands of lives a year. Yet, il n’y a pas plus altruiste et civique comme geste médical », sermonne Sciences et Avenir. « Le refus vaccinal fait non seulement peser un risque sur votre santé mais également sur celle de vos proches.» The mandatory vaccination, c’est le masque laïc de l’interdit religieux…

Un impératif moral est imposé à tous. Those who are not d & rsquo; agreement, as dissident scientists, are banned, excommuniés, it s & rsquo; picking on them. They undergo a real media cabal, to discredit the community's eyes.


The media are also there to remind us every year our homework vaccine. As in ancient times when the myth was recited in & rsquo; occasion of festivals and celebrations, the myth is recalled during rituals as the entrance to the nursery, puberty, Aging ... The immunization schedule serves new liturgical calendar. Everyone must comply with vaccination high masses, if not, they say you, collective protection will not work! And it will be your fault.

No common feature°8. Des sacrifices « nécessaires »

Fair vaccines image Source

Source image expovaccins

We blindly defer to vaccine because we do not understand more than before, under our tunes learned men, the actual operation of mother nature let alone viruses and bacteria, with their surprises and unexpected mutations resurgences. In the old days, they sacrificed knife victims on the altars of Aztec pyramids to ward off the elements and to please the gods, today they kill the virus in human blood via syringe vaccine.

Sciences et Avenir compare, «pour mieux les opposer », vaccination bleeding, « très largement pratiquée pendant des siècles pour toutes sortes d’affections, and d & rsquo; elsewhere still used, India for example. By letting the blood flow out of the body, everyone thought that & rsquo; it would eventually cause him harm which the patient was suffering. Un principe aussi intuitif… Qu’inefficace !», implied, an archaism ! In other words, modern medicine welcomes d & rsquo; have terminated unnecessary ritual forms.

But in reality, le nouveau mythe vaccinal n & rsquo; never scientifically established efficacy. Worse, its nuisance value is multiplied by technology. With the mass vaccinations, science causes severe immune imbalances in the populations it boasts protect. The victims of the side effects are not isolated cases. A simple web search shows that & rsquo; there are a lot of & rsquo; associations of victims and that they are leading figure of collateral damage (that & rsquo; we do not want to see or recognize). in the end we see the same result as the mythological old rituals. the name we sacrifice for a just cause, but this time on a widespread, Newborns (receiving vaccines battery), young virgins (Gardasil), the most fragile people (influenza vaccine), etc.! Which brings us back to square the foundation of civilizations : "The sacrifice isParamount institution of culture human»ix, René Girard finds.

Which is at work, this is one of the perverse effects of "Modern concern for victims'. Notre auteur a très bien décortiqué cette surenchère de la « victimologie » depuis l’avènement du christianisme dont nous sommes imprégnés : l & rsquo; man has incorporated the fact that all the sacrifices required by the myths were those innocent victims and that it was useless. Since Then, the new scientific thought shows his concern for victims, elle ne vit que pour sauver des victimes : GMO manufacturers want to save the poor from hunger, us health officials want to avoid diseases, Climate manipulators want us protect global warming ... The paradox of this contemporary thought, elle retombe dans le travers de la vieille bonne mythologie : to save the group, Victims side effects act as necessary sacrifices. Il existe une « bonne violence », « celle qui, instead of the step, y met fin (tentatively, ndla), is violence unanimous».x More than ever, The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Medical violence s & rsquo; always part of a collective logic, and the justification Sciences et Avenir : « le bénéfice collectif est supérieur à la somme des bénéfices individuels conférés par le produit » or "If the vaccination is an individual act, profit remains above all collective ".

No common feature°9. Persecutors who ignore

“The rejection of reality is the number one dogma of our time. It is the continuation and perpetuation of the mythical illusion original»,xi writes René Girard. "The son repeat the crimes of their father precisely because they believe themselves morally superior to them". As we have seen, the mythological process inverse reality : the victim is necessarily guilty and the innocent executioner. The blindness of the persecutor is an essential component of the myth that we find at work in modern science. This is a convenient way to arrange reality in order to save a discount in question face to our "sin" of violence, we still refuse to see.

Source image Formindep

Source image Formindep

La puissance du mythe repose principalement sur le déni psychologique et collectif de nos désirs coupables : the desire for power, honors and material possessions. While conflicts of interest plague our high health authoritiesxii , scientific experts swear we, hands on Vidal, they do their job independently. The fact that these conflicts of interest are difficult to identify for the public, or systematically failed in media statements, is a sign that they should be hidden. And it is first to themselves as experts conceal this sad reality, in a pressure logic of their own turpitude. Avec la complicité de l’Etat : pour la Cour des Comptes (rapport sur la sécurité sociale, 2001) : “la politique du médicament est inféodée aux lobbies pharmaceutiques tandis que la formation et l’information des médecins sont assurées essentiellement par les laboratoires pharmaceutiques“.

In an uplifting book, Corruption et crédulité en médecine, Prof. Philippe Even unveils the names and pedigrees of mercenaries in white coats for Big Pharma "Who sell their soul to the devil and some of whom manage to say that they entered religion in the service of health and the sick, directement responsables des dérives les plus dangereuses de l’industrie ». L’argent n’est pas leur seule motivation, "It would take a couch to analyze each one"

But we also have our share of individual responsibility in this blind trust in vaccine dogma.. We prefer to be vaccinated not to see that the content of our plate is the result of a poor beast fed with animal flour, force-fed antibiotic, who spends his life in a cage in a concentration camp where breeding promiscuity can logically push to end a poor virus like H5N1.

No common feature°10. Behind the cult, an occult science ...

The speech of our experts, in an apparent rationality, mask a reality that must remain confined to secret labs. Studies that used the marketing authorizations are protected by the "trade secret", thereby hide unhealthy practices.

On peut parler de bad science lorsqu’on regarde comment sont fabriqués et testés les vaccins, sidelines elementary scientific rules : not true placebos (Adjuvants are placebo!), absence of & rsquo; carcinogenicity study, genotoxicity and mutagenicity, absence of & rsquo; pharmacokinetic study (to study the fate d & rsquo; a substance in & rsquo; body), follow too short and small staff, placing on the market too fast.xiii

With vaccines, the bad science s’avère aussi très dirty (« sale », « impure », "Infected") : contamination of vaccine produced by bacteria, viruses, cell culture residue, is a real problem, known but little publicized.

No common feature°11. A hidden founder murder

Where the thought of René Girard goes further, is that it postulates, in any myth, a hidden founder murder, the famous original lynching of another one of our vices dons to better evade. «The mythological culture and cultural forms that piggyback on it, as philosophy, or mven today ethnology with some exceptions, tend initially to justify the murder founder and then to erase the traces of the murder, persuade men that there is no founding murder. In the Bible, on the contrary, it is the opposite momentum that is, it is an effort to trace the origin and return on constituent transfers, to discredit and cancel, to contradict and debunk myths somehow, that we are seeing. "

For example, l & rsquo; Romulus and Remus story does not feel guilty because the city of Rome by the murder of his twin Remus is presented as legitimate. In contrast, the murder of Abel by his brother Cain in Genesis is the first story in the history of religions to uncover the role of homicide in the foundation of human communities. Not only that murder is presented as guilty as well as the origin of the law against homicide in the Cainite Culture, the first act of the first company. murder, so, comme fondement des cultures et de leurs interdits !

René Girard underlines the radical originality of biblical stories compared to myths, and more anthrolopologique the contribution of the New Testament, where the scapegoat mechanism is described in black and white in historical accounts of the crucifixion, four copies (if we could not understand). Hélas, deplores René Girard, in Of Things hidden since the foundation of the world, by dint of typing on Judeo-Christianity, a scapegoat fashionable, "Modern atheism is unable to reveal the mechanisms victimary; his skepticism of all religious is a new way to keep these mechanisms in a shadow conducive to their perpetuation ".

Returning to the vaccine myth. Following the thought of René Girard, we can easily up the murder of the founder track because it is a recent science, archived in accessible writings. We discover that from the beginning, vaccination was tainted with the blood of many innocent. In his book LContribution to health vaccinations public,xiv Michel Georget recalls that "Ethics does not seem to have much concern about vaccinators nineteenth century when the smallpox vaccination. The vaccine fluid was long prepared by pustules develop on subjects, the "vaccinifères", which was injected vaccinia pus. And what topics we took ? Essentially abandoned children, orphans collected in hospices, real "tanks innocent", comme le décrit Darmon dans son ouvrage La longue traque de la variole ».xv

De son côté, René Girard us recalls "thee genre dMen Athens and the major Greek cities ate at their own expense to make them, When the time comes, of pharmakos, c’est-à-dire pour les assassiner collectivement – pourquoi reculer devant le mot ? - During Thargelia and other Dionysian festivals (…). Not to arouse représailles, social one chose nullities, homeless, of undocumented families, the infirm, sick people, abandoned old, toujours en somme des êtres dotés de ce que j’ai appelé dans Le bouc émissaire : preferential traits of victimhood selection ".

Les tromperies de Pasteur, révélée par le magazine Science. Pasteur Notebooks Reveal Deception Science 19 Feb 1993: Vol. 259, Issue 5098, pp. 1117

Les tromperies de Pasteur, révélée par le magazine Science. Pasteur Notebooks Reveal Deception Science 19 Feb 1993: Vol. 259, Issue 5098, pp. 1117

In studying the history of the discovery of Pasteur, our great guru, on découvre also skeletons in the closet. Lare records of the time indicate that many discussions were held at the Academy of Medicine, debates turned back in the archives of our collective unconscious. The death of a child 12 years, after vaccination practiced by Pastor, was particularly loud noise. our national hero experiments have caused damage : "In 1886, both in France and abroad, les morts à mettre officiellement au passif de la méthode Pasteur s’élevaient déjà à soixante-quatorze : forty foreign and thirty-four French nationals. Some had died with symptoms of ordinary rage, others had succumbed to a new disease that was called the "rage laboratoires”.xvi»

common feature # 12. Channeling social conflicts

World-week-of-the-vaccinate-rgb S & rsquo; they are not used to eradicate disease, quelle est donc au fond l’utilité sociale des vaccins ? « The rites consist transforming into an act of social cohesion, paradoxically, conflictual disintegration of the communityé »xvii, reminds us René Girard. To understand the explosive growth of vaccinology, we must return to the context of industrialization and explosive urbanization discussed above. In 1888, date of the founding of the Pasteur Institute, promiscuity, the lure of profit, the rise of individualism and epidemics related to unhealthy deteriorating living together, with the risk of civil wars or riots. The vaccines will help maintain human solidarity at the expense of virus, guilty ideals evils generated by the new socio-economic order decided by the promoters of industrialization.


A l’heure actuelle, competition desires remains particularly exacerbated by capitalism and the consumer society. Advertising sharpens competition between human desires, while the gap between the poorest and the richest is widening. Nous ne percevons pas vraiment toute la violence que cela réveille en nous ! Violence we are also trying to contain with another myth, that of growth "infinite" : just as Jesus multiplied the loaves, the hydra of capitalism claims to increase the property to release the pressure of mimetic desire and, by what miracle, channeling our collective violence forever.

But our modern mythologies are potentially more dangerous than previous. We have a high-powered technology and we no longer have the "fear of God". Our contemporary atheism has definitively classified as religious archaism. While humanizing function of myths was mainly channeled violence through fear of terrifying gods, the myth of scientific civilization has shattered the divine guardrail.

Worse, it is ourselves that we take for gods, by indulging in the life manipulations. All this finally brings us back to the myth of Genesis, where we reproduce, without seeing, the famous original sin that excluded us from Eden, because we have resisted the temptation to know as much as God himself. And that's what we proudly call : le progrès !



From the pen of Emma Kahn, of the association for benevolent medicine, I had the pleasure of reading lately : “Religious ideology takes the place of immunological science ! A one 2020 we are still there : en France, to prevent us from a second wave of Covid-19, we are offered the holy water of hydroalcoholic gel and the host of the mask at the entrance to the temples of consumption, not to mention compulsive hand washing instead of prayers.”

Does the myth of vaccination begin to deconstruct, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic? This is also what the resuscitator Louis Fouché mentioned recently : “the totalitarian surge needs an expiatory victim, of a scapegoat”. It’s at minute 1’54.


in Things hiddened since the foundation of the world.

vii I saw Satan fall likeFlash.

ix The sacrifice.

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xi I saw Satan fall likeFlash.

xii See the book of Professor Philippe Even, Corruptions et crédulité medicine. Septembre 2015.

xiii Source : Michel Georget, LContribution of vaccination to public health, Dangles, 2014.

xiv Dangles, 2014.

xvii Things hiddened since the foundation of the world.

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16 Comment “Le grand mythe de la vaccination”

  1. thyrrel says:

    Brillant article !

  2. d'Andrea says:

    Bravo pour cette analyse et le talent de la journaliste avertie que vous êtes !
    Je crois sincèrement que sont des articles comme celui là qui ouvrent la voie de la guerison profonde de notre société … Merci encore bravo !

  3. Ton article est BRILLANT Pryska, bravo et merci! Le monde journalistique manque cruellement de plumes comme la tienne ; -)

  4. Bo says:

    J’ai lu jusqu’au moment où vous comparez le nombre de morts de la rougeole avec les dates d’introduction des vaccins.
    Alors juste pour vous expliquer un peu, un vaccin n’a presque pas d’influence sur le nombre de décès dû à une maladie.
    Le principe du vaccin, c’est de ne pas attraper une maladie. Donc si on ne l’attrape pas, on ne peut pas en mourir.
    Les courbes de mortalité diminue essentiellement à cause de l’amélioration des soins au cours du temps.
    By against, vous pouvez comparer avec les courbes du nombre de personnes qui attrapent la maladie.
    Leaves, ce sera parlant.

    Vous dites avoir fait des recherches sur le sujet ?
    Sérieusement ?

  5. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    Vous affirmez “un vaccin n’a presque pas d’influence sur le nombre de décès dû à une maladie.” Yet, il s’agit bien au fond de savoir si les vaccins permettent d’éviter des morts : c’est le bénéfice attendu, et non pas seulement de ne pas attraper une maladie. La seule courbe qui compte vraiment, c’est bien le résultat en terme de mortalité.

  6. Bo says:

    Not, c’est complètement faux. Tout n’est pas tout blanc ou tout noir.
    Quand on attrape une maladie, entre un peu de température et la mort, il y a une quantité de complications possibles.
    Prenons l’exemple de la rougeole, voici la liste des complications qui peuvent survenir :
    – encéphalites
    – complications neurologiques graves
    – cécité
    – surdité
    – déficiences mentales
    – complications respiratoires

    Comme vous pouvez le voir, le vaccin ne permet pas seulement d’éviter la mort. Il permet aussi d’éviter toutes ces complications. Et ces complications nécessitent une hospitalisation qui sera coûteuse en soin, et dont on ne sortira peut être pas complètement indemne. utiliser le nombre de mort comme critère ne sert à rien. Les vaccins ne guérissent pas les maladies, ils empêchent qu’on les attrape. Par contre votre exemple montre bien comment la qualité des soins s’est améliorée au fil des ans. Le bénéfice attendu des vaccin n’est pas de diminuer le nombre de mort, ça c’est le boulot de ceux qui soignent la maladie une fois qu’elle est là. Par contre éviter des soins longs et coûteux, diminuer les arrêts maladie dans les entreprises, dans les écoles, aider les enfants à se défendre, ça oui, c’est le vrai rôle du vaccin.

  7. azoulay says:

    Les vaccins sont faits pour prévenir la contraction de la maladie, ainsi leur efficacité est directement représentée par le taux de maladie (morbidité). Si les vaccins étaient destinés à soigner les maladies, alors on verrait leur efficacité transparaître à travers le nombre de cas mortels de la maladie en question. Mesurer l’efficacité d’un vaccin en regardant une courbe de mortalité revient à mesurer l’efficacité d’un moyen contraceptif en regardant un taux d’avortement ; cela ne reflète qu’une petite part de ce qu’on cherche, noyée au milieu d’autres paramètres influents.
    Le taux de mortalité reflète une part très faible du vrai impact d’une maladie : Les survivants d’une maladie contre laquelle on sait vacciner peuvent être handicapés à vie – pensons à la polio et ses cas de paralysie, aux oreillons qui peuvent entraîner la surdité, à la rougeole et ses dégâts cérébraux, ou encore aux fausses-couches post-rubéole. Ne s’intéresser qu’au taux de mortalité, c’est donc rater le vrai danger que représente une maladie. For example, avant l’introduction du vaccin de la rougeole aux Etats-Unis dans les années 60, il n’y avait « que » 400 to 700 décès par an, des suites de la rougeole. Cela dit, on comptait également 4000 cas d’encéphalites dues à la rougeole par an (dont bon nombre menaient à des complications neurologiques graves telles que la cécité, la surdité ou des déficiences mentales), 150 000 cas de complications respiratoires, and 48 000 hospitalisations liées à la rougeole, par an toujours, représentant un très grand impact émotionnel et financier sur les familles. Ce sont ces chiffres qui ont motivé le combat contre cette maladie.

  8. Jong-soo says:

    Vous raisonnez comme s’il était attendu que 100% des personnes atteintes d’une maladie vaccinable en meurent, or c’est évidemment faux. Des courbes de morbidité seraient largement plus pertinentes si l’on voulait vraiment connaître de façon non biaisée la réelle incidence. À moins que le but soit dès le départ de dire “ça ne sert à rien”?

  9. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    Ce serait bien de citer vos sources lorsque vous avancez des chiffres. Il serait aussi très intéressant d’avoir les maladies provoquées par les vaccins, mais cela ne fait pas l’objet de beaucoup d’études scientifiques malheureusement.

  10. Bo says:

    Not, c’est complètement faux. Tout n’est pas tout blanc ou tout noir.
    Quand on attrape une maladie, entre un peu de température et la mort, il y a une quantité de complications possibles.
    Prenons l’exemple de la rougeole, voici la liste des complications qui peuvent survenir :
    – encéphalites
    – complications neurologiques graves
    – cécité
    – surdité
    – déficiences mentales
    – complications respiratoires

    Comme vous pouvez le voir, le vaccin ne permet pas seulement d’éviter la mort. Il permet aussi d’éviter toutes ces complications. Et ces complications nécessitent une hospitalisation qui sera coûteuse en soin, et dont on ne sortira peut être pas complètement indemne. utiliser le nombre de mort comme critère ne sert à rien. Les vaccins ne guérissent pas les maladies, ils empêchent qu’on les attrape. Par contre votre exemple montre bien comment la qualité des soins s’est améliorée au fil des ans. Le bénéfice attendu des vaccin n’est pas de diminuer le nombre de mort, ça c’est le boulot de ceux qui soignent la maladie une fois qu’elle est là. Par contre éviter des soins longs et coûteux, diminuer les arrêts maladie dans les entreprises, dans les écoles, aider les enfants à se défendre, ça oui, c’est le vrai rôle du vaccin.

  11. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    Donc, si je vous suis bien, il faudrait mieux vérifier si le vaccin permet d’éviter d’attraper la maladie. Or, sur ce point, et dans les divers dossiers que j’ai traité à ce sujet, il semblerait que les vaccins n’ont pas donné satisfaction non plus sur ce point. Par exemple sur la grippe : « Une vaste étude a été réalisée par la Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie de Nantes pendant les semaines 47 to 50 of 1993 Health spending 31 757 non-vaccinated and 8 381 vaccinated, all aged 60 to 69 years. This study shows that influenza vaccination costs us for a little convincing result. En effet, health expenditure (Medical and Pharmaceutical) of vaccinees were 30 % higher than those of non-vaccinated, additional costs which must be added the cost of the vaccine and all for a poor result : 14 % vaccinated presented against a flu-like illness 13 % des non-vaccinés… » Voir mon enquete : http://pryskaducoeurjoly.com/actu/1963/les-vaccins-ont-ils-vraiment-eradique-les-maladies-enquete
    Il y a aussi la fameuse étude cochrane sur la grippe, qui conclut la meme chose : http://www.cochrane.org/fr/CD001269/les-vaccins-pour-prevenir-la-grippe-chez-les-adultes-en-bonne-sante

  12. azoulay says:

    Polio : cas de paralysie : http://www.who.int/topics/poliomyelitis/faq/fr/

    Mumps : cas de surdité ; http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs286/fr/

    dégâts cérébraux dus à la rougeole : http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs286/fr/
    fausses couches (rubella) : http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs367/fr/

    A moins de dire que l’OMS serait le suppôt partial du grand big Pharma.

  13. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    Les experts de l’OMS ne sont pas de blanches colombes et plusieurs articles se sont déjà intéressé aux importants conflits d’intéret de cette institution. A moins d’être naïf et de faire confiance aveuglément aux autorités sanitaires… On sait que l’OMS est maintenant majoritairement financée par les laboratoires à 70% et non plus majoritairement par les Etats comme dans les années 70.

  14. Here is an essential and OFFICIAL source that concludes (However) the lack of scientific evidence on the usefulness of vaccines !
    This was written down in full by the French Senate on 6 juin 2007 :

    "The deputy who chaired a round table on vaccination in France, the 6 juin dernier [2007] in the Senate, believes that "there is no scientific evidence on the usefulness of vaccines" and also acknowledges that "there is a lack of scientific data to assess the usefulness of vaccines" !”.
    "Vaccines in France : what are the challenges for the pharmaceutical industry and research ?” (and therefore not just flu shots)

    The deputy in question is none other than Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard, renowned surgeon and member of the college of the “Haute Autorité de Santé” (depuis 2008) (more details about him : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Michel_Dubernard).

    In a rich file from the Nexus review (September October 2009 °), resuming under the title “No scientific proof” this finding, we add : “but no one seems to have heard it.”
    (°) Nexus is the only French journal (fortnightly) INDEPENDENT and in which there is no advertising !

    The disinformation that serves the interests of pharmaco-industrial lobbies still has a very bright future ahead of it and it is not the ton of sanitary drifts that seem to put some brakes on these collusions.

    The supreme myth is therefore to still want to resort to this pseudo-treatment (based on an indecipherable dogma) and also with sometimes fatal side effects !!! Few people know that the alleged efficacy of vaccines developed by Pasteur (based on the manufacture of antibodies) was due to the addition that he had perfectly killed aluminum.

    "Vaccines contain either, aluminum hydroxide in doses 30 times greater than the toxic threshold, either mercury derivatives, or even glycol ethers, sometimes calf serum or cancer cells. These toxic products are necessary, according to the manufacturers, which call them adjuvants of immunity, and which indicate that without these adjuvants, they would be ineffective.? »


  15. July says:

    In 1963, England, a link that can shed light on morbidity and mortality applied to measles:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1815949/?page=4

    Compare with the current incidence of measles. Thus, the impact of vaccination which has negatively blurred the ecology of this disease, which has become "not a public health problem" in our latitudes. this, well before the onset of vaccination.

  16. Joh says:

    Judeo-Christianity does not exist, it's one or the other.

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