A vaccine against cancer cervix : a health bomb ! (folder)

health neo 32 THE ONE extractIs this the bite too1 ? Supposed to "prevent" cancer of the cervix, with Gardasil, has been injected over two million 14-25 ans en France, despite placing on the market from controversial 2006. Le vaccin anti-HPV (papillomavirus humain) is now the subject of several criminal complaints, a recent petition for a parliamentary mission and a call for moratorium. Probably the beginning of a long legal medical history. A new scandal in perspective. But this is far from a surprise for whistleblowers, on the frontlines during the first months of the introduction of this vaccine. Eight years after, pending evidence, strong suspicions of its harmfulness accumulate, "Thanks" to the general public experiment. Yet : Gardasil remains "recommended". For the cancer plan 2014-2019, France gives the objective is to achieve immunization coverage 60 % ! Despite all the public authorities recognize its "inefficiency" on mortality from cervical cancer, compared to the simple smear, failing to recognize its probable danger…

How did we get here ? The answer is the same as for other health scandals : Pressure labs, scientific studies "sponsored", conflicts of interest to all floors and political cowardice. Result : thousands of young girls who are victims of serious adverse events, and general indifference. Story of a health catastrophe announced.

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folder appeared in New Health (March 2014 n ° 32)


Health catastrophe talk, Is not that a bit much ? If there was really as much a problem with the vaccine against cervical cancer, with Gardasil, we would know ! The best proof of its safety, by Sanofi Pasteur MSD, which markets, are the 136 million doses distributed worldwide since its launch in June 2006 (statistics 2013). Logically, this large number of injections should have revealed potential problems, if there really was… The vaccine is also recommended by WHO, by US health authorities (FDA), by the European Medicines Agency. Agencies quite respectable, independent, Public, and authoritative. Why ? Because they are composed of experts of the highest level scien-ti-fi-only! And because these experts base their opinion on a compilation of equally serious study ! Even if, it is true, most are "controlled" or "sponsored" by the manufacturers laboratories or marketing these vaccines, namely Merk firms and Sanofi Pasteur for Gardasil, GSK Cervarix, or by Astra Zeneca, laboratory holds essential patents for the manufacture of the vaccine.

Vaccin anti-HPV : identity card

Gardasil is a vaccine indicated from 9 years for the prevention of precancerous genital lesions of the cervix, vulvar and vaginal and cervical cancer of the uterus due to certain oncogenic Human Papillomavirus (HPV 16, 18). And for the prevention of genital warts (condylomes acuminés) due to specific HPV Types (6, 11). In France, the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) recommends vaccination of girls between 11 and 14 years. “Any opportunity, including vaccination appointments 11-14 years, must be leveraged to initiate vaccination or to complete an incomplete vaccination schedule”. It also recommends that remedial age is limited to 20 years, vaccination is more effective that the girls have not been exposed to the risk of HPV infection. The US Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC) also recommend vaccination for boys of the same age… In order to curb the sexual transmission of the virus, "Responsible for other types of cancer" (including anal cancer and some head and neck cancers).


The side of the pharmacovigilance, “Nothing to report”

Officially, IL-JUST-A-PAS-DE-PROBLEM with Gardasil, nor with its near twin Cervarix. Serious side effects ? Come On, come on… There has always had side effects with vaccines, as with any drug. In the case of vaccine against cervical cancer, "They are mild and transient with a predominance of pain at the injection site», no cause for alarm so. HPV VACCINEThis is certainly what emerges from the international monitoring of pharmacovigilance, supposed to list the side effects from the marketing of a drug. So yes, of course, "During vaccination campaigns of adolescents, it was reported certain epidemic hysteria such as dizziness and syncope ". But : "We could prevent these events by keeping teens 15 minute observation after vaccination and encouraging good hydration2 ».

Girls who land in the hospital, declare autoimmune diseases, or even end up in wheelchairs ? Maybe the dead !? Coincidentally… Do you know that this vaccine is closely monitored in France as part of a "national pharmacovigilance enhanced monitoring" ? For three reasons : because of the potential risk of autoimmune diseases, because of the lack of data in pregnant women and because of the long-term lack of safety data. But regular health reports are reassuring : "The interim analysis results (November 2011) shows that the impact of autoimmune diseases rates (all diseases) observed in subjects vaccinated with an HPV vaccine are not significantly different from those observed in unvaccinated subjects3 ». Conclusion : RAS, nothing to report. That's about the official discourse on Gardasil.

Yet, there is something that rings false. As a sad familiar refrain. The argument closely resembles to the one held on the hepatitis B vaccine4, on Vioxx5, or more recently on the Picks… As we saw in the first days of trial Picks, there is a safe bet that if Gardasil scandal, officials will revert to the hot potato : it's not me, it is the other ! Judge for yourself this excerpt of the first days of the trial Picks6, yet another case d'école, still fresh, which should alert us :

« On a eu 20, 30 years of smoking out of the anorectic effect "of the Mediator, says Professor Jean-François Bergmann, the marketing authorization commission (AMM) Drug. "Servier for me, c'est Opus Dei ", car "They have three principles: it was, silence and silos ".

– Counsel for the quips laboratory : "Finally, Servier is much like AFSSAPS, in which there is silence, compartmentalization and also the good faith ". In other words, AFSSAPS, indictment as Jacques Servier, also has a responsibility in the late withdrawal of the antidiabetic.

– Asked why she had not reacted earlier, AFSSAPS explains that this is because of "No alarming pharmacovigilance notification". The problem, for Professor Bergmann, is that "Pharmacovigilance based on spontaneous reporting, it works very poorly (…) A doctor makes on average once every ten years "

But now return to our subject, with Gardasil. In an article in the French Mutuality, Dr Bernard Guerin's Masgenêt, gynecologist at the maternity hospital Gustave Dron in Tourcoing (France) declared in 20087 : "It would not be the first time that the learned societies of gynecology, or other specialties, give them scientific support to pharmaceutical labs. The independence, vis-à-vis the financial or other interest, is not yet part of our medical culture ! As to me, Gardasil was introduced to me by a professor in gynecology, accompanied by a representative of the laboratory before ... offered an excellent meal in a good restaurant ! All prescribers under significant pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, which finances and directs much of postgraduate training of doctors and overtaking the dunces by the demand of customers "educated" TV. Serving our patients, we must learn, listen, doubt and distrust. »

Notoriously under-reporting of adverse reactions

And if, in the case of Gardasil as in all major public health scandals, we found the same problem of "underestimation of the number of adverse effects" ? We then say one day, about this vaccine, that is the fault of the town of Medicine : one that is first in line, constantly bombarded prospectus by laboratories, and forget it declare pharmacovigilance damage reported by patients. Because the doctor does not link, because he hardly recognized his responsibility as a prescriber of three toxic injections of Gardasil…

"In the case of vaccine against cervical cancer, I am convinced that there is a significant underreporting of cases of side effects ", New Health assures Dr. Philippe De Chazournes. This town doctor who described as non antivaccinal, installed Reunion is president and founder of the association Med'Océan8, which works for nearly 15 years for the independence and quality of medical information9. "It is often almost impossible to make the connection between the time of injection and adverse reactions, which occasionally occur after several months'.

It is not alone in thinking this, far from it… Under-reporting of adverse events by health professionals was investigated by US researchers10 : between 1% and 10% only side effects are notified to the pharmacovigilance system in the US ! Under-reporting is also important in France, but little studied. A French study, conduct between 1994 and 1996, on perioperative anaphylactic accidents, estimated that only 13% of the cases were reported to the pharmacovigilance system11. To have a vision side effects that approximates reality, should therefore, as the US multiply by 10 the figures… And this is a minimum!

Officially, en France, according to the National Drug Agency, 435 cases of serious side effects including 135 autoimmune diseases, including 15 MS cases, were reported to the national pharmacovigilance network, for more 5 million Gardasil doses (between 2006 and May 2013). It is "somewhat" over 2 millions of French youth 14 to 23 years previously vaccinated. The notification rate (of all effects) So would only be 38 to 100 000 doses, and the rate of serious adverse effects 8 to 100 000 doses12. But this is really reliable ? This question is all the more crucial that that many girls are about to be vaccinated (in its cancer plan 2014-2019, France gives the objective is to achieve immunization coverage 60 % and test the acceptability of a school-based vaccination to increase this coverage !).

After the scandal of Picks, the French drug agency (ANSM) expanded in 2011 the opportunity for individuals to self-report adverse side effects. A very recent measure13. "These statements are different from those reported by health professionals, Le Figaro says ANSM14. Physicians interested in serious damage, while patients will further go up daily annoyances, as nausea, diarrhea or headache, which, in deteriorating the quality of life, may lead patients to take less processing and thus put themselves in danger "… Such a statement raises questions : outside nausea and other side effects "benign", will the patient testimonials really taken seriously ? This opening to the patients she is really advanced to reveal the toxicity of Gardasil ?

Nothing is less sure if we listen to the testimonies of patients. In most cases, they feel their doctor does not listen, do not take seriously their feelings and therefore do not bother to make a notification to health authorities . Here is the example of Rachel Celli, whose daughter Laetitia was involved in a serious accident vaccine. In his case, pharmacovigilance will have been for nothing. Therefore Lætitia have made their journey through vaccination, despite worrying signals reported with the first dose. Its history15 sadly copy of the denial of health authorities to the findings and judgments of patients :

The 12 December 2007, Laetitia receiving the first dose of Gardasil at the insistence of his mother, alerted by a commercial for Gardasil. Week elapses with a thermometer which displays 40 ° C. Vomiting, hot flushes, migraines, Laetitia has all the symptoms of menopause fifties…

February 2008 : second injection. Laetitia barely keep pace with its 1st Health and Social. She was never sick subscribes to the infirmary and, often, out of the class with a bang to vomit in the hallway. She discovers the impressions of déjà vu. Upon awakening, the ceiling turns and the hellish ride ends only fainting.

June 2008, third injection. This time, everybody dreads. Joy, which takes hardly stand, but also Rachel, his mother, who sees that "the deterioration corresponds to the dates of vaccination". Not sure of himself, the physician contact the French Agency for Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) before removing the needle. "I have a very sick patient who wonders if Gardasil No ... ? OK »16. The decision to proceed to the third injection will ultimately depended on the opinion of an expert in a warm office. Adviser is not paying. Since Then, Laetitia's life is a nightmare. « A 20 years, his social life is close to zero and academic career, at the discretion of these hospitalizations, smashed in flight : after graduating, she missed twice its first year medical student at Marseille and its last waiver request was denied by the university "17.

Icing on the cake, March 2013, six years after the first injection, the claim is rejected Laetitia since "the link with the Gardasil is not explicitly confirmed, despite the sequence of events ". Rachel Celli, mother Lætitia, noted the words of one expert : "But Mrs., it is not the laboratory that forced you to make this vaccine daughter, it is you who have made this decision. You only have to blame yourself.18 » Adviser is not paying. End of discussion.

A gross potential toxicity

Some of the serious side effects after vaccination Gardasil or Cervarix, we talk a lot of autoimmune diseases classified : Arthralgie / arthrite / arthropathy, thyroïdite auto-immune, celiac disease and inflammatory bowel, IDDM, erythema nodosum, MS, kidney inflammation, Immune thrombocytopenic purpura, psoriasis, Raynaud's phenomenon, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, etc. ! It was also reported cases of balance disorders, Hearing, sight, pancreatitis, encephalitis, or venous thrombosis, sometimes fatal. VACCINATIONAmong the reported accidents, there is also damage to the reproductive function of women, while the vaccine is precisely supposed to protect… The death of the ovaries - or premature menopause - is generally attributed to an autoimmune disorder.

« Le British Medical Journal (BMJ) published the case of a young Australian 16 years in perfect health with femininity seems to have been stolen by Gardasil, reports the Citizens' Initiative website19. Before becoming a woman, this girl was propelled in a menopausal state in its own right, her ovaries are being finalized run. "Authors, Deidre Therese Little et Harvey Rodrick Greenville Ward, directly pointed to the fact that although the girl had been fully examined and tested. That there was no, his condition, known explanation other than the series of three Gardasil vaccine. They also noted that, in the public assessment report for Gardasil, no information was provided regarding the ovaries of female rats : there is only data on the testes and rat epididymal. "Obviously we do not know whether Merck voluntarily omitted to study on the ovaries or if the company refuses to disclose the data given their overwhelming character", concludes Citizens' Initiative.

The toxicity of adjuvants HPV vaccine20

Aluminum (hydroxide or phosphate or sulfate amorphous hydroxyphosphate)Function : immunity adjuvant.For the record : the maximum standard for drinking water is 100 micrograms per liter. An injection of Gardasil contains 225, Cervarix 500 micrograms, which are found in the body without being passed through the natural barriers (digestion e.g.). Involved in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (SLA) and other neurological degeneration. According immunogénéticien Herman Hugh Fudenberg, autism specialist, an individual who has received 5 consecutive vaccines against flu 10 times more likely to have Alzheimer's disease than unvaccinated. The Pr Gherardi (Bordeaux) also attributed to the vaccine aluminum "myofasciitis macrophages" .Her studies provide a scientific basis to the complaint filed by patients in January 2013 against Sanofi Pasteur. This complaint involves the presence of aluminum in the vaccine Revaxis, which replaced the mandatory DTP, before without aluminum !). To learn more about the dangers of aluminum, all in the study by Dr. Jean Pilette (1 700 scientific references) : www.alis-france.com/download/alu_vaccins.pdf
Squalene (ASO3) Function : this is not an additive in itself but enhances the immune response. Although the squalene is a natural body substance, its injection causes the creation of antibodies against squalene. The same antibodies were found in carriers of the syndrome of the Gulf War, vaccinated with some batches of the vaccine against anthrax containing squalene (« Antibodies to squalene in recipients of anthrax vaccine », in Experimental and molecular pathology, 2002 Aug;73(1):19-27.This syndrome is characterized by renal and respiratory problems, cancer, damage to the nervous system, leukemia, rashes. Squalene has already been used in the highly contested vaccine against influenza A.
L-histidine Function : as squalene, enhances the immune response. L-Histidine is a precursor of histamine which triggers an inflammatory response in allergic reactions. It is an amino acid called "essential". It is part of the group of oils used (as squalene) as adjuvants to induce autoimmune disease in experimental animals so that they can be studied for possible treatment to these troubles.L'injection L-histidine could cause autoimmune disease in which the L- histidine is attacked by the immune system, causing its shortage, and causing many disorders21.
Polysorbate 80 Function : emulsifiers (also present in ice cream or cosmetic). Polysorbate 80 is known to cause allergic shock, but also, and deformations of the ovary, degenerative follicles, hormonal changes, changes in the uterus and vagina in rats. This is a sterilizing mice… A list of studies on the toxicity of this emulsifier is available in this article : “Polysorbate 80 and Infertility : an emulsifier that can damage reproductive function " (Polysorbate 80 Causes Infertility, An Emulsifier That Can Damage Your Reproductive Health), in English on www.whale.to/vaccine/polysorbate.html
Borate de sodium Function : antiseptic. Since 6 November 2008, boron salts are classified by European regulations as toxic. Packaging products including must also bring to this effect a death head logo with the following two directions : R60 (may impair fertility) and R61 (Pregnancy risk of harm to the child). This is one of the major components of the death rat poison…Such a preservative in vaccines against infections of the cervix is ​​particularly disturbing in light of clinical trials prior to marketing : five women became pregnant 30 days after vaccination have had abnormal babies as reported in the opinion of the Technical Committee of vaccinations on Vaccination against human papillomavirus.22

Deaths in the US, but not in France…

The US side, the controversy over Gardasil is also very lively. Fueled by blogs, testimonials on forums, advocacy groups for victims. Whistleblowers are closely following the latest data from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), Pharmacovigilance register. They are indeed increasingly worrying, especially when we know they are probably less than 10 % reality ! Here are the "official" figures most recent. Victims of the HPV vaccine in the US – December 2013 (Source VAERS)23

Description Number of VAERS Estimation probable24 taking into account underreporting
Infirm 1 025 10 250
Death 155 1 500
Patients not cured 6 549 65 500
Abnormal smear 554 5 540
Cervical dysplasia 233 2 330
Cancer cervical 71 700
Life threatened 600 6 000
Emergency 11 148 111 480
Hospitalization 3 367 33 367
Long hospital stay 244 2 440
Serious state 4 477 44 770
Reported side effects 32 995 329 950

Officially, en France, there is not a single death related to the vaccine. Strangely, US, we already counted 155. Knowing across the Atlantic, was distributed 10 times more doses (57 million between 2006 and 201325, against 5 million in France), statistical science should lead to an estimate of nearly 15 death for us… A figure that is even entitled to tenfold, if we consider the phenomenon of underreporting. When it comes to serious side effects, they are not necessarily better notified, precisely because of the closely-kept denial of medical face an even greater responsibility… 150 Possible death from Gardasil in France ? This seems huge compared to the deafening silence around this vaccine, but it would not be the first time, in the history of medicine in France, the authorities we "hide the dead"… While the discourse of our health authorities is reassuring, contrary evidence accumulates on internet, from civil society : vaccinated.

There is for example the case of Adriana Kolbecher, Tarbes, deceased perhaps as a result of successive injections. Parents tell26 : "Our daughter Adriana died on Kolbecher 20 October 2010, she was only 17 years and 5 month. The multitude of examinations, Research of all kinds only catches nothing. A Toulouse Rangueil hospital report following a post-mortem sampling will conclude a year later in an autoimmune meningoencephalitis. Destroyed by the pain and misunderstanding we had to accept this verdict without obtaining further explanation of the real causes of death. It is at the same time in October 2011 we discovered by chance on a magazine an article reporting adverse effects of Gardasil. Subsequently internet consultant many overwhelming evidence we brought confirmation. It was a shock for us because some effects described were similar to those that had experienced since its Adriana vaccination Gardasil (24.10.2008). »

The case Oceane : first criminal complaints

The circulation of Gardasil is already a scandal to many doctors and scientists, who are outraged soon 2006. But it was not until late 2013 Gardasil became a "case" for the media. After years of scientific controversy about the vaccine, the time is now legal component. The first complaint was filed 22 November 2013 a young Landes, Marie-Oceans27. It is based on a dual expert report of the Regional Commission of Conciliation and Compensation Medical Accidents (CCI) Aquitaine28, which considers the vaccine, stimulating the immunity of the young woman, actually able to initiate a series of events resulting in inflammation of the central nervous system29.

Marie-Oceans and his lawyer criticized the Laboratory Sanofi Pasteur MSD of not informing users of the risks Gardasil inflammatory central nervous system so that these risks have been identified since 2009, following an adverse reaction reporting. They also accuse the ANSM to have taken no action against the lab. The complaint is therefore a “unintentionally affect the integrity of the human person”, said Jean-Christophe Coubris, also victims of attorney of the antidiabetic Mediator.

The Marie-Oceans story begins in September 2010, on the occasion of a visit to their GP for a dance practice certificate. In accordance with the "official recommendations", the doctor "took the opportunity" to prescribe injections of Gardasil. Fifteen days after the first, she felt "tingling in the arms and legs". After the second, mid-December 2010, she starts' to throw the toilet ", in the grip of powerful dizziness. Marie-Oceans will end up in a wheelchair, blind and almost deaf. Today, his condition seems to have stabilized, even if it says very tired. Medical diagnosis is either an acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (EMAD), either a first push multiple sclerosis (SEP). "Following the filing of a complaint, we received fifty stories. And every hour, there are a dozen families who communicate to explain their distress ", tells the lawyer Oceane, micro Europe 130. The case, relayed in the major media, untied languages ​​and outlet, in December, nine other complaints against X, "involuntary bodily integrity and aggravated deception" in Bobigny court (Seine-Saint-Denis).

This new complaint, carried by nine young women, namely is not the laboratory Sanofi Pasteur MSD, car "There are a lot of players and we must seek everyone's responsibility", said the Case, Me Camille Kouchner31. According to counsel, these nine women, aged 18 to 24 years living all over France, "Have in common to have contracted severely debilitating diseases in the weeks and months following vaccination as they had no medical history". Five of them have contracted Verneuil's disease, a lupus, another Guillain-Barre disease, is a victim of myasthenia gravis, and the last is suffering from idiopathic hypersomnia, according to the text of the complaint.

Scientific truth : questionable authorization…

Many whistleblowers doctors, sites like Citizen Initiative and Pharmacritique32, have much dug on the subject. All recall, as Dr. Philippe De Chazournes, what "The marketing authorization should never have to be paid. He will one day have the Minister Xavier Bertrand explains why he rushed this authorization, before the opinion of the High Authority for Health. If I were the current Minister of Health, I would listen to at least the families of victims. For complaints, there may be many. That is why I am asking very formally a parliamentary fact-finding mission so that language, all start to speak transparently. This would be a minimum mark of compassion and respect for all those families in distress and questions. Anyway, one day or the other, we will know ! », says Dr. Philippe De Chazournes, president of the association and Med'Océan field doctor in Reunion. Med'Océan aims to promote independent medical information including the organization without any funding first two Independence Day with leading French health authorities33 .

We owe him a scientific video34 the ineffectiveness of cervical cancer prevention through HPV vaccination. In the end, only the generalization of the smear is really effective. So effective that, in the countries of northern Europe where it has been tried on a large scale, it has reduced 80% cancers of the cervix. "By the smear, could virtually eliminate cervical cancer. It is also not me who says, it is the health authorities stated in the advertisements currently running in a loop in the media to promote the smears ", said Dr. De Charzounes.

About Gardasil, whistleblowers doctors recover several disturbing truths35. They are established on the basis of all the studies that refer (FUTURE I and II including36, totaling 20 000 people). Here is their critical analysis and independent, which has never been challenged until now. And for good reason, it is based on scientific facts :

  1. Vaccine efficacy against cervical cancer is not proven beyond 5 years. Even health authorities recognize the. Now it is a cancer that will prove that 10 to 15 years after vaccination. Its effectiveness is an artifice of paper related to the non-objective interpretation of data.
  2. The vaccine does not protect against all cancers of the cervix, but only against 2 HPV strains. The claim that the vaccine would prevent 70% cancer is totally wrong. The right figure is only 14 to 17% because you have to account for all cancers linked to HPV virus many. This is a ridiculous percentage compared to the performance of smear (almost 100 %), especially when looking at the cost of vaccination (the medical and economic benefits) : it takes about 400 € for the three injections, the costs of social security and mutual. "This is the most expensive vaccine in the history of vaccination", explains Dr. Jean-Pierre Spinosa, gynecologist, in Lausanne, author The Sting too ?, devoted to the vaccine against cervical cancer. The cost of the smear is very low contrast. The medico-economic evaluation was made on the basis of 70% efficiency ! It should therefore be based remake finally accepted by the authorities (HAS and HCSP) less than 20% efficiency while HPV confused ...
  3. Laboratory studies linger too much on the first stage cervical lesions, usually benign, can regress naturally, well before the cancer stage. Then argues percentage reduction of lesions "record", almost 100%. But when you look closely at the rate of cervical lesions really precancerous (called CIN 3), they are more numerous in the vaccinated group !
  4. Cervical lesions in young women already promising vaccine strains are 63% higher among vaccinated… The longer the patient is infected, more vaccine efficacy is negative ! In the end, far from being protective, the vaccine causes more damage with viruses 6, 11, 16 and 18 in the vaccine group… The figures show that vaccination of a million women would have avoided 21 lesions in less than 18 years, but would have caused more 800 Lesions in other. With so overall record 790 Additional lesions in those vaccinated with respect to other. It is paradoxical and nobody talks about course ...
  5. Worse, other HPV strains can take over after cancer immunization against vaccine strains. Thus, in the group of vaccinated, it falls + 43% of CIN 3 due to other HPV strains, compared to non-vaccinated group. We talk morbidity transfer.
  6. The safety of long-term vaccine is completely unknown.
  7. Placebos used to assess the toxicity of vaccines are not placebos, because they contain adjuvants vaccine (aluminum) less vaccine strains… Knowing that aluminum is precisely involved in serious adverse events, these provide no placebo comparator ! A closer look, in these studies, the vaccine is no more dangerous than the substance to which it was compared : in other words, the vaccine is no more dangerous than its adjuvant !
  8. Laboratories eventually "sabotage" the references of studies by vaccinating, after the protocol, the non-vaccinated group (and hop, a double dose of vaccine adjuvants). Since the results were "positive" according to hasty conclusions of the studies, it should not be there "loss of opportunity" for the group who had escaped vaccination. So we will never know anything about the long-term outcomes for these studies, by far the most important.

Editorial Comment (New Health) : In studies of Gardasil, provided by the laboratory37, there triggering autoimmune diseases 2,4% vaccinated (unsurprisingly, these include autoimmune diseases 2,5% cohort who received placebo, that is to say the only adjuvant)… It is three hundred times the pharmacovigilance notification rates : 8 Serious side effects 100 000 doses (0,008%). Knowing that rates of pharmacovigilance are described as substantially equal to disease outbreaks in the general population, one can deduce that it is almost three hundred times more dangerous to be vaccinated, from the laboratory studies.

In the end, the HPV vaccine should never have come to market. "Not because they are potentially harmful (although it is undoubtedly the case), but mainly because of the increased risk of pre-cancerous lesions (C 2/3) they do bring to those already infected before vaccination. If these vaccines did not deserve to marketing authorization (AMM), it is because they have failed in phase III demonstrate their effectiveness in the prevention of all CIN 2/3. Yet, this is supposed to be what their benefit ! And rule, we are told, is that the benefit-risk balance should be favorable for a marketing authorization is obtained. Here, there is no benefit, So therefore there should not be any AMM ", explain the authors of The Sting too ? on their Facebook page, on the occasion of the recent legal developments38.

"As long as it's not that we deny approval, on the issue of efficiency demonstration failure, the chances of victims to succeed remain extremely low. Let us not forget that in the end, it is they who morflent : and not their lawyers, or opportunists who pose with them, nor the media who put the scene a few headlines time, before you forget them definitively ".

Philippe De Chazournes : "The leapt few whistleblowers we are, about twenty in France, But it has been useless ". While, vaccination continues in surgeries, particularly because of the pressure of laboratories, "But the High Health Authority is now more cautious, he explains to Neo Health. Our mobilization, including through internet, will undoubtedly helped stop vaccination-for-all. You do not see these intense advertising campaigns in the media, pharmacies and ... into theaters ! One sometimes gets the impression that the record does not advance, but health authorities will not be able to say they did not know. Since Then 2008, everything has been said and written. We have done a lot of work that is available on the internet. More, Picks from the case, some heads have fallen and have been replaced. But we still need to clean up CTV (Technical Committee on Immunization) and the High Public Health Council (HCSP), since it is they who advise the HAS, MSNA and the Ministry "39.

It is these two bodies that give "the", en France, in immunization recommendation. Or, «Le PR Blooms, Chairman of the Technical Committee of vaccinations attended and participated in various studies on vaccines for Wyeth Laboratories as the Pfizer group (Prevenar, Meningitec), GSK (Pandemrix, Infanrix, Priorix, Rotarix), Sanofi Pasteur MSD (Gardasil). He also works with the pharmaceutical industry in the RIPPS (Investigation Network Pediatric Health Products) where hospital doctors work with members of the LEEM (union of pharmaceutical industry). He is a member of ACTIV, “association” which implements many actions in connection with the pharmaceutical industry ", reminds the association E3M (Caring for the sick of the macrophage myofasciitis). In January, this association has also filed a complaint against X “false, forgery, and fraud” about vaccination aluminum in the vaccine Revaxis40 Sanofi Pasteur. It also fights on the front of Gardasil (see his pitch 20 pages !)

The origins of the scandal : a galaxy of conflict of interest

The scandal of Gardasil promises to be a time bomb : a health bomb because of side effects on the population, but also a legal bomb because of the number of complaints that should explode. The bomb Gardasil should also leave a big hole in public finances. It is estimated that this vaccination costs in France some 100 million per year, reimbursed by social security contributions, and our mutual. Since Then 2006, beginning of vaccination, approach thus spent billion, who shot straight into the pockets of labs and patent owners. The health price tag looks just as great when you know the cost of long-term illnesses, hospital stays, consultations or orders, as a result of side effects of the vaccine. There will also be with the many claims. If patients fail to achieve the…

How did we get here ? We must at the website Pharmacritique41 and its editor Elena Pasca important work on the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, Medicine and users. The Case Gardasil has not escaped him. In several articles, it describes the sprawling branches of the pharmaceutical lobby, to the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008. Here in conclusion of this case are excerpts from the article, « Gardasil et Cervarix : Astra Zeneca and the Nobel Foundation suspected of corruption and conflicts of interest in the award of the Nobel Prize to Harald zur Hausen " :

"The Nobel Prize awarded to Harald zur Hausen is supposed to reward research on HPV, but mainly dedicated the triumph of conflicts of interest that plague Gardasil and Cervarix from design, and that wherever public research centers work with pharmaceutical companies and adopt the methods of the past, in violation of their public interest mission.

"This award is timely to save the Gardasil Germany ... The pervasiveness of conflicts of interest regarding Gardasil and Cervarix is ​​known in Germany for the placing on the market of Gardasil. It is not so much conflict of interest Harald zur Hausen himself, but of those of its affiliated institution, the German Cancer Research Center (le DKFZ), he led for 20 years. The center is co-holder of the patent Gardasil and Cervarix, and it is not the only.

"The involvement of the laboratory Astra Zeneca goes to funding research by German Harald zur Hausen and is inseparable from the conflicts of interest of the DKFZ. Here is what the German Research Center for eventually recognized, in a newsletter 2006, when the DKFZ welcomed the approval of Gardasil in the US :

"The path to the vaccine has been fraught with difficulties. Early 90, there were several teams of researchers working on the HPV vaccine, together with the DKFZ team. The German pharmaceutical industry has not shown interest in these decisive searches. And that is why the DKFZ has given a license of its rights to MedImmune biotechnology US company (held by Astra Zeneca, ed). "Recognizing the potential of an HPV vaccine, MedImmune bought licensing rights to other research institutions, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Bethesda and Loyola University of Chicago. On the other hand, Merck pharmaceutical company bought the license fee remaining, for example those still held by the NIH and the University of Queensland in Australia.

"Merck and MedImmune continued funding for clinical research, and GSK entered the scene by buying MedImmune license fees. Phase III trials could begin in 2005. (…) Beginning 2005, Merck and GSK are awarded (…) cross licenses to the mutual use of patents. At the same time, research institutions have reached an agreement on patents. "After tough negotiations, DKFZ has been confirmed as co-holder of the patent with the NIH and will be able to enjoy the financial benefits from marketing [Gardasil and Cervarix] Merck and GSK. In this way, Researchers, research centers, Industry, but most patients will benefit from the success of vaccines ".

For information, in 2012, Gardasil reported 1,2 billion dollar Merck, and Cervarix some 800 million to GSK42… Numbers steadily increasing, as the United States, according to the journal JAMA43, the immunization coverage rate of girls is important (54% have received at least one dose 2012, 33% three injections). Sales of Gardasil are expected to exceed 1,8 billion in 201344, up 50 % compared to 2009. If HPV vaccination rates increased levels of other vaccines, Gardasil income could reach nearly 3 billion in the coming years.

For laboratories, it is clear, the shot must go on !45


1 This is the title of the book written by Dr. Jean-Pierre Spinosa and journalist Catherine Riva. Editions Xenia. See also the Facebook page "The bite too ? », which sets a news around the HPV vaccine. One can find J.-P.. Spinosa during the second day of medical independence in June 2013 . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = jKCKaFoMA6c
2A review of available data on the safety of the tetravalent vaccine (Gardasil®) as the bivalent vaccine (Cervarix®) was conducted by WHO and published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record on 20 July 2007. The review considered the randomized controlled trial results of the pre-approval and post-approval monitoring for reports 2 vaccine manufacturers, as well as data from the European Medicines Agency, de la Food and Drug Administration (FDA) et des Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA. "Current information on the safety of HPV vaccines is reassuring. The reviewed data covered local and systemic events in short and long term, to 6 years after vaccination, as well as events such as pregnancy. The occurrence, on the injection site, a reaction and muscle pain was a common observation. During vaccination campaigns of adolescents, certain epidemic hysteria have been reported such as dizziness and syncope. We have avoided these events by keeping teens 15 minute observation after vaccination and encouraging good hydration. Any reason for concern were detected with regard to safety profile ".
4In a judgment dated 9 July 2009, the First Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court admits that "is sentenced laboratory manufacturer of anti-hepatitis B vaccine, to compensate the damage resulting from multiple sclerosis thrust occurred in a patient two months after the injection of the product ". Source : www.aavac.asso.fr. See also this article on the same site : "Hernan Study : ” Significantly increased risk of multiple sclerosis " : "Immunization against hepatitis B is associated with a threefold risk of multiple sclerosis within three years after vaccination". But for justice, obviously, only those who have unleashed a MS in two months will have a "chance" to be, Maybe one day, compensated. Pending, vaccination continues to be recommended in France outside populations at risk. 5 FDA (Food and Drug Administration, drug regulatory agency) estimated that Vioxx, pain medication and anti-inflammatory widely used against arthritis between 1999 and 2004, caused 160 000 heart attacks and strokes and is the cause of about 30 000 death, nothing in the United States. Withdrawn from the market 2004 by the manufacturer, the Merck has always denied the dangers associated with the use of its product. In France, denial of health authorities has been exemplary : until July 2004, eve of the recall, AFSSAPS reflected a reassessment of the benefit / risk endorsed by the European Commission four months earlier : "Job security of coxibs (which Vioxx part) is not questioned "… Yet, from 2000, the Vigor study, which was aware AFSSAPS, alerted about the cardiovascular risks. An article recalls : « Vioxx : Medoc who made 40 000 deaths in the United States… and none in France ? » on www.lesmotsontunsens.com.
6"Trial Mediator: two experts charge Servier ", The Express 24 May 2013. Following the trial was postponed to May 2014. With almost live the intervention of Dr. Irene Frachon : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH8srKCMU6U
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8 CME association and quality development, assessment and health research in the Indian Ocean. http://www.medocean.re/
9This doctor says n'voir no connection or conflict of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.
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13It can do on the site http://ansm.sante.fr. In 2012, notifications from patients represented only 3% of all 38.296 statements.
14Pharmaceuticals : simpler side effects to report. 08/11/2013 15See Libération article Calvary post-vaccine, published on the internet 27 July 2011, Free access.
16Extract from the Liberation Article, see note above.
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20To go further on these components, read the article Gardasil, a disturbing dirt cocktail http://stop-gardasil.over-blog.com
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23See the website Sanevax.com, which maintains the count of victims of the vaccine against HPV (see right sidebar). S.A.N.E. WAX, Inc. is a non-profit organization.
24These figures, proposed by New Health, are determined by multiplying by ten the number of notification, representing only 10% of reality according to studies on underreporting phenomenon.
26On the site www.lesfillesetlegardasil.com (heading testimony).
27See article South West of 25 November 2013 : Health : with Gardasil, new scandal for.
29The experts, however, tempered their diagnosis explaining that the side effects associated with Gardasil occurred on a young woman who had a fertile ground for the development of this disease. They, the vaccine would be responsible only 50% the MS Marie-Oceans. Compensation may be halved…
31Gardasil : nine complaints of young women against X in Bobigny. Article Release of 9 December 2013.
33GYM 1 and 2 find on www.medocean.re
35According to the text of the transcript of the briefing held at the National Assembly in 2011. Organized and led by Dr. Philippe De Chazournes, field doctor in Reunion and general and president of the association "Med'Océan", Dr Jean Pierre SPINOSA, gynecologist, oncologist, obstetrician, lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Lausanne and Catherine RIVA, journalist, author of "The sting too much" and Dr. Joel Pilgrim, GP in Reunion, member of the association "Med'Océan". The text is available on www.medocean.re/wp-content/uploads/GARDASIL-texte-en-français-F.pdf
36Were made four randomized studies enrolled 20 000 Subjects in all. They are numbered. Il and the 5, the 7, the 13 and 15. For specialists, the 13, it's the future 1, the 15, it's the future 2.
38Post 25 November 2013, following the complaint of Marie-France Oceane.
39VCT is a committee of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP), causing the HCSP report on immunization aluminum. He promoted the French vaccine policy advice by the Ministry of Health.
40Site : http://myofasciite.fr. Press release 1 January 2014 : "Conflicts of interest of some immunization experts" (Additional note 3). Direct link : http://myofasciite.fr/Contenu/Divers/20140116_ComPresse_PJ3_LesLiensInterets.pdf
42Numbers 2012 from the site www.bloomberg.com : article Merck’s HPV Vaccine Gardasil Shown Safe in Kaiser study.
43The Journal of American Medical Association.
45"The bite should continue".

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9 Comment “A vaccine against cancer cervix : a health bomb ! (folder)”

  1. Renaud says:

    Hello Pryska and other readers,

    Excellent record. Being also involved in the investigation around health, I wonder what are the primary motivations of leaders involved.
    Money can not be the only reason. There is a reason, and it is “enhanced” in a second time by the pharmaceutical industry. But what is the reason? What is the motive for the crime?

  2. BIAUX says:

    Congratulations and thank you for you Women !

    What a job ! Quelle investigation ! Really supported !

    Any way, it is already a deception than to believe that there is any vaccine against Cancer, Lung whether or Cervical !

    Gardasil, Cervarix : planned extermination or sterilization, somewhat in the same state of mind of the Evangelist Vegans the programmed disappearance of animals from the farm, I can not say, but it is obvious that in the name of Money, of the Golden Calf, They will stop at nothing, especially when the global population is in excess without tooth…;-)

    Do not forget that this is the Vichy Regime, which in France, to prohibit herbalism. Then the Liberation, Marshal plan oblige, implementation of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Green Revolution in agriculture (the Chemicals industry is rubbing his hands).
    Today, Pharmacists complain of having their collapsed job, because the supermarkets take their place, but it is a fair price for their collaboration !
    Any way, how they still make targeted preparations ? Most are only graduates resellers, normal in a company Abuse, uh sorry, Services !

    As for Doctors, some have become so unhealthy that they do not really care Health people, they maintain a clientele, Campaign Doctors disappear, they do not make enough money…Hippocratic oath or hypocritical oath ?

    Congratulations for this document, I hope it will resonate with the Minister of Health, but it seems to me installed…
    Good day
    Philippe BIAUX Alias ​​FeelBio

  3. guilhaumou says:

    I have always been against these vaccines, since my son grabbed a multiple sclerosis as a result of hepatitis B vaccine !!! Why do we continue to vaccinate young girls in good health with a vaccine which we do not yet know the exact consequences ! Shame it :!! stop massacring all those people with vaccines !!!

  4. à shades says:

    Side effects have existed all the time for all vaccines. And vaccines save more lives that side effects are not. Where I agree, is that the population is not sufficiently made aware of the possible side effects. Would require immunization remains a choice, but I do not think it is in the collective interest that the anti-vaccine movement spreads, the detriment of all.

  5. Berger says:

    J’ai fait vacciné ma fille, peur qu’elle ne contracte ce type de cancer et de ne pas avoir fait le nécessaire en tant voulu. Quelques temps après la première injection, elle a commencé à avoir des étourdissements, et perte d’équilibre. Je n’ai pas fait le rapport avec le vaccin. Après la troisième injection, les étourdissements étaient de plus en plus fréquents. Nous avons consulté un ORL qui n’a rien pu constater, ainsi qu’un neuro-pédiatre qui lui non plus n’a rien constaté d’anormal ; quatre mois après la dernière injection, elle a eu sa première crise de tétanie qui ressemblait, en fait, très fort à une crise d’épilepsie, si ce n’est qu’elle était tout à fait consciente de ce qui se passait. Depuis maintenant trois ans, elle a des douleurs musculaires horribles qui la prennent à tout moment dans la journée. Elle ne sait plus monter une volée de marches d’escalier sans être essoufflée alors que c’était une bonne sportive, le simple fait de passer de la position couchée à celle de debout et les battements de son cœur enregistrés passent de 75 to 120, à l’effort cela tourne autour de 180. Elle est prise de bouffées de chaleur visibles semblable à une femme ménopausée. Il n ‘y a pas une journée qui ne passe sans qu’elle n’aie les membres qui s’endorment. Plus je lis les articles, plus je me rends compte que ce vaccin à des effets que nous sous-estimons. Et nous allons attendre de rendre une génération de jeunes filles dont l’existence va être gâchée sans avoir réagit, ou plutôt si en leur disant que c’est psychologique !

  6. Priscilla Ducoeurjoly says:

    Merci pour votre témoignage. je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage. Avec vous, Pryska

  7. GALLO SABINE says:

    Good Morning,
    Afin de faire passer juste de l’information sur la question car plus nous ferons marcher le réseau et plus nous aurons les moyens de discerner le vrai du faux .
    Ma fille a reçu deux injections du cervarix à un an d’intervalle.A chaque fois sans pouvoir établir un lien autre que celui de la concomitance , ma fille a eu des problèmes de santé dont voici les détails
    injection 1 février ou mars apparition sur la joue d’une éruption ressemblant à de l’herpes a disparu suite à un traitement antibiotique.
    injection 2 (un an après ) ma fille développe deux après un abcés au sein gauche traité aux antibiotiques?
    un an après pas d’injection , nous l’avons refusé en raison de la fameuse concomitance mais ma fille est en train de développer un syndrome inflammatoire des ganglions du cou ( à gauche ) dont nous cherchons actuellement la cause . A ce jour ,il ne s’agit ni de mononucléose ni de la toxomatose .Une nouveau bilan sanguin est prévu dans une semaine afin de rechercher d’autres causes infectieuses . En espérant ne pas avoir pris une mauvaise décision en faisant vacciner ma fille . Après renseignement ,je m’apercois qu’il n’est pas efficace à 100% et que les effets secondaires nombreux existent même si les laboratoires ne daignent pas le reconnaitre . La santé ne devrait pas être de toutes les facons un business. Quand est ce que l’humanité va se rendre compte des vraies richesses ?

  8. GALLO SABINE says:

    Good Morning,
    after a toe scan is found in my daughter in addition to cervical lymph nodes mediastinal mégalopathies the majority left side . The anointing is for Thursday but the doctor was almost categorically we are moving towards a diagnosis of lymphoma . If you have any information about people vaccinnées affected by cancer cervivical, thank you to contact me.

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