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Wearing a mask is unnecessary, according to studies. A good rain would be more effective!

Le Wednesday 10 June 2020

According to researcher Denis Rancourt, "By making recommendations and imposing the wearing of masks on the general public, or by approving this practice, governments have both ignored scientific evidence and acted against the precautionary principle. (…) Such recklessness is certainly found in the current global confinement of more than a billion people., unprecedented experience in the medical field and political history. »

Ehpad : full powers to the ARS, no deconfinement

Le Wednesday 3 June 2020

Visit report this Wednesday 3 juin 2020 in a Dordogne retirement home, who has not had any cases of coronavirus since the start of the crisis. Read also this previous article. Despite the government announcement, containment is maintained in Ehpad. As a matter of fact, the regional health agency seems to be resisting, […]

Confined seniors, does it really protect them?

Le Wednesday 20 May 2020

Elderly people in retirement homes (EHPAD) in France were not released like the others on 11 May. Visits are also extremely restricted. Why Seniors Without Symptoms Still Can't Recover and Go Out With Their Families, like other French people and like other seniors not placed in retirement homes ?

Do you test covid-19, watch out for false positives!

Le Tuesday 5 May 2020

What are these epididological data for covid-19 really worth while, de toute évidence, reliability of tests is not acquired ? Given the current low level of bibliographic data on these tests, whether you test negative or positive, even being symptomatic, the laboratory result should not be taken as diagnostic certainty ...

Where did the seasonal flu go? ?

Le Thursday 30 April 2020

While the flu averages 10 000 dead every year, we hardly heard about it this year. And if we had classified coronavirus a majority of people with influenza ? This angry question will fuel many debates. As a matter of fact, we are currently unable to tell the difference between flu and coronavirus deaths this year !

No seasonal excess mortality this year ? Update on the figures…

Le Thursday 30 April 2020

Is the anxiety-provoking media treatment with the daily death tally really justified ? Containment, draconian measure, is it based on exceptional mortality ? Not at all : INSEE figures show that winter mortality does not exceed that of previous years…