H1N1 : no European survey

"The EPP and the European Socialists prevent any transparency on the management of the H1N1 crisis
in Europe ", s’indigne les Verts d’Europe Ecologie. Le PPE et les Socialistes européens ont refusé le 20 May, au sein de la conférence des présidents, la demande formulée par 210 députés européens, issus de l’ensemble des Groupes politiques, set up a special committee on the management by the EU institutions of the crisis of influenza A (H1N1).
Commenting on the decision at the end of the Conference of Presidents, Michèle Rivasi, (Greens / EFA) behind this initiative, member of the Environment Committee, Public Health and Food Safety and Corinne Lepage (THE), First Vice-President of the Commission felt that : “This decision is incomprehensible and unacceptable. This refusal appears to be the result of a maneuver leaders of the two main political groups EPP and S&D. Mobilising 210 MEPs went unheeded. We imperatively demand and without delay the grounds for refusal made to MPs to exercise their stock control mission of the European institutions. We walk on the head, this refusal is a real denial of democracy and tends to confirm the doubts that could have on the management of the crisis.”

De son côté, pharmacovigilance expert says Marc Girard : Compared to the parliamentary committees on the management of H1N1 that we enjoy every day the pitiful goodness, that demanded by 210 MEPs was the only one referred immediately a technical-regulatory EMEA audit, the agency that authorized the new vaccines. It's the only that would have allowed, for example, to understand how a mass vaccination could be authorized after a botched development in weeks, on evidence of effectiveness issues, and which include strictly resulted in seven unexplained deaths.

It's the only that would have allowed, Therefore, documenting the state of decay which arrived pharmaceutical evaluation procedures as they were perniciously implemented by European authorities since the Directive EEC / 65/65. It's the only that would have allowed, a paradigmatic case, throw one day typing on the stunning political authorities to predators lobbies.

It is understood that officials of the European Parliament are combined to derail this proposed commission : they perfectly felt it coming - and they knew it could be terrible ...

Gérard BAPT, deputy (PS) Haute-Garonne, Member of the Commission of Inquiry also denounces the conditions and the way has been programmed, explained and managed the campaign of vaccination Influenza A nationally
Gérard Bapt also denounces the conditions in which began the inquiry on influenza A (H1N1) Wednesday 31 March, after taking a month delay since inception, knowing that his life six months from its creation requires that the work be completed in July whatever happens.

En effet, convened for the inaugural meeting of the commission was sent on the day scheduled for the meeting, and first auditioned were summoned while the Officers of the Committee had not yet made! Who could summon MM. HOUSSIN, COUDERT, BOUBE WEBER and while the Committee had not yet met to nominate its president, son rapporteur, its vice presidents and its secretary? On the other hand, Gérard Bapt condemns the majority of practices, Contrary to current practice under the Fifth Republic, accapparée has two main items of commission, the presidency for the New Centre and the post of Rapporteur, le plus important, for the UMP.

Finally, Gérard Bapt notes that “ridicule has been reached with the postponement of the first hearing following the summons by the Elysee of UMP deputies, in defiance of the work of parliamentarians and the separation of powers.

This poisonous atmosphere between President LAGARDE (NC) and some UMP deputies may undermine the serenity and seriousness necessary for the functioning of the Commission of Inquiry”

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A commentary on “H1N1 : no European survey”

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