Vaccin H1N1 : the era of the sorcerer's apprentice?


Professor Bruno Lina, à la fois conseiller de Margaret Chan et de Roselyne Bachelot pour notre dernière « pandémie » devrait raser les murs, car il porte une grande part de responsabilité dans la faillite monumentale de cette vaccination. Lui qui prétend être resté « indépendant » en matière de stratégie, as he chairs the Scientific Committee Geig (Expertise and Information Group on Influenza) funded 100 % five pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccines against influenza, Featured resumes without any discomfort.

It has just launched a wildly dangerous experiment, that of seeing the H1N1 swine flu and the H5N1 bird flu. The first is highly contagious but not deadly, while the second is less contagious, but often fatal. experience, that will cost temporarily 200 000 euros - after this mess we're not close to a few euros - officially intended to anticipate a possible mutation of the two viruses. "We try to understand, infecting a cell with these two viruses, What are the genetic determinants that would allow them to exchange genes ". This mixture of strains, called reassortment, is one of two ways to create a "real pandemic", much more dangerous than the gripette that scared some of us because this hybrid virus could spread easily from one human to another.

The P4 laboratory in Lyon, in France the only high security, is the scene of this experience, conducted by three biologists assisted by half a dozen of technicians, and endorsed by the Ministry of Health. Bruno Lina reassures us : "All operations are diving in and follow very stringent regulations".

This reminds us that in the mid 1990, a dangerous madman, Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger of the Institute of Pathology of the US Army in Washington, managed to recover and sequence the fragments of viral RNA from preserved tissues of victims 1918, despite the dangerous nature of the virus, whose genome was completely gone from the face of the planet until this resurrection. The 21 March 1997, Dr. Taubenberger published in Science Magazine Report a report that the pandemic virus was a new swine virus, recombined into the very structure of their DNA with fragments of avian virus (H5N1) and human (H3N2).

On the other hand, when we know that the Baxter Laboratory, who joined the BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3), a set of security protocols designed to prevent viral cross contamination, lost control of a virus considered one of the biggest pandemic threat and that he introduced "by accident" both H5N1 and H3N2, in the vaccine material, we can only shake. Biosafety experts were then shown very concerned about this mixture of viruses "that could lead to disastrous consequences and should be banned". But this behavior, whether criminal or accidental, has not prevented many governments to order this laboratory unconscious vaccine doses.

Also, in autumn, without being soothsayer, it is easy to know what is going to happen. A new time, whatever happens, panic will the program and gogos will line up to be vaccinated. Anyway, it is already planned to include the current H1N1 vaccine in the new annual influenza vaccine in order to remove a small portion of the doses that we have not managed to flog our citizens, nor those of the poorest countries, we can remain optimistic. In contrast, given that, Bruno Lina said after the pandemic : " It's a certainty, there will indeed be a new epidemic wave next winter ", and added that the avian H5N1 virus "seems a little back hair of the beast", Would it going to help fortify themselves ?

Sylvie Simon

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