Gardasil, the vaccine that increases the risk of cancer

Propos recueillis par Pryska Ducoeurjoly, for the review Neo Health n ° 86, February 2019.

Eleven compulsory vaccines in France, apparently this is not enough… A new vaccination obligation, this time against the papillomavirus (HPV), is the subject of a bill[1] : "In countries where vaccination has been extended very widely and (US, Australia, Canada), new cases of precancerous lesions of the cervix have fallen by 90 % in 10 year old, argues the deputies at the initiative of the text. But the latest book by Nicole and Gérard Delépine, "Vaccine hysteria, Gardasil and cancer vaccine: a paradox "presents a contradictory reality:  after 10 years of vaccination obligation, not only is the effectiveness promised by laboratories not met, but the rate of cervical cancer would also be doubled in young girls vaccinated in these countries!
In France, there is 3000 cervical cancers in France each year, to 1000 death. 700 could be avoided with smear screening. But health authorities prefer to promote mass vaccination by relying on falsified laboratory studies or “predictive” studies carried out by not really independent scientists.. We are on the eve of a new health scandal called "Gardasil". Interview of the authors.

You say in your book that the Gardasil vaccine increases the number of invasive cervical cancers. This is new in this already controversial issue because of the side effects…

Nicole Delépine. Until now, of many people have warned about the side effects of Gardasil. But the population remains sensitive to the official argument hammered out by the mainstream media: "This vaccine protects against cervical cancer". People are ready to accept "some" unwanted effects because they believe in this affirmation, but also because vaccine accidents remain under mediatized!  When the population will discover that the goal of reducing the number of cervical cancers is not not reached, it will undoubtedly call into question the benefit / risk of this vaccination ... Now, what we discovered is even more serious: the Gardasil vaccine increases the number of uterine cancers ! That's what called a "paradoxical" effect.

Gerard Delépine. In August 2018, none of 30 global studies that look at the 'real life' benefits of vaccination did not specify the results for invasive cervical cancer. Yet this is the official goal of vaccination, his main argument publicity ... These studies speak only of success in HPV infection (not cervical cancer in itself so), genital warts or dysplasias cervical. We start from the postulate that HPV infection is necessarily synonymous with cancer. However, this is far from the reality because in 98% of cases the infection resolves spontaneously.

How? 'Or' What have you discovered this "paradoxical" effect of Gardasil ?

Gerard Delépine. I stumbled upon a publication by a certain Lars Andersson[2], who was interested in Sweden, countries where vaccination against papillomavirus is carried out in more of 80% young girls. He saw an increase in the number of cancers cervix. Called out, I looked at the official registers of countries where vaccination against papillomavirus is massive. These registers are viewable by all, my figures are therefore verifiable.

You have studied in particular the case of Australia.

Gerard Delépine. Australia, first country to organize vaccination for girls, from 2007 then for the boys, in 2013, is often cited as a successful example of vaccination against Cancer. For example, dans le Figaro Health of 15 March 2018, we could read "Australia on the verge of eradicating cervical cancer". This is misinformation. D’après l’Australian Institute of health and Welfare, the equivalent of our health authority, l’incidence (annual number of new cases for 100000 femmes) cervical cancer in the general population has not decreased since vaccination. Au contraire, in age groups vaccinated, so the youngest, numbers 2017 show that the incidence of cancer has increased sharply since vaccination! 113 % increase for women 20-24 years vaccinated for more than 80 % in between they have 13-17 years. During the same period, in older women, no vaccinated, the incidence of cancer has decreased, most likely due to the continued smear screening, which is the only real solution proven preventive. We see the same "paradoxical effect" of Gardasil in countries where the vaccination rate is around 80%. In Britain, the rate of cervical cancer in women aged 25 at 29 doubled and increased by 70% in women from 20 to 24 years. same observation in Sweden where since vaccination the risk has doubled in women of 20 at 24, and in Norway.

And in France ?

Gerard Delépine. Metropolitan France, or HPV vaccination coverage is very low (about 15%), may be considered as a “witness country”. The incidence of cervical cancer has constantly decreased from 15 in 1995 to 7,5 in 2007, 6,7 in 2012 and 6 in 2017, only through smear screening. These excellent results with rate very low cancer and very low mortality, however, may be destroyed by the vaccine obligation considered in the short term by our policies.

You highlight another perverse effect of vaccination: cervical cancer the uterus much earlier!

Gerard Delépine. Cervical cancer post-vaccination appears 3 5 years after the start of the vaccination and affects only the age groups that have been most vaccinated. The earliness of the increased incidence, from the third or fourth year after vaccination calls for accelerating action direct vaccine that would behave as a cervical cancer facilitator, whose natural evolution rather requires 10 at 20 years.

Efficiency anti-infective vaccine limited to 4 or 9 strains of HPV on more than 150 known, creates a real "ecological niche", favorable to the proliferation of other potentially more dangerous strains. This "Type replacement" was confirmed by the study of Fangjian Guo[3] observing that eradication of certain types of HPV led to the emergence of non- included in the vaccine. The elimination of the strains targeted by the vaccines allows other strains to multiply, some may turn out to be more dangerous than those they replace.

Nicole Delépine. There is also another phenomenon: increased risk of invasive cancer in women previously infected with the HPV virus has been known from the initial examination of the file provided by the laboratory for obtaining the authorization on the market! It even justified the FDA recommendation to carry out the vaccination before the first sexual intercourse. But this recommendation has been neglected to rapidly expand the market: many vaccinations (say catch-up) were performed in women sexually active, which may also partly explain the recent increase of the incidence of invasive cancers in all countries with high coverage vaccine, like Sweden and Norway, especially in women who had more than 16 years at the time of vaccination.

New Gardasil 9, yet supposed to immunize women against a higher number of strains will therefore not be more effective ? 

Nicole Delépine. The effectiveness of Gardasil 9 at was compared with that of Gardasil which acted as a placebo! Since the Gardasil has not shown any proof of its effectiveness and in addition we can see today a higher number of cancers, we don't see how the Gardasil 9 will be safer or more effective. Compared to Gardasil 4, Moreover, it does not provide any improvement in the actual benefit according to the High Authority of Health. In our opinion, it will especially increase the incidence of cancers of the cervix and erase the decrease obtained thanks to the generalization of the smear. We believe that placing this vaccine on the market is just as inadmissible as the first. And we do whatever is in our power to avoid the vaccine obligation desired by the government French.

In your work you also tackle another vaccine intended to fight against Cancer: hepatitis B vaccination, included in 11 vaccines compulsory in France.

Gerard Delépine. Hepatitis vaccination promoted for its anti-cancer action, was followed in France, like in the USA, dramatically increased incidence of liver cancer. Its impact has doubled in 20 years in France (of 6,8 per 100,000 in 1995 to 13,6 in 2017), and quadrupled in the USA. Yet, Alcohol consumption, main cause of this cancer, has declined considerably in the same period. One again vaccine with a "paradoxical effect" ...

You also denounce the expansion of the papillomavirus vaccine to boys.

Nicole Delépine. “Unfortunately” men are not afraid of uterine cancer, Big Pharma needs other markets. To new market target, new scenario promotional: public opinion is frightened with ENT cancers due to contamination by female sex. We also want to believe that the vaccine against cancer of the cervix will protect against cancer of the anal canal. The newspaper The World published in May 2018[4] a terribly deceptive using fear, "Pain and misfortune", for promote HPV vaccination in boys and prepare the population for the obligation that the pharmaceutical lobby and its friends hope to impose policies. Yet the paradoxical increase in the risk of cervical cancer after Gardasil is also proven for cancers of the anal canal at the light from cancer registries in Great Britain and Australia.

Gerard Delépine. Between 2007 and 2015, the vaccination of Australian girls was followed by an increased risk 25% anal cancer, while in boys, not vaccinated before 2013, the incidence has not increased. En Angleterre, between 2007 and 2015, the vaccination of girls, far from protecting them from anal cancer, was followed by 55% increased risk of this cancer, four times higher than in unvaccinated boys (+13 %). Extension of the recommendation boys has been discouraged in New Zealand for its probable inefficiency. These findings should lead to a moratorium, to avoid “experiments ” already in progress in several country. Boys will also suffer the deleterious effects of this vaccination imposed to combat the risk of anal cancer, penis, of the oropharynx, and the amygdala ...

Why do the Are the media still enthusiastic about the vaccine Gardasil?

Gerard Delépine. Apart from a few magazines independent, the media does not do any verification work. We are asked why so many scientific publications that appear to us lies were re-circulated by the media and many colleagues having really "faith" in science. Two publications Recently published "scientists" in September and October 2018, and taken over by the Figaro and the Daily doctor, still promise eradication of uterine cancer, thanks to Gardasil in Australia and Britain. But these two studies are in fact simple numerical simulations[5] seeking to predict cervical cancer eradication with vaccine.

Nicole Delépine. The results of a simulation directly depend on the assumptions used. The main assumptions of “market” simulations can be summed up as : 1. Invasive cancer cannot occur in the absence of infection with an oncogenic type of HPV. 2. The vaccine is effective for life and clears the infection. 3. Donc, the vaccine will eradicate cancer. But all these assumptions are questionable and the results of these simulations only reproduce in figures the beliefs of their authors. Medicine is not a science exact, and medicine via IT forgets the complex specificities of life, especially in humans. The etiology of cervical cancer is not not just about the presence of HPV 16 and 18, it is multifactorial !

Credulity or corruption ?

Nicole Delépine. The majority of studies by reference are sponsored by the laboratories. In an Australian article[6] of 2018, the main author is Ian H. Frazer[7] (patent holder on the vaccine that ensures his fame and his fortune), and the majority of his seven co-authors are closely linked to the companies that market the vaccine or the tests HPV diagnostics, that they also advocate.

On the side of health authorities, predicting favorable treatment outcomes controversial justifies its indication, his recommendation or even his possible obligation. But the worm is already in the fruit with permission marketing which is based only on laboratory studies, oriented, even falsified. This is the case with Gardasil where fraud is now proven[8]. Only conflicts interests of health agency experts may explain why maintain Gardasil recommendation. The real thing about Gardasil's success is commercial success, for the sole benefit of laboratories.

The market Gardasil looks very lucrative ...

Nicole Delépine. It's super lucrative. With already 200 million doses sold, the current turnover is 22 billion dollars in the world. In general the market vaccines represent a considerable sum. In France vaccination total of girls would bring in 160 million annually to the vaccine and would cost between 200 and 300 millions to the community by taking account for necessary consultations and compensation for incidents and possible accidents. This cost would be doubled if we also vaccinated the boys. It takes three doses, for a total price between 400 and 450 € according to the countries. It’s basically 10 times more than the price of other vaccines.

Cependant, trade in vaccines is the tree that hides the forest. New “innovative” molecules represent much more in terms of revenue. The "list in her », which dates from the foreground cancer 2003, lists these drugs costly that can benefit from excess funding at the hospital. Near three billion euros annually, pour les médicaments, and two billion for innovative medical devices that benefit from the same exemption…

What about pharmacovigilance about Gardasil ?

Gerard Delépine. She is notoriously failing. If we wanted real pharmacovigilance in France, it would be quickly doable. It would suffice to create a public registry, open to all and viewable by all, where everyone would describe their troubles. Then, we would put independent researchers who would examine each of the statements to see if they are consistent, and if we find the same kind of side effects.

To evaluate the actual benefit / risk balance of the vaccine, it would also suffice for the authorities health facilities to consult the gigantic Insurance database disease. There are all prescriptions and reimbursements for the vaccine.. By analyzing them and cross-checking them with other sources, on deaths or hospitalizations, one could easily identify the side effects of Gardasil in real life. To assess its real effectiveness against cancer, he would suffice to compare them to the requests for 100% coverage for a cervical cancer. Unfortunately, in France we do not have a register of national cancer cancer which can be consulted on the internet while Scandinavians have had it for decades. If we don't assess, it's for let the scandal not break out.

You denounce a totalitarian drift that violates the Nuremberg Code.

Nicole Delépine. The code Nuremberg is a list of ten criteria contained in the judgment of the trial of Nuremberg doctors (December 1946 – August 1947). These criteria indicate the conditions of experiments carried out on human beings to be " acceptable ". Lack of transparency, scientific manipulations and the abuse of power by the US state to market this vaccine, are remarkably described in Mary Holland's recent book, Kim Mack Rosenberg et Eileen Iorio, The HPV Vaccine on Trial[9]. In France also, patients' rights are violated: the placing on the market and Gardasil's recommendation is nothing more or less than a vast experiment human without the informed consent of patients.

Doctors and health agencies bear a heavy responsibility. Will have to- they say more late, to defend himself "I only obeyed orders", as the constantly repeated the doctors accused of Nuremberg ?


[2]Increased incidence of cervical cancer in Sweden : Possible link with HPV vaccination. Lars Andersson. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. April 30, 2018. This article has was removed from the journal because the author had published under a pseudonym, for fear of retaliation… He then provided his real identity to the newspaper, who could have check, but the journal did not wish to reinstate the article because of "Deception", although judging the scientific approach valid, because it is based on publicly available data. The journal nevertheless left the study visible on its website.

[3]Comparison of HPV prevalence between HPV-vaccinated and non-vaccinated young adult women (20-26 years). Fangjian Guo Fangjian Guo, Jacqueline M. Hirth, Abbey B. Berenson. American Association for Cancer Research 2015 meeting Philadelphie.

[4]" In under thirty, the incidence of anal cancer has been multiplied by at least three in most Western countries ”. Tribune The World, 15 May 2018

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[7]Immunologist and also advisor to the World Health Organization and the Foundation Bill and Melinda-Gates for Human Papillomavirus Vaccines.

[8]In 2017, two Mexican studies pointed to the concealment of side effects in their pre studies- and post-marketing from Merck laboratories and GlaxoSmithKline based on 16 randomized tests and 12 case studies carried out after the vaccines are put on the market. The deception is now proven. Serious adverse events after HPV vaccination: a critical review of randomized trials and post-marketing case series, Manuel Martínez-Lavín, Luis Amezcua-Guerra, Clinical Rheumatology, July 2017. And Vaccine-related serious adverse events might have been under-recognized in the pivotal HPV vaccine randomized trial, Manuel Martínez-Lavín, Clinical Rheumatology, Avril 2017.

[9] Mary Holland, Kim Mack Rosenberg et Eileen « The HPV Vaccine on Trial » : Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed ». Skyhorse Publishing, October 2018.

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