Anti-covid vaccines : testimonials about deaths and serious side effects

The first weeks and months of vaccination against the coronavirus quickly showed that this vaccine is not as safe as the laboratories say.

A worrying first inventory, by AIMSIB

Two months after the start of the campaign, the first damage Pfizer vaccines in nursing homes, and Astra Zeneca among caregivers. This article also discusses the great weakness of clinical studies, probably fraudulent.

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The nursing homes were quickly affected

See this blog which compiles on this subject press clippings on the clusters that appear with the vaccination and the many deaths.

Pharmacovigilance that is not up to par

Laurent Mucchielli: "What the vaccine obligation is the name ?”
Helene Banoun : “How to explain biologically the excess of post-vaccine Covid ?”

The very first pharmacovigilance report on the first six days of vaccination with Astra Zeneca shows that the side effects occurred at 85% dans les 24 hours of injection. But they are serious in 45% cases, which is considerable. By digging a little deeper into the data , it is found that among those affected by these serious side effects, 43 % had not yet recovered at the time of notification. This confirms the numerous reports from hospitals on the very large number of post-vaccine sick leave. In parallel, l’ANSM (National Agency for Health and Medicines) was only 1,49 % serious side effects on the total number of caregivers vaccinated , but this percentage is worth nothing because the agency itself specifies in its report : "This national survey helps to detect safety signals. It is not intended to report on the exhaustiveness of the number of cases of adverse reactions actually occurring in France in vaccinated people " .

“Reports on the adverse effects of anti-Covid-19 vaccines are increasing and the Regional Pharmacovigilance Center (CRPV) of Tours faces a surge in its activity. Faced with the situation, patients and doctors were asked not to report everything in order to be able to prioritize the most serious reports.” At this stage, it is no longer even spontaneous or passive pharmacovigilance (unlike the pharmaco-active), it is concealment pharmacovigilance ! Just inadmissible when we are told that we are in “reinforced” because the clinical studies will not be completed until 2023 :

Link to FRANCE pharmacovigilance reports :

Link to European pharmacovigilance :

The European agency centralizes the side effects deemed serious enough to be traced and they are not anecdotal. early March 2021, there are nearly 2000 death and 100 000 events for all of Europe.

The most dangerous but also the most used would be Pfizer with 78000 events and 2000 death. Astra Zeneca makes a thunderous arrival in February, mainly among caregivers, avec 13000 events and more 200 death.

Sites list the devastating effects of these vaccines

Testimonials on social networks

Death, infirmities, paralysis, convulsions. Not everyone recovers from this vaccine. Selection of twits (open to access discussion threads, also rich in testimonials).

On this link, a gallery of endless screenshots… carried out by a citizen on the lookout for testimonies from people who have injured people around them, dramatic :

Terrible video of a nurse’s neurological disorder–2021-02-19—-RN-KRISTI-SIMMONDS:9

Nurse Kristi Simmonds received the COVID-19 vaccine on 19 January. She hasn't recovered yet (end of February).

Caregivers are not spared

“Pfizer, for old people, killed during the vaccination period of 5 about weeks 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed”

Two researchers dismantle vaccine efficacy figures in Israel, reveal risk of dying from vaccine greater than risk of dying from covid-19 !

The number of deaths from COVID-19 among those vaccinated since the start of the vaccination campaign seems to explain the increase in COVID-19 mortality rates observed since December 2020″. 

« We say the vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have during the same period. " 
Among those vaccinated and over 65 years, 0,2% of vaccinees died during the 3 weeks between doses, about 200 on 100 000 vaccinated. This is to be compared to 4,91 dead among 100 000 deaths from COVID-19 without vaccination,

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A commentary on “Anti-covid vaccines : testimonials about deaths and serious side effects”

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    Laurent Mucchielli's recent communication, sociologist, research director at CNRS, during the public meeting of the CSI of 29 July 2021 :

    Should be like a bomb on people who are not yet aware or are not convinced.
    The communication following that of Mucchielli, and concerns the significant contamination of injected covid is also very illuminating.

    The same video cut into sequences :

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