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PCR test and swabs : be careful if you are taking anti-coagulants!

Le Thursday 4 February 2021

This test is not trivial, especially for people who have a diverse medical history : heart problems (anticoagulant), O.R.L. problems, patients with psychiatric disorders, person with a nasal deviation, etc.. In fact the test is contraindicated in a fairly large number of cases.

Vaccination against influenza suspected of worsening the covid-19 epidemic

Le Tuesday 20 October 2020

The flu vaccination campaign begins. It remains recommended this year to reduce the risk of co-infection with a "second wave" of covid-19. As a matter of fact, the influenza vaccine is suspected : according to some scientists, the raw vaccine 2019 may have caused the global epidemic outbreak. Why, comment ?

Seasonal flu has been found 2019/2020 !

Le Wednesday 14 October 2020

the flu probably did 7 000 dead this year in France. Other respiratory viruses, like covid-19 but not only, were able to generate a few thousand additional deaths. But it is wrong to say that the coronavirus killed 30 000 people during a historic epidemic. What is historical, it is the bankruptcy of health policy that has managed to kill more people this year than all the seasonal respiratory viruses combined !

Covid vaccine could penalize children and group immunity

Le Thursday 18 June 2020

Children, regularly infected with coronaviruses, had better immunity than adults to resist this virulent strain. Vaccinating adults or a risk group rather than another may seem logical, but the overall benefit for the whole population, especially for the youngest, may not be there ! here's why.

Wearing a mask is unnecessary, according to studies. A good rain would be more effective!

Le Wednesday 10 June 2020

According to researcher Denis Rancourt, "By making recommendations and imposing the wearing of masks on the general public, or by approving this practice, governments have both ignored scientific evidence and acted against the precautionary principle. (…) Such recklessness is certainly found in the current global confinement of more than a billion people., unprecedented experience in the medical field and political history. »

Ehpad : full powers to the ARS, no deconfinement

Le Wednesday 3 June 2020

Visit report this Wednesday 3 juin 2020 in a Dordogne retirement home, who has not had any cases of coronavirus since the start of the crisis. Read also this previous article. Despite the government announcement, containment is maintained in Ehpad. As a matter of fact, the regional health agency seems to be resisting, […]

Vaccination : the hidden cause of modern epidemics ?

Le Tuesday 2 June 2020

The pro-vaccine media buzz ignores a worrying and documented phenomenon : influenza vaccination may actually favor coronavirus infections! In many other pathologies, the vaccine remedy would prove worse than the disease. This is what we will explore in this special covid-19 file.!

Confined seniors, does it really protect them?

Le Wednesday 20 May 2020

Elderly people in retirement homes (EHPAD) in France were not released like the others on 11 May. Visits are also extremely restricted. Why Seniors Without Symptoms Still Can't Recover and Go Out With Their Families, like other French people and like other seniors not placed in retirement homes ?

Contraception, PMA, GPA… Emancipation or technical alienation ?

Le Wednesday 13 May 2020

In "My body does not belong to you", published in january 2018 to Albin Michel editions, Marianne Durano delivers a controversial essay, powerful and skillful that shatters the scientific and medical paradigm on the female body. Women have certainly gained their independence, social and professional, got the pill, the right to abortion, medically assisted procreation (PMA), but Marianne Durano warns us against this insidious dictatorship of medicine and technology.

The information war around covid-19 : freedom of expression alert

Le Thursday 7 May 2020

The confrontation is increasingly ruthless between the "official" media and the alternative media or citizens who have emerged in the digital age. Back on the lessons of the H1N1 flu case for the management of the covid-19 pandemic.