Titanic Sanitaire or the sinking of a system that has become mistreating

Unvaccinated health workers have just been unloaded in this 15 septembre 2021. This forced docking is the culmination of a financial and predatory logic that has led our healthcare system to wreck.

This year especially, the winter season will be absolutely dramatic, with hospitals congested by the multiple pathologies caused by experimental mass vaccination, but also by a lack of care and nursing staff. We are witnessing the collapse of the health care system, after several decades of drifts.

A dossier published in Health and Well-Being Revelations, July 2021, A journal to which I collaborate regularly and to which I advise you to subscribe if you want to have truly scientific and independent information!

Medicine has made a lot of progress, it-on. We are better diagnosed, better cared for, better protected… Think again ! Many practitioners and patients deliver a whole different story and keep alerting us to a deviating medical system, increasingly abusive or violent. When medicine makes us sick : from diagnosis to antidote.

Par Pryska Ducoeurjoly

Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Garches, juin 2014. Four parents of babies with cancer are on hunger strike. They protest against the care directives imposed on oncologist Nicole Delépine and against the closure of her service. On the occasion of this video reportage carried out in the Paris region for Ouvertures.net,2 I see with dismay that the health authorities have decided to include children in therapeutic trials, with public money…

"We make the sick believe that they will be the “happy beneficiaries” innovation then that they are simply entering a therapeutic trial which they do not will know the results that in 10 year old, Nicole Delépine tells me. "It's called academic freedom, retort coldly Loïc Capron, of the Paris Hospitals Medical Commission. We did not choose Madame Delépine's methods ". It's the earthen pot versus iron pot. The service ends up shutting down, leaving Nine small beds on the sidewalk,3 title of the work written by the pediatric oncologist.

Toxic protocols

It would be wrong to limit the modern medical abuse to those doctors who, because of a mess psychiatric, are abusive in nature. On his blog1, the gynecologist Martin Winckler has already given us a whole bestiary: phobic doctor, en burn-out, distant, egocentric, terrorist, contemptuous, stuffy, manipulator, incompetent… He helps us to spot. Most…

"There are people with problems in all professions ! The subject of medical abuse is much broader because it has become systemic», Thierry Lardenois explains bluntly to me, general practitioner. This practitioner is well acquainted with the workings of the medical institution because he is also the president of the Pension Fund for Liberal Doctors of France. He answers my questions in a personal capacity. "If the problem was only individual cases, it would be easy for patients to change doctors. The problem, aujourd & rsquo; hui, it is that patients and doctors are no longer free and are subjected to aberrant and toxic health orientations, decided in high places by administrations far removed from the field ”.

Tous cobayes!

Nicole Delépine practiced a classic allopathic practice, and not a medicine “alternative” which bristles with allopathic dogma at the helm. She prescribed recognized and proven conventional molecules. She refused forced experimental protocols, with standardized doses incompatible with individualized medicine. Afterwards, in another book, Soigner ou obéir (2016),4 the oncologist launches the alert on the breakage organized by the various health laws and denounces an institutional totalitarian drift.5 "A shipwreck". But the sanitary Titanic will go under the media's radar.

Today, with the crisis of coronavirus, the iceberg appears more clearly on the screens! This times, the most prominent Pasteurians feel the shock. Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne and other field doctors, are treated as charlatans by the establishment because they practice repositioning “old” molecules to fight against the coronavirus (hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, ivermectin ...). The ministry of health forbids using these treatments, described as "ineffective and dangerous ", and sets course for experimental molecules (Remdesivir) and new vaccines.

But with these RNA vaccines (gene therapy that does not say its name), the authorities take the population to an unknown destination. The first victims of side effects are the elderly. «Under the pretext of saving lives, we tested the elderly in priority with the hidden aim of hiding side effects, less visible in this elderly population. We should not risk tarnishing the image of laboratories… It's cynicism ! We sat on the consent of the patients ", denounces Thierry Lardenois.

During the covid crisis, this general practitioner has also treated with traditional allopathic molecules in retirement home (Ehpad), he saved all his patients. End 2020, he has resigned from his functions in this sector in order not to participate in a vaccination that it deems unethical medical. These vaccines have only one marketing authorization (AMM) conditional. Clinical trials will not be officially completed until 2023 ... Nevertheless, the rest of the population has already started to be vaccinated. We are indeed guinea pigs!

Increasingly informed consent more obscure

In his first book Doctor, get up?, general practitioner Philippe Baudon evokes the lack of empathy in the hospital environment. " In The protocol of the forbidden, published in October 2020, I take it up a notch by denouncing a totally prohibited practice that operates in cancer services : drug testing on hospitalized patients, outside any regulatory framework ”.

Although a doctor, Philippe Baudon attended, powerless, to the hellish care journey of his wife, died of bone marrow destruction as a result of ill-treatment.6 "The manner in which his consent was obtained is questionable. A hospital practitioner on the ward told him verbatim in front of me : "If you do not adhere to the protocol, you can get treatment elsewhere. We are not holding you back… ” Can we call it free and informed consent ? »

What applies to oncology unfortunately applies to all medical disciplines : cardiology, rheumatology, psychiatry ... The example of gynecology is emblematic of the bankruptcy of informed consent on healthy people. If women change contraception very frequently, it is because they suffer the full force of side effects rarely mentioned during the prescription: 50% of women are concerned (survey carried out by the journalist Sabrina Debusquat7).  According to official figures, notoriously underestimated, by counting only thromboembolic events, 2 529 French women undergo each year a serious problem with the combined hormonal pill. Have they been warned ?

Pharmacovigilance “reassuring”

En France depuis 2012, à la suite de la plainte de Marion Larat (author of La pilule est amère),8 the word begins to loosen. The results of the AVEP public inquiry (association of pulmonary embolism and stroke victims9) far exceed the official pharmacovigilance figures… Deficiencies that endanger women's lives. In 2013, l’ANSM estimait à 20 le nombre de décès annuels par embolie pulmonaire attribuables aux pilules. According to Avep, this is at least 73,10 just on the testimonies collected from a small population.

This pharmacovigilance flaw is also found in many scandalous drugs, like Vioxx, the Pick or the Dépakine. It is also constantly raised in vaccines. But health experts are camping on their “reassurance”. As a matter of fact, conflicts of interest plague our agencies and their recommendations. They constitute a real "Health risk affecting the health of patients. The deaths from scandalous drugs are just the tip of the iceberg ", according to the Formindep association, which works in France for transparency and medical independence.11

The public authorities practice so-called passive pharmacovigilance, that is to say left to the free declaration of the doctor and the patient. We know perfectly well that only 1 to 10 % side effects of drugs are listed.12 In the end, lack of pharmacovigilance and poor patient information is responsible for 150,000 hospitalizations and 15,000 deaths per year, mainly because of the side effects of drugs (official figures).13

The galloping innovation of the pharmaceutical industry has increased the difficulty for the authorities appraisals that are crumbling under AMM files. For example in France, it exists more 100 pills marketed by 18 laboratories against only 21 pilules en 2000 by six laboratories. This proliferation of new molecules in all disciplines hinders pharmacovigilance. Again, innovation is not done for the benefit of patients but rather of labs.

The planned obsolescence of vouchers medications

Professor Philippe Even studied in detail the deleterious phenomenon of so-called innovative molecules in a resounding pavement : Corruption et crédulité en médecine (2015 Look for noon). Denouncing the mafia of "academic whores", he tells the story of statins against cholesterol but also other innovations such as Plavix (Sanofi), competitor of aspirin, 25 times more expensive. "The biggest heist of the century" according to Even : " With 600 to 700 million euros of annual reimbursement on 10 to 15 years, le Plavix, totally useless, was the equivalent of the salary of 15000 nurses'. His book also tackles the world of scientific publishing, passed under the control of Big Pharma. This fire got him radiation by the Council of the Order.

"It is no more and no less to program the obsolescence of molecules that no longer yield…. We are in innovation the Apple way, explains Thierry Lardenois. If an old molecule works well, she has to get out of the circuit. Many good treatments are gradually being discontinued. If we stopped giving children copper to prevent colds, this is because it was necessary to position childhood vaccines in series, much more lucrative ".

The technostructure contaminates the care…

More serious than the consultation sent in 15 minutes that often gives us the feeling of not being treated well, depersonalized and robotic general medicine is progressing through the directives of the Regional Health Agencies (ARS) who now have full powers.14 It's the “health state syndrome” that I could describe for the newspaper France-Evening in & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity; a article dedicated to these super structures.

Responsible for establishing all treatment protocols, the ARS also hold the purse strings… " The Health report 2010 by Raymond Soubie judged that the problem of health came from the excess of freedom of caregivers and patients. He advocated for the state to take back control. From there, we imagined a canvas administrative spider, that we have patiently woven over the entire health system ", Frédéric Bizard explains to me., health economist, in this article on ARS.

"The process of destroying city medicine in favor of mass medicine began with the reduction in the number of doctors, what overloads medical offices, reduces listening time, damages the proximity link, confirms Thierry Lardenois. Doctors are more struggling and tired. They accept task automation because they are no longer free to send off the administration. They can no longer choose the best treatment or use all the molecules available.

"The whole practice has come under the control of the senior administration which does not support our freedom and wants to break up the unique conference with the patient.. She asks us to vaccinate the little ones with a very heavy protocol, not at all individualized. But what does she know about the medical art ? With the coronavirus, we are witnessing the peak of this process since we have been completely excluded from the care pathway. In parallel, the local baker is now responsible for providing you with information on vaccination ...15 City medicine is being put to death. "

Caregivers made sick

In his work published in 2020, Hospital, what nobody told you, Michaël Peyromaure, head of the urology department at Cochin Hospital in Paris, tells how the medical bureaucracy prevents treatment: «On a 150 interlocutors, we no longer know who decides. There are so many layers that sometimes contradict each other that we are no longer able to carry out our projects to improve care. We only produce standards in the hospital. 30 % of a doctor's or nurse's day are spent on administrative tasks. In daily practice, it has become hell ".16 In The doctor's daily life of 20 March 2018, a year before the covid-19 crisis, the Association of Emergency Physicians of France declared : « The hospital makes its staff sick ».

Ehpad and houses of private pensions are also subject to the new accounting logic. Elodie,  nurse manager, testifies to the degradation brutal working conditions in his establishment. " Before 2020, it was a family nursing home. The occupancy rate was 80 % to ensure a optimal care. I personally studied each file before admission. After the acquisition of the establishment by an international group, everything has become profitability business… The goal has changed to 100 % d’occupation, with some files under a closed unit (type Alzheimer), without any consideration of the means available and without respect for others residents. Everything was done to make me leave in order to hire another nurse, paid less. "

Today, Élodie left the medical world. « I no longer trust the healthcare system. Many nurses or caregivers are on the verge of burnout and are thinking about quitting. We may be short of more caregivers in the future. »

Treated for nothing. When to screen kill…

Another abuse of modern medicine, the coldness of the laboratory results and the disproportionate confidence in their technical verdicts. Human medicine, based on the clinic and listening to the patient, fades to the exclusive benefit of medical technology. We see it clearly with PCR tests for the coronavirus : a positive result declares you sick, without consulting your doctor, even without symptoms. What about the reliability of these tests and false positives? ? Can we evacuate the feelings of patients with the back of a hand while generating a feeling of stress in them? ? It is clear that the entire health policy related to covid is only based on laboratory cases, and no longer on patients.

In Breast cancer screening, the great illusion, Bernard Duperray, breast radiologist, tells how mass screening turned out to be a disease-generating machine, surreal finding for a public health operation, in which he himself initially believed. In an interview about his book published in 2019,17 he explains his disillusionment to me : "Breast cancer screening does not save lives but on the contrary leads to overdiagnosis and unnecessary medicalization of thousands of women". An observation shared by the journal Prescrire,18 the rate of excess diagnoses would be between 30 and 50 % ! How many lives have been turned upside down by mass medicine… And what unnecessary expenses !

Based on screening practice and laboratory techniques, big pharma amplifies or invents new diseases to expand the patient market in a context where profits are slipping, many drugs are now old. Selon les calculs du Pr Even, the manufacture of the disease pays off 400 milliards par an dans le monde, 50 % du chiffre d’affaires des firmes. The vaccination, particularly lucrative for labs when it is massive, is part of the same logic of expanding ” happy beneficiaries” innovation ...

Epidemics that are hidden from us

While profit hunters confine us to hypochondria, other very real diseases remain shamefully concealed. " For more than a year, all the attention is on the Covid-19 pandemic but other pandemics such as cancer, autism, Alzheimer's disease, and those related to electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple sensitivity to chemicals (MCS) will necessarily reappear one day more clearly in the eyes of society ”, Professor Dominique Belpomme explains to me on the occasion of’an interview19 on the collective work The black book of waves, appeared late 2020 at Marco Pietter.

This international expertise describes intolerance to electromagnetic fields and electrohypersensitivity, new pathologies unknown there are still 10 years. "What we were able to establish in the context of the clinical follow-up of 3 000 patients, supporting biological tests and medical imaging, is that electrohypersensitivity is a neurological disease in its own right, and not a psychological disorder. We are facing a new scourge of modern times of pandemic magnitude, which already affects millions of people around the world. For France, the estimates extrapolated from data from the scientific literature are 1 to 3 million people, which is considerable ».

But then again, health authorities lock themselves in denial, which endangers the lives of the population, especially children and pregnant women, very vulnerable to artificial waves. In parallel, we encourage teleworking (and therefore exposure to wireless technologies), we launch and we promote 5G... But where has the famous precautionary principle gone? ?

Endless care journeys

Patient associations are are trained to overcome the distress of electrohypersensitive people in the face of denial medical. "We owe these associations an important job information and awareness. It is now a moral obligation for doctors to learn about this new pathology and the latest advances in scientific research ”, comments Prof. Belpomme. Today Again, far too many doctors give antidepressants as a electrosensitivity treatment, what constitutes, according to U.S, a mistake medical '.

Same observation in patients with Lyme, who undergo years of inappropriate medicalization, also expensive from a financial point of view and from a health point of view. According to the association France Lyme, 300 000 people would be in therapeutic wandering in France for major and cumulative symptoms of fatigue, migrating pain, and of neurological and cognitive disorders.

"In most practitioners, I had no listening time and my problem remained “in the head”, Agnes explains to me., a patient of 35 years which took two years to knowing she had Lyme disease. Recently I finally found a excellent infectious disease specialist who took my symptoms seriously and established a treatment protocol that relieves me a lot. But I don't know if he can renew his prescription, because it seems very guarded »… A a real obstacle course also for benevolent doctors!

When youth toast

Thus, despite the “innovative treatments” medicine, diseases much more deadly than covid-19 are on the rise, lack of prevention : cancer and cardiovascular disease in the lead. The number of people placed in Long-Term Affection is only growing: 11,4 million people in 2019,20 2 millions more 10 years, or one in six people… While, the aging of the population may partly explain the increase in the number of patients. But just because we live older today doesn't mean that we are healthier !

If medicine had really progressed, the younger generations would be better off than the previous ones. However, the opposite observation is brought about by the progression of obesity, childhood allergies but also autism and associated disorders (TSA). These ASDs now occur in a child over 60 in Europe and the United States. But autism, first described in 1943, only represented one child on ... 5 000 in 1975. The reassuring argument of early detection does not explain everything! "This is a real pandemic which will have a lasting and profound impact on public health", says Prof. Belpomme.

For all that, authorities sanitary facilities do not seem to take the situation seriously: " In France, there is no monitoring system to estimate the prevalence of ASD in the general population at a national level ”, reports an official epidemiology bulletin published in 2020.21 This defect of epidemiological surveillance and the lack of general public information make impossible individual preventive action and condemn the younger generations to a morbid future. In comparison with the immense means deployed against the coronavirus, there is enough to question the meaning of the priorities of our bodies sanitary!

In parallel, the association of Chronimed (founded by the Nobel Prize for Medicine Luc Montagnier) who tries to bring a relief for autistic people with "classic" molecules such as antibiotics, anti-parasitics or heavy metal chelators, is currently in the collimator of health authorities and justice, despite results encouraging and without any complaints from patients ...

Totalitarian violence

Have we moved into the era of Dictatorial medicine ?The work of the doctor Jean Rotman, published in november 2020, describes the martyrdom of homeopathy with the abrupt abolition of university chairs, the delisting of remedies, the end of continuing education in this practice. "The Bar Council also banned new doctors from affixing the “homéopathie” on their plate and on their prescription sheets! Alors que 50% people use it and we see very good results every day in the office, we organize in a dictatorial way and without scientific basis (nor even financial) the disappearance of this two-century-old specialty ”, Jean Rotman explains to me., determined to maintain his homeopathic general practitioner activity in the Paris region. Why so much relentlessness on the part of the authorities ?  "We are hurting the pharmaceutical industry… The herbalist profession suffered the same fate under the Vichy regime "

The totalitarian drift seems very real. To better understand, I read The National Socialist Health Order22 by Antoine Leca. Published in 2016, this book invites us to question ourselves in depth, from the subtitle : Spotlight on modern medical ethics : help, nazism returns? The author, associate of law, professor at the University of Aix-Marseille, enlightens us on the history of "The eternal return of the same realities in various forms".

En effet, the recycling of the health ideology of the Third Reich can be diagnosed today through the same symptomatology: the idea “news” medicine serving the community and not the individual, the omnipotence of the medical bureaucracy, the superiority of accounting logic over health logic, the collaboration of the most prominent people in the scientific community, the disappearance of the private doctor / patient relationship, the obligation to report certain diseases, or the legitimization of the idea of ​​putting an end to the lives of people who are a costly burden for society and for the State. There are the essentials and the non-essentials ...

The reason for the sanitary condition

here, the mentally handicapped were the first to "test" the creation of gas chambers : 70 000 victims were thus exterminated in 1940-1941 in order to, according to the writings of Hitler, to "save millions of souls from suffering unjustified and undeserved "… A compassionate logic in reality "Manipulated, perverted to be deliberately put at the service of a political program denying any human pity ”, wrote Antoine Leca on Nazi health policy.

Today, the coronavirus crisis invites us to reflect on the new forms of discrimination that we are legalizing in the name of compassionate logic. With covid, the elderly are on the front line. In 2020, “To protect them”, nursing home residents were confined before the rest of the population. They were sorted in the intensive care units “so as not to overload the care system”, they were not allowed to receive antibiotics but, by derogatory authorization outside Marketing Authorization, they received the mortal Rivotril for “relieve their suffering”. To date in France, they still have not regained their freedom and remain, for the majority, deprived of visits and outings in the name of the "precautionary principle" (even vaccinated!). An end of life in a situation of emotional isolation that pushes them to let themselves die.

"It's a thing to give up struggling to artificially maintain a fading life and a other to decide to put an end to the existence of another or to contribute to it ", Antoine Leca notes in 2016. The soil of “the Nazi-eutha” is still there. With the added bonus of the eugenic temptation to enhance capacities of the human species through "genetic interventions", like Hitler dreamed of it23.

Ethical and genetic drifts

The intense promotion of RNA vaccines, intended to "increase" our immune capacities by the experimental injection of a synthetic genetic code of a virus protein, does it comply with the Nuremberg Code of Ethics24? This text recalls the absolute imperative of "Free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, of fraud, of constraint, trickery, deception or other underhanded forms of coercion or coercion "... In the era of the health passport desired by "bio-power", will the unvaccinated still be able to access healthcare, to social life, in certain professional positions? Nothing is less certain with this health apartheid!

Let’s not forget that, according to the French Public Health Code, "Doctors cannot offer patients or those around them as beneficial or without danger a remedy or a process that is illusory or insufficiently tested.25 ». This is quackery. According to this same Code, "The doctor is at the service of the individual and of public health '. Which is very different from an unhealthy totalitarian system where individual collateral damage is legalized in the name of collective well-being.

CONCLUSION : Despite the altruistic arguments and another call for vaccine solidarity, there is an urgent need to reconsider our adherence to the assumptions imposed by modern medicine. Without a saving critical spirit, we risk finding ourselves in the same position as previous generations, collaborators “in spite of them” a sanitary hell paved with good intentions.

How to avoid abuse?

Here are some practical tips to try to bypass the toxicity of the system.

Cultivate autonomy. To avoid ill-treatment, the best is not to get sick ... Physical exercise, good nutrition and stress management are the first of the preventions. You should not be impressed by the TV experts but on the contrary diversify its sources information. Search for effective DMARDs : oligothérapie, micro nutrition, behavior therapy, very many solutions exist, even for serious pathologies. Subscribe to specialized journals that produce interviews, files with real field experts.

Invest in your health. The healthcare reimbursement paradigm makes us forget that we are the first players in our health. Do not fall into the trap of assistantship medical and reserve part of the budget for your health. Invest in books or trainings and dare to trust yourself when the time comes. Opt for quality food supplements and the support of good therapists. the allopathic doctor is more trained in the management of the disease that to the keys to health. An annual point with a naturopath (certified), who is a natural health generalist, will allow you to better orient your approach in addition to conventional medical monitoring. Inform them two parts, consider it a team effort.

Find a general practitioner “open”. Take the time to find a GP you are with phase. With hospital medicine, the patient cannot change doctor if he doesn't have a good feeling. Gold in city medicine, we see how much this relationship of trust is fundamental. When it is lacking, the patient can (encore) go look somewhere else. "He is really very important to keep an intermediate doctor, the attending physician, for interfere in the interface with the hospital. Above all, it is only necessary to the hospital be almighty ", advises Michel Peyromaure, head of urology department of Cochin Hospital.

Contact associations patients / doctors. Do not stay alone when faced with a pathology or a treatment path that escapes you. Isolation can only make you more vulnerable to mistreatment. There are more and more patient groups and listening doctors. On the occasion of the coronavirus crisis, a new collective was created : the Free Health Coordination which brings together nearly 30 000 doctors and "Ensure that medicine is not used as an alibi to mistreat populations. " Son site : stopcovid19.today

Associations for information or to find a doctor “non violent:

AIMSIB, International Association for Independent and Benevolent Scientific Medicine. It provides high quality information on current affairs and a real debate scientist. www.aimsib.org

Formindep, association of professionals and citizens for independent medicine. Under the heading "patients", you will find "How to become an actor of care", "Choose a doctor", "Get informed with reliable sources". Formindep.fr

Common sense. Born during the coronavirus crisis, this citizens' association closely monitors health policy and informs the general public via its newsletter. Bonsens.org

Let the doctors prescribe. Born during the coronavirus crisis, this association of health professionals defends the freedom of prescription. https://stopcovid19.today/

France Lyme and his 2000 members are deployed in 20 sections locales. The association has a qualified Listening Service, and a Referral Service to refer patients. Site : francelyme.fr.

Electrosensitive from France. Created in 2008 by victims of electrohypersensitivity (EHS). www.electrosensible.org

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